Hi Guys,

As promised here is a new story!

As you all know I love hearing from you guys, receiving your feedback, and taking request for upcoming stories. But every once in a while I am introduced to something, or in this case someone, who inspires me to write something for myself.

So for the person who motivated me to write this story. Thanks for the "inspiration" and remember this is only the beginning...

If you paid attention you will notice that I posted a blog about a few experiences with bad dates. Most of them were blind dates. I'm sure we have all been on one or two. Some of us had good experiences and some of us bad ones. Come check out Keely and Rupert 's (Jeff) story posted in the Chance Meetings section. Maybe there was a blind date that you hoped would turn out like this. I hope you enjoy it and as usual I look forward to reading your feedback.

Happy Reading!