IRE Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

His first five months in the office was spent wooing everyone he met, as the new head of production was obliged to do. Marcus Campbell was a tall, charismatic, blond haired, blue eyed, alpha male. The department needed a facelift and Marcus was the perfect fit. Within seconds he captivated anyone, save Jae Alton. She wasn’t easily beguiled—Marcus would have to put in work with this one. And he did. Within months Jae was promoted to his personal speech writer which placed her in his charmed circle. Slowly Jae began to see the man behind the showiness. Unlike his equals; he really was as clever and genuinely agreeable as he presented.

Either knew how their flirting began but it had. Coy glances became suggestive innuendos, and then daily instant messages. Three times a day: morning, noon and night. Like clockwork. What started as flirting progressed to downright naughty chat. Public orgasms had never been Jae’s forte but Marcus could melt wax! Their secret chat ‘relationship’ was coming up on its one year anniversary. No one in the office was the wiser as their ‘relationship’ was confined to the realm of chat alone. By all outward appearances they were simply colleagues. Nothing more.

Jae passed Marcus’s office; she heard murmuring through his closed door. He was normally the first executive to arrive in the office and the last to leave. Minutes later his door opened and his visitor left. BINGO! He’d be contacting her soon.

Marcus: Good morning. I saw you coming across the parking lot. You look nice today.

Jae: Thank you.

There was a pause.

Marcus: What’s on your mind?

Jae: I’m throbbing for you right now.

Marcus: Eager to cum already? *Sits you on my desk. Removes your panties. Spreads your brown thighs. Licks you softly* Didn’t get enough of me last night?

Jae: Mmmm, I never get enough of you. *Running my fingers over my slit while you lick me*

Marcus: Rub yourself, baby *Sucks your folds while fingering you*

Jae: Marcus, I’m dripping.

Marcus: Mmmm…you’re delicious in the morning. *Watches your lips throb gently as
my tongue laps them. Sucks your clit as you moans. Your body leans backwards, utterly giving yourself me* You like that?

Jae: Oh gawd yeah! I want you inside of me. Deep inside of me.

Marcus: *Grabs your hips with both hands, pulls you to the edge of the desk. Slides my cock deep inside of you. Kisses your lips softly while you beg to be fucked, beg to cum, beg me to fill you*

Jae: FUCK YEAH! I love when you fill me with your cum. *Spreads wider for you, screams your name while you pump my body* I’m all yours, Marcus

Marcus: Mine, all mine? *Kisses and pumps you deeper*

Jae: Yes, just yours. I’m cumming…cum in me, baby!

Marcus: Damn, I’m cumming inside your pretty little pussy!

Minutes streamed by without a response; neither wanted to give their long held desires the power of being verbally uttered. Yet neither could deny what they felt. They’d come to a crossroads.

Marcus: Jae, this isn’t going to work. I need more and I know you feel the same.

Jae: I do. When?

Marcus: Soon. I promise we’ll be together soon. You have my word. I'm going away for a couple of weeks. Will you come with me?

Jae: Yes....