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Blue Moon

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It was one of those nights that just begged for something wild to jump off.... The weather was hot and sultry, and there was a blue moon.

The Club

Jon’s jaw clenched as his eyes locked on Karen. Her body immediately responded to Jon’s heated emerald eyes trailing down her body. As if he smelled her arousal, Jon started walking towards her. She purposely turned her back to him as he got closer.

True Confessions

His name was Sony. He was supposed to be a one-night stand. We began ‘dating’ shortly after meeting—24 hours after meeting to be exact. He was tall and handsome and he had a funny laugh and a glimmer in his eye that beckoned you to his bed.


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There was nothing like watching a clock and waiting. And now here she was walking through the damn door. Jack had grown exceedingly annoyed with her by the hour...but then again somthings are worth waiting for....