The alarm sounds off with its electric beep, beep, beep~6:00.  You reach over and hit the snooze and drift off to sleep again.  Just to be woken up again by the beep, beep, beep.   You hit the button, for 9 more minutes of sleep.

6:09~ I have less than 9 minutes to make you cum.

I slide my hand across your soft skin, finding the hem of your nightgown and pull it up.  I reach around to your venus and twirl my fingers in your curly hair and you roll over to your back.  My fingers hover above the hot dampness that emits from you as I find the entrance to your valley.  Warm wetness is waiting for me. I swirl my finger around your little bud, feeling it start to swell.  You open your legs and my finger slides down your opening and I slip a finger inside you making you moan.

6:10~ I dip two fingers into you over and over, making your body squirm on the bed.  I place my lips over your perky nipple and suck on it through the cotton material.  Your hips move in rhythm with my hand as your juices permeate around them. 

6:11~ I move around and lay between your legs.  I pull my fingers from you and slip them into my mouth.  Better than a cup of coffee as it awakens my senses.  I touch your dark lips and open you up to me. Your pink inner folds glisten in the new light of the day that creeps into the room.  As I run my finger across your silky skin it reflexes at my touch. The pearly essence of you, softly flows from within, down the soft tissue above your puckered hole.

6:12~ I dive in tongue first and slide my tongue against your wetness, making you buck your nether lips against mine.  From the bottom to the top, I lap you up.  My tongue flitters across your hard bud. Your hand comes to rest on my head, pressing me closer to your warm dewy center.  Your body gyrates against my lips and tongue

6:14~ I suck on you gently but with each passing second I can’t get enough of your pulsing body in my mouth.  I pull on your puffy lips with mine, stretching the bicolor tissue then lick the pink insides of your honey pot, slurping on your sweet nectar.    

6:16~ Time for my fingers to fill you again.  My mouth covers your mound.  I look up to see your eyes looking at mine, watching everything I do until you throw your head back in pleasure. Your body bucks against my face. You get wetter with each plunge of my digits into you, your walls gripping me.

6:17~ I hear you moan deeply. Your hips lift off the bed as your orgasm rises to the surface from deep within you.  Your fingers dig into my scalp pressing my mouth against you.  I suck you harder and fuck you faster.  Your body tenses up.

6:18~ The beep, beep, beep sounds off, mixing with your scream as you release your climax to me.  You flood my mouth with your joy. 

6:21~ You reach over and hit the snooze button as I lap up your juices.  Then you reach for my face and pull me to you and kiss me deeply. You lick my damp face. Our bodies hug each other, hardened nipples touching. You roll me to my back and a grin is on your face as you move down my body. I smile as your lips kiss mine. 

6:25~ I reach over and turn off the alarm.