Just about the worse question you can ask a woman, but it seems to be the number one question other people are determined to have an answer to. Tracy and I always joke about the antics the people in my life pull to "hook" me up because a woman like me just shouldn't be single(the worst date ever blog is coming soon). But back to the subject at hand, this is one of the worse questions you can ask a woman. With a little use of your imagination I'm sure you could come up with a few more.

Still, there is no better time to be asked this question than when on a date. Seriously! I'm out of one of those God awful dates that one of my "supposed" friends have set me up on. The interesting thing, is that this guy was attractive, made a decent living, fell within an okay age range and seemed to have a good personality, yet, my "oh no" radar was still up. I quickly found out why.

To set the scene, we both arrive at the restaurant, pleasantries are exchanged, drink and food orders are taken. Then halfway through the meal, this silly, silly man let's the other shoe drop. In his most sincere voice he asks.

“Why are you still single?”

I cringed but, looked him in the eye, and asked “Why are you still single? You’re 8 years older than me!”

Okay okay. So I might have overreacted, but seriously I have been asked this question too many times! For some reason when I am asked this question I feel like I am being judged and then like I must justify myself. Insane since I am usually a person who gives a flip about what you say or think.

So I stare across the table at this man who clearly never received a lesson on first date etiquette and contemplate what my answer should be...

“Well, you see, I was in a past relationship that ended a while back, then I decided I'd had enough with "sneaky snakes" and wanted to be by myself. To be alone, without the anal discharge (thanks Tracy). I only recently decided that I want to starting dating again."

Or: “I’m persnickety as hell.”

Or: “I’m still figuring out what kind of person I want to be with (and after the question you just asked you clearly aren't it).”

These are all real responses that I’ve actually given that I’ll stand behind. But me being the over-analytical person that I am, it is the underlying question they’re not asking is far worse: “What’s wrong with you that has prevented you from finding a man by now?”

Okay, now seriously, if there was something terribly wrong with me, do you think I would tell you?

The first time I was asked this was a couple of years ago, while I celebrated New Years with a group of wonderful, single, and intelligent friends. I had broken up with a man I wasn't meant to be with on any level, two months before.

My girls are I were intent on having a good time, trying to pretend the room wasn’t filled with happy couples when a drunk and unfortunately attractive man stumbled by our table, did a double take, grabbed onto my friend Veronica’s chair for stability and slurred it out “Wha—at are all you boo-ta-ful women doing single?”

There it was. The question that we were trying not to think about, not that day. There was a moment of silence. And then, as the smart, sexy women we are, we counterattacked.

“We haven’t found anyone we like yet.”

"Oh, am I single? I didn’t remember. But thank you so much for bringing that up!”

“We’re happier this way!”

The waitress hovering nearby suggested loudly he buy us all a shot. We agreed. He sat down, had some tequila with us and we forgave him his rudeness.

The next time the question surfaced was on a first date. I probably replied in a combination of the above responses and added the comment to my mental list of his growing negatives checks. (I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to talk about your ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, or ex-lover for two hours straight the first time I meet you!)

The thing is, it’s an offensive comment no matter who asks it. If my uncle or my aunt asked, I might be able to throw it off with a glib comment and a laugh and it wouldn't bother me. I would like to say a girlfriend would never ask that because we know better but unfortunately I can't. Probably because they are all getting married and squeezing out kids at an alarming rate.

I won't even get started on my mother who I love very dearly. At this point, I honestly think the woman doesn't care if I get married. She just wants grandchildren!

So now I digress...ok ladies (and the gents reading this), it’s time to share…what do you say when asked that? Do you have a perfect response?