Dexter rolled over and reached for his lover, Ray. His head popped up off his pillow as he looked around in the dark when his hand fell on the empty spot. With a yawn and a stretch, he flipped the cover off his naked body and padded to the living room looking around. To his surprise, he saw Ray sitting in Santa’s lap by the tree, kissing him and stroking his cock. His eyes went wide and jaw dropped open.

Dex felt his heart rate pick up and his breathing quicken. Earlier, he couldn’t wait until everyone went home from the Christmas Eve dinner they hosted. Ray’s and his friends were of an age and their boyfriend’s weren’t that much younger, but Dex was the youngest of them all at twenty-five. It was his first time meeting Ray’s friends and they praised Ray openly for having such a young and sexy boyfriend.

It made Dex feel good to see the look of pride on his man’s face and the looks he shot Dex as a result of that pride made him horny all night.

Ray had been touching and grouping his cock all night under the table. By the time the party was over Dex was ready to sit in his daddy’s lap and ride him until his screams burst a few of the bulbs on the tree. When all the cleaning was done, Ray said he was tired and they went to bed early. Now he catches Ray getting it on with Santa...what the hell!

Ray and Santa continued making out not noticing Dex at all. He was transfixed by them and got the chance to get a better look at Santa.

His red pants were down around his knees and his coat flung wide open, showing the tight, hard looking body of a dark Adonis unlike any Santa Dexter remembered from his youth. Ray’s hand moved

faster as it twisted and turned over Santa’s swollen head. The lights of the tree bounced off the erotic scene turning room red, green and blue as they flickered off and on.

Dexter’s gaze did not move from Ray’s hand. Santa’s cock was long and thick and Ray’s movements seemed to be making it harder by the second. Santa’s moans were filled with obvious pleasure. Dexter knew first hand how good Ray’s hand jobs could be and his own cock twitched at the memory.

His mouth watered at the sight of the impressive piece in Ray’s hand. He could feel his anger cool as his arousal rose in his body. Dexter reached down absentmindedly and started stroking his own cock. A soft moan left his throat reaching Santa’s ears. His head suddenly snapped up and he and Ray turned to Dexter.

Dexter’s mouth had suddenly gone dry. He had to push his words out. “Ray, what’s going on?”