“Please, don’t put any clothes on yet,” he implored.

“But we have to get packed…get ready to go.”

“How about you do everything else, and then put your clothes on last.  Do you hair, your make-up; get everything in the suitcase except the clothes you are wearing.  Okay?  Please?  I just want to look at you.  I’m not ready to give you back to the real world just yet.”

She hesitated.  Like too many woman, she was more in touch with those things she viewed as the flaws of her physique, and had trouble believing that he just wanted to look at her...just as she was.  Finally, reluctantly, she agreed.  He kissed the tip of her nose in appreciation.

She went about her packing, feeling silly being naked.  How was it that she came to be walking around a hotel room, naked, with a man she’d met less than 24 hours ago?  This beautiful, warm, loving, funny, blonde-headed, green-eyed man with the cutest ass she’d ever seen that wasn’t on a movie screen.

But, she was also turned on by walking around naked with him.  Turned on by the freedom of just being naked and admired by this intriguing man.  As they moved around, gathering their things, he occasionally gave her ass a quick caress or one of her nipples a quick tweak.  Nothing overtly sexual; just familiar, comfortable.  Letting her know he was enjoying their intimacy while still attending to the task at hand.

Once she’d packed all that she could, she moved to the vanity.  Her short, natural hairdo did not require a lot of time but she attended to what needed to be done, then moved on to her face.  She was nearly finished with her make-up when he moved in behind her, circling his arms around her waist. One hand moved up to caress a breast, the other moved down to caress her mound, still smooth from the shave she’d talked him into doing for her the night before.  She moaned her pleasure.

“I thought we were supposed to be getting ready,” she commented, not really protesting his ministrations.

“We are.  I just needed to touch you, pleasure you again.”  His hands became more insistent.  He pinched her nipples with one hand while entering her with one finger of the other, then added his thumb to stimulate her clit.  “Watch yourself in the mirror, Angel.  See what I see when I make love to you.  See your nipples pucker?  See how your hips move, pulling your pleasure to you?”

She worked to keep her eyes open.  She enjoyed seeing the contrast of his pale arms around her brown body.  He worked his finger in and out, meeting her thrusts, but also making her work for her pleasure.  Eventually, she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer, had to close them so that she could fully feel the experience; not be distracted by the visual stimuli of watching.

“Yeah, Baby.  Let it go.  Come for me.”

Flexing her hips one last time she exploded.  The thrill coursed from her clit, up to her breasts and back down.  Her loud cries of satisfaction would not be contained as she shattered.

He held her while she came back to herself, easing her with gentle caresses.  He held his hand over her mound protectively, possessively, conveying his intention to hold her together until she could do it herself.  Kissing the back of her neck, he thanked for the gift she had just given him – the pleasure of making her come.

She turned in his arms and reached for his face.  Kissed him to convey her gratitude.  Gratitude for the orgasm she’d experienced, but also for him…just just being him. “Mmmmmm.  That was wonderful.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Now let me clean you up so that we can put your clothes on you.  I’m not willing so share you, naked, with the outside world.”

She puzzled a moment over ‘we can put your clothes on’ but was still a bit too muzzy-headed to sort it out completely.  Before she could make any further progress, he lifted her onto the vanity ledge and pressed her legs open.  He then proceeded to wash her pussy with warm water and so much tenderness that he had her on the brink of coming again.  She tried to pay attention to his erection; to reciprocate to at least some extent, but he would have none of it.

“This if for you, Angel.  Let me take care of you.”

What choice did she have?  Finally, he patted her dry and helped her down to her feet.  He gave her ass an affectionate squeeze and directed her off toward the clothes she’d laid out on the bed.  Then she remembered the ‘we can put your clothes on’ and wondered what he had in mind.

“Let me dress you,” he said.

She giggled, not certain if he was serious.  When she realized that he was, she nodded in agreement.  He held her panties for her to step into them, but before raising them into position, he kissed the top of her mound, as if saying good-bye to someone precious, already missing them before they’ve even left.  He turned her around to kiss each ass cheek as well.  He then did the same with each breast as he put her into her bra, then her skirt and blouse.  Kissing bare skin before it had to be covered with clothing.  Finally she was dressed, but his ministrations had her wanting to rip her clothes back off to make love to him.

“Do I get to help you dress?” she asked.

“I was hoping you’d want to.”  She smiled, and then looked over to his clothes.  Not seeing any underware, she paused.  “I’m going commando,” he said in response to her unasked question.

She helped him into his jeans, mimicking his earlier actions by kissing the head of his penis before carefully tucking him inside and raising the zipper.  She gave each of his flat nipples a lick before she buttoned him into his shirt, then gave his clothed chest an affectionate pat.  They both sighed audibly, knowing it was time to return to real life, but not really wanting to.

She suddenly reached beneath her skirt, making sure he was watching her.  When her hand reemerged, she was holding her panties.  “If you are going commando, so am I,” she explained, and tucked the panties into one of his front pockets.

He did his best to suppress a moan; his best was not quite good enough.  She heard him, and reveled at the realization of the impact she had on him.  With one deeper sigh and a chaste kiss on her forehead, he said, “I’d better go see about a luggage cart or we’ll never get out of here.”


During the short wait for the elevator down to the lobby, he thought back to the completely captivating woman  he’d met only yesterday, and how he’d come to be completely enamored of her….

He’d rushed to the gate, only to find that his flight to Pittsburgh was delayed…by 60 minutes!  What the hell?  Damn!  Could anything else happen to screw up this day?

Looking around for a seat to wait it out, he saw a number of empty ones here and there.  But, after the day he’d had, he didn’t see himself sitting down making polite conversation with any of the people in the adjoining seats.  Maybe he’d stand, or back track to the nearest bar and try to anesthetize himself.  Just then, he noticed a ‘stuffed suit’ kind of guy get up and head back toward the bar, with a bit of a sway to his step.  The attractive Black woman in the next seat looked a tad relieved to have him gone. He moved purposefully toward the vacated seat.  His day was finally looking up.

As he sat, the woman looked a bit dismayed, as if she’d hoped the seat would stay empty.   He leaned slightly toward her and said in a low, conspiratorial tone, “You’re better off with me.  Otherwise, Mr. Suit will be back, and he’ll be drunker than when he left.”

She gave him a reluctant smile.  “I suppose you are right.  Thanks.”  With that, she returned her attention to her book.

He let her read a few more pages while he stole subtle glances in her direction. She was a cinnamon colored beauty with her short hair worn natural.  He’d already noticed her prominent cheekbones, bright eyes and a beautiful smile, and was immediately drawn to her.

“What are you reading?”

She took her time responding, letting him know that she would rather read than talk to him.  “Passing by Nella Larson.”  She gave him a dismissive little ‘go play now’ smile and tried to return to her book.

“Ah, that’s what you were after when I had to help you get your bag down from the overhead bin on the last flight?”

She paused for a moment, clearly confused.  “On the flight from Los Angeles?  That was you?”

“Yes.  That was me.  You were so far up on your toes, I was afraid that you and the bag were going to end up on the floor or in someone’s lap.”

Her beautiful smile contained a hint of embarrassment.  “I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you.  I guess I was too focused on the woman beside you who was clearly unhappy that you’d come to my rescue,” she teased.  “She wanted all of your attention.”

“You could tell that in those few short seconds?”

“Women have a way of letting other women know when they should back off.”   She chuckled.  “So, where is she now?  Was Chicago her final destination?”

“I hope so,” he answered, looking over his shoulder and mocking the actions of one running from danger, making them both laugh.  “That’s why I was so long getting here.  I couldn’t seem to shake her.”

 She smiled at his predicament, then again attempted to return to her book.

“I’ve never read Passing.  What is it about?”

Again, she took her time responding.  “Ah, it’s hard to explain.”

“I mean, I know what it means to ‘pass’ for white…”

Her raised eyebrows let him know that she was surprised he even knew that much.

“Ah, I see the skepticism written all over your face,” he mildly chastised.  “Don’t assume that because I am a white and male that I am therefore clueless.  I’ve read most of the classic African American literature, and a fair amount of the more contemporary stuff.”

 “Really? Are you a literature teacher? Or is your wife Black?”

“Ouch!  I am not a literature teacher, and I don’t currently have a wife…of any ethnicity. I just love to read; anything and everything.”

 She seemed to ponder that, and then went on to explain.  “Passing, is about the lives of two light-skinned African American women who’ve made different choices as to whether or not to pass for white…and the consequences of those choices.”

“I see….”

“Since I’m not finished, I can’t tell you which choice seems to work out better.”

Before he could ask his next question, they were interrupted by an announcement that their flight to Pittsburgh would be delayed another hour!  “Damn!  It is going to be a short night once I finally get home and get settled.”

“I know what you mean,” she said.

“Come one, Angel, let’s get something to eat while we wait.”

She gave him that look he’d never seen anyone other than Black women pull off.  The look that said, ‘have you lost your mind’ and ‘back the fuck up’ and ‘excuse me?’ all at once.


He smiled.  “Well, I don’t know your name.  I had to call you something.”

“I’m – “

“No, don’t tell me,” he quickly interrupted.  “If we know each other’s names, then we have to behave like our real-life, responsible selves.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had one hell of a day and I could use an escape from reality.  If we don’t know each other’s names, we can do what we want, not what we feel like we should do.”

“What makes you think that those two options are different for me?”

"Come on, Angel.  Anyone who enjoys reading as much as you seem to knows the pleasure of escaping reality for a few hours.”

"True,” she responded noncommittally.  “But that doesn’t mean that I have to escape with you!”

“Once again, you wound me.  Come on, Angel.  You’re perfectly safe with me in this very public airport.”

She seemed to ponder that.  “Okay…Prince.  Moving around a bit sounds good right about now.”

He smiled.  “Prince?”

“Well, you came to my rescue on the plane, and again when you sat down so that my former partner could not return to torment me.  Isn’t that what princes do, rescue damsels?”

“Works for me.  Let’s go!”

Over dinner they talked about everything and nothing.  Since they had agreed not to share personal details, some subjects were off limits.  Despite that, he was able to find out enough to know that he wanted to spend more time with her.

“Angel, have you ever dated white guys?”

“No, I haven’t.”

He paused before continuing.  “Does that mean you won’t ever, or that you just haven’t yet?

“Hmmm.  Can I get back to you on that one, Prince?”  Her tone did not give him much hope.

“Just so we’re clear, Angle.  I am very much attracted to you, and I hope we can see more of one another when we get back to Pittsburgh.”

She wasn’t sure what to say to that, so she checked her watch and suggested that they head back to the gate the check on the status of the flight.

“Okay, Angel.  You can run, but you cannot hide from me.  I already know that I want you.  I just have to wait for you to catch up.”

“What makes you so certain that I will ever want you?”

He leaned in so that only she could hear his next statement. “Because as soon as I mentioned seeing you again, your nipples got hard.  Now they look like they’re about to poke through your clothes.”

She looked down to check.  He couldn’t be certain but he though her hear her mumble, “Shit!”   He couldn’t help a smug smile when she raised her eyes back to his.

“Don’t think about what you should do.  What do you actually want to do? Remember, Angel.  No names.”   He swooped in and kissed her on her cheek before she could stop him.

When they’d returned from their meal to find that the Pittsburgh flight was canceled, he’d silently cheered at the extended opportunity to be with her.  As they watched their fellow passengers trying to make acceptable beds from the waiting area chairs, he made a quick decision and excused himself to make a phone call.

Before too long he returned to her side and again leaned in to speak at a level only she could hear.  “Okay, Angel.  Here is our chance.  I booked a room at the Marriott down the road, because I have no intention of sleeping sitting up.  Please come with me.”


“Come on, Angel.  You know we both feel it.  Come with me.  Even if we only sleep, it will be better than spending the night here.”  He paused, looking her directly in the eye.  “But I hope we will do much more than sleep.”

She started to speak, then closed her mouth again.

“Baby, allow yourself a night of escape.  Please.  Let’s get our bags and grab the shuttle.”

“I must admit, the opportunity for a warm shower and a clean, soft bed is inviting.  Hmmmm.  No names, huh?”

“No names, Angel.”

“Okay.  I can’t believe I’m doing this, but let’s go.  Let’s go before I change my mind.”

His could not contain his broad smile.  Placing his hand lightly on the small of her back, he guided her to the designated baggage claim.  Once they were on the shuttle, he kept her close, draping his arm over her shoulders.  He already felt as if a piece of were missing if she got too far away from him.

Their room was not a room but a suite!  When she looked at him questioningly, he explained,    “The suite was all they had.  They gave it to me at the regular price.”

“Really?” she asked skeptically.

Time for a change of subject.  “Why don’t you go ahead and shower first, Angel?  I can wait.”

To say that their night together was “enjoyable” didn’t begin to cover it.  It was quite simply the best experience of his life.  The sex was exquisite, for sure.  He’d encouraged her to ask for whatever she wanted; to act on her wildest sexual fantasies.  They’d made love in the bubble bath, in the bed, on the table in the living room area, and against the wall.  Any flat surface would do.  Finally she’d admitted that she’d always secretly wanted her lover to shave her pussy.  So he did.  And by the end they were both so turn on that they’d make another round of all of the available flat surfaces…

But it was more than just phenomenal sex.  Just being with her seemed to fill a void he hadn’t ever realized needed filling.  Though he didn’t even know her name, he felt like he’d known her forever, as trite as that sounded.  Makes you wonder about that belief that souls meant to be together will find each other across lifetimes.  Geesh!  How sappy could he get?

Trying to hide the erection the memories of their night stimulated, he returned to their room with the cart.  As she checked the living area, he indicated that he’d check the bedroom to make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything – and made the mistake of absently reaching into the pocket where she’d stuffed her panties.