Sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I should. My life sucks right now. No, seriously. It sucks. My Grandma is unwell and my uncle has been given an expiration date.

Though I’m damn good at pouring my heart out to you guys, I don’t wanna flood the site with the emo ranting which would undoubtedly happen if I opened the floodgates.

And then there’s my stupid habit of putting others before myself which is fine under normal circumstances. But now, when need time to heal my heart from recent events and ready it for the inevitable, I have to push everyone away and that’s not easy for me.

On a lighter note, BC and Isaac are officially in school. They’re both in the same class and BC has already gotten into his first fight. Well, it wasn’t so much a fight as altercation. Some little boy did/said something then pushed BC. BC then took off his Wellie and clocked the kid with it and, even under the threat of getting paddled, refused to apologize. In his words, “I’m sorry for being loud, but I’m not sorry for hitting him.”

Of course, this is our fault. We taught him the proper way to apologize. Grand sweeping apologies aren’t acceptable because they lack thought and sincerity. He has to explain why he's doing it and accept the punishment if he doesn't. So when the teacher called because BC dug his heels in on a sticking point, we weren’t surprised. BC and his teacher adore one another - they send each other little notes and flowers - but at that point she could’ve threatened him with death and he wouldn't have cared.

Long story short: he was paddled, he was embarrassed for upsetting the teacher, we had the kid over that following Saturday, now they’re friends. Neither of them nor Isaac, my abnormally articulate nephew, can explain why their argument became physical. BC is calm and cool so for him to hit someone* or act out in any way, it must have been pretty bad.

I guess it was a case of ‘this shit just got real!’

*We don't even play fight in our house. Sparring with non-lethal intent, yes. Play fight, no.