Cast of Players

The Bellamy Family:

Stanley Bellamy: The late, much adored and admired patriarch of the Bellamy family. He was the husband of Vivian and father of Winston, Dean, and Sadie. Unlike his miserly father, Stanley is universally remembered as a good-natured and responsible family man with a keen sense of social duty and one who valued erudition. Through his shrewd business practices, the family fortune was taken to its zenith. He passed to his sons ‘the Bellamy looks’: height, emerald eyes, dark hair, and dimples. He also instilled in them a violent sense of pride.

Vivian Bellamy: Wife of the late Stanley Bellamy, Vivian is the matriarch of the Bellamy family (which she finds a blessing and a curse). She married for love and regrets not starting a family straight away, choosing rather to travel. She is clever, thoughtful within reason, and judicious. And she is also deceptively tough as nails. Coming from an extremely wealthy aristocratic family, Vivian prefers the company academics and abhors ‘foolish and frivolous women with no conversation’. She is attractive, cunning and executes her family duty without compliant.

Winston Bellamy: ‘The lesser of two evils’, Winston is the eldest of the formidable Bellamy twins. Though he is headstrong and often selfish, Winston is also sensible and has a strong sense of honor. This, coupled with his ponderous exterior, efficiency of words, and general indifference to those he deems unintelligent, is often misperceived as callous and uninterested. But his forcefulness makes him extremely appealing and sensual. Like his father, he is magnetic and charismatic. He has no interest in society beyond what his demanded of him, and only makes appearances when absolutely necessary. His insistence on privacy causes him to be judged as idle and aloof. He confides in no one, however, he and Dean share an excellent sense of humor and enjoy talking rubbish in an effort to baffle their mother whom they love dearly. 

Dean Bellamy: Five minutes younger than Winston, Dean is mad, bad, and dangerous to know especially if you have a vagina. Beyond his dashing good looks, fickleness, and scandalous love affairs, lies a complex personality. He is sometimes superficial—often obnoxious—and never without a biting, sarcastic word. While he isn’t conscious of class differences (everyone is beneath him) he adheres to social order, and he is fiercely proud of his kin and puts no one and nothing ahead of his younger sister. He is both socially and sexually dominant and he isn't prone to collecting unwanted females past their expiration date. Like his father and brother, he is magnetic and charismatic. He and Winston are resolutely single. When Vivian presses the issue of marriage, they threaten to convert to Catholicism and join the priesthood. This usually shuts her up.

Sadie Bellamy: At fourteen years old, she is the youngest of the Bellamy siblings. She has great reverence and affection for her overprotective brothers. She is friendly, accomplished and more often than not she sees situations clearer than those around her.

Maureen Bellamy: The younger sister of Stanley Bellamy, sometime companion of Vivian, and mother of Bart. She enjoys making others feel inferiority to her and dishing out unwanted advice and critiques. She is short, slightly pudgy, yet attractive.

Bart Bellamy: The son of Maureen, Bart is the redheaded cousin of the Bellamy siblings, and nephew of Vivian. He is self conscious of his “non-Bellamy’ looks and sometimes feels out of place around Winston and Dean. Though they’re months apart in age, Bart admire them. He’s a savvy businessman and he works within the family’s organizations.

The Graydon Family:

Henry Graydon: The aging, happy-go-lucky lord of the manor and Godfather to the Bellamy twins. Once a year, he opens the doors of his estate in the French countryside, Lion’s Head, for the patrons’ house party—a week long event held in their honor. Since he has no children, his estates will be divided between Winston and Dean upon his death.

Susan Graydon: Long suffering wife of Henry, and Godmother of the Bellamy twins. She is an amiable and good-tempered person; she often sneaks away, preferring to spend her time behind closed doors—thereby leaving Vivian to play hostess.

The Mitcham Family:

Hamilton Mitcham: Husband of Rhonda, and father of Andrea. Dr. Mitcham is a pedio-cardiothoracic surgeon whose creation of advanced surgical tools revolutionized microsurgery. He is good-spirited, levelheaded, proud, and regards his social distinction as byproduct of his brilliance. Coming from a wealthy African American family, he is utterly colorblind, valuing strength of character over class. He is also acutely aware of his daughter’s resentment towards him.

Rhonda Mitcham: Wife of Hamilton, and mother of Andrea. Dr. Mitcham is a renowned genealogist from a prosperous family. She dislikes going out into society, preferring to spend time with her books. However, she is regal in manners and speech, extremely pleasant company, and she is greatly admired by Vivian. She and Andrea share a sisterly rather than parental relationship which often leads to her being disrespected and belittled by her daughter. According to Winston, she bears a striking resemblance to Phylicia Rashad.

Andrea Mitchem: The quick-witted, sharp-tongued, bold and brilliant daughter of Hamilton and Rhonda. She is a gifted neurosurgeon with months left in her fellowship; this fact is a bone of contention as she feels trapped her father’s shadow and longs to be judged on her merit alone. She is good-looking, and is especially distinguished by her smoldering eyes and grace of speech (although it can be rather harsh and lashing out at others is never a problem). She is influenced by her vanity and insecurity, she judges others rashly and often without reason, and sees no equal to herself. However, when she let’s down her guard, she is genuinely kind and good-tempered. She detests the idleness of her social class (especially the Bellamy) and while she is concerned with propriety she is not impressed by mere wealth or titles.

The Lockwood Family:

Emerson Lockwood: Husband of Trudy, and uncle of Rebecca. Before Emerson’s birth, his father invented a tram system which overnight secured the family’s fortune—all of which Emerson inherited. Though he is wealthy, Emerson is humble, fiscally cautious, well-liked, and oblivious of his high social status, preferring to travel light and freely.

Trudy Lockwood: Wife of Emerson, and aunt of Rebecca. Trudy steams from a middle-class family but she has ‘the airs and graces of an aristocrat’. Bringing her husband around to accepting his position in society is her sole endeavor—so far she’s failed fantastically. She, like her husband, is humble and kind and married for love. After discovering she was unable to have children, she welcomed Rebecca, Emerson’s cousin, into their home. Trudy is gutsy, petite, and charming.

Rebecca Lockwood: The virginal, golden haired, fresh faced, jeweled eyed twenty-one year old daughter of Emerson’s third cousin. Trudy plucked her from obscurity, and made her the sole heir to the Lockwood estate. She is sweet and selfless, and liked by all. She refuses to judge anyone badly, and makes excuses for others faults. Trudy is concerned that her tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt will lead to her being hurt by insincere men looking to take advantage of her. However, Rebecca knows how to get and keep a man.

Supporting Players:

Spencer Hunter: The Graydon’s butler. Referred to as “Hunter”

Isaac McDowell: The Graydon’s hapless first footman who inadvertently walked (literally) into the middle of the action. Handsome, young, incredibly nervous around Andrea.