The hotel room is dark save the tiny glow of the computer and cell phone recharging on the desk. It is quiet too, but I pretty much expected that at 2am. The flight was long, bumpy and crowded; not at all the way I like, but exactly as I have come to expect. The taxi to the hotel was dirty, hot and about 50mph too fast, but as I always say: any taxi ride you walk away from is a good one. That is particularly true around here, so I am just glad to be in one piece.

The tension of many hours of traveling and jumping time zones kinks knots along my back and shoulders. If my muscles were rubber bands, they would have snapped in two by now. I am jet lagged and exhausted but unable to sleep. Knowing work is only a few hours away is not helping.

Tossing back the thick silk comforter, I slide between the tight sheets and lie my head on the large feather pillow. It has just enough stuffing to be firm, but still encapsulate most of my head. Wiggling my toes against the cool, soft sheets, I stretch my legs out against the soreness, but to no avail.

Taking a deep breath, I release a long sigh as my thoughts begin to wander. Almost immediately, your face appears in my mind, smiling and happy as always and I suddenly miss you even more. Behind closed eyes, images of you float through my head and I feel that familiar tingle in my belly and between my thighs.

I grab my flaccid dick and begin to gently fondle it while intimate thoughts of you begin to cycle through my head. Images of kissing pass quickly to reflections of you holding your breast as I suck and lick your nipples. My body responds and the once soft cock becomes stiff and hard in my fist.

Working slowly with one hand up and down my swollen shaft, I reach for my own nipple and pinch it hard. I love the sensation as it sends a wave of electricity shooting through my core and directly to my sex, but I also imagine they are your nipples and I relish in touching them while thinking of you. My toes curl and wiggle against the tight sheets and I throw them off the tent pole created by my cock standing upright.

My hand pumps up and down the smooth silver skin in a rapidly increasing tempo. Giving one final tweak to my other nipple, my second hand joins just under the first. Both move simultaneously up and down with just enough pressure to pull the slick skin along the hardened tissue and throbbing veins below, creating heavenly sensations that spread across my entire body.

Images of you dance and flit through my mind. The scene that started my lust-filled frenzied pumping has dissipated slightly, replaced with less visual and more impressionistic images and acts. With each one you and get progressively naughtier and raunchier as my climax builds. My hands begin to fly in a wicked whirl of need. Butterflies dance in my core and spread across my body, my toes curl against the sheets, and I speed towards the cliffs edge of release from which I know there will be no turning back.

My scrotum contracts and shrinks. I know there are very few strokes before this will be over, but I am unwilling to end just yet. Grabbing and stroking my balls, I gently pull them away from my body. The shaft twitches and shutters against my index finger that is running a gentle, slow circle along the base of my cock just beneath the head. It has become a lightening rod of sensitivity, the simplest touch able to set it off. Allowing the sensation to subside, I concentrate on my sack, massaging it and stretching it with one hand until I have backed away from the precipice of release. My other hand glides gently over the tip, collecting the drop hanging from the tiny, pursed lips on the head and re-depositing it onto the sensitive underside in a slow circular motion.

I imagine if men had anything like a clit, this is where it would be. The warm, moist finger glides in tiny circles over the most sensitive part of my cock. With each cycle my cock responds with involuntary twitches and I feel my release begin to well up once again. Starting and stopping at exactly the right moment each time, I hold myself on the edge of the abyss of ecstatic release, my other hand continuing to pull my scrotum away from my body, ebbing the flow of my orgasm even further.

Fullness and sparks of electricity fill my core from my chest to thighs, as I prepare for the final plunge into bliss. Kinky, naughty thoughts explode as visions and impressions flash like a moving picture slide show. Grabbing my cock with both hands and pumping furiously, the pressure builds. Muscles clinch against the impending river and my back arches towards the ceiling as toes seek grip and twist into curling fists against the sheets. The images stop, and all that exists pounds between my legs. Chemicals burst in my brain sending waves of pleasure across my body.

The explosion starts in my toes like a jet-fueled rocket launching through my cock. Each spray of cum couples with a throbbing contraction of every muscle in my body. I buck and shake as ribbons of hot creamy liquid coat my neck and chest, dripping on my hands with the last few pumps of the silken rod. A primal groan of ecstasy escapes my lips and I wonder if anyone else heard, but then I do not care anyway.

Resting against the mattress, the sheets hang loosely over the foot of the bed. I hold the sticky, semi-turgid skin in one hand while slowly stroking below the ultra-sensitive head. Smiling for the first time in hours, I think about you again and how much I miss you, but at least now I know I can get a few hours of sleep.

©Keith David, 2011
Breathless Nights