IRE Scoville Scale: Sinfully Satisfying

Sharing a mate was a concept that a wolf never had to learn. Scratching his head after the fact was announced to him, Emmanuel knew that Lexia wouldn’t be won if he played fair and easy. After getting the address of the man who was in line in front of him from the Alpha’s secretary, he drove over.

Emmanuel walked through the warehouse until he had found himself in front of the room where he knew that Lexia would be waiting for him. When the door opened, it was jarring to see her with another man even though he had signed up for the agreement. It just wasn’t in a werewolves’ nature to share. He always made sure that there was no other werewolf even one hundred metres near the woman he was seeing.

Now he had to be sampled before he would be able to become her mate.

Once he looked at her he saw the way that she laid. She was exhausted. But at the moment he saw her face he wanted to make her even more exhausted. His eyes traveled down her body taking in her naked curves. He couldn’t help the way that his mouth slipped open like his hand on the knob of the door.

“Ay dios mio... I couldn’t decide where the party was at until just...then. You’re beautiful,” he said.

It wasn’t the smoothest way to start a conversation with a woman but he wasn’t looking to impress her with his words. He walked past the taller man into the room.

“You’re thinking too much of yourself if you think that I’m going to allow you to do anything on my time,” the other man said as he bit back a growl. “Without an introduction no less.”

“My name is Emmanuel Rodrigo, darling,” he said looking down at Lexia. He watched her shiver as he took in the sight of her body from a closer angle. She tried to bring up the sheets to cover herself but he held them still.

“You should get acquainted with me. I might just be your mate,” he said.

The other man came up from behind him and wrapped him by the shirt collar.

“Phillip please let go of him!” she said. Lexia jumped out of bed and pushed herself onto the man she called Phillip. She kissed him on the face, letting her hands wrap around his shoulders. “I don’t want this to be a werewolf battle,” she ended.

She looked at both of them as she went over to grab her clothing. Emmanuel raised his hands.

“I’m not going to do anything if you aren’t,” he said as he looked at the other man. “Phillip? I’m Emmanuel Rodrigo nice to meet you.”

“I didn’t realize how annoying this was going to be,” Phillip breathed. Lexia walked over to the other man; giving him a breathless hug that made Emmanuel turned away a stirring in his pants.

“I think I may lose my damn mind if you don’t leave with him right now, Lexia,” Emmanuel heard. In the next moment, Lexia grabbed his hand and led him to the door.

Once they got outside to the parking lot where his car was she tried to let go of his hand but he used the force of her pulling to push against her until he had her pinned on the door of his car.

“I don’t like seeing the women I am with touching other men but I’ll give you that freedom for now,” he whispered to her. His mouth was above her neck, traveling from her ears and then back hot breath making her swarm. He could still smell Phillip on her and a mixture of other man. The scent made him growl. He opened the passenger seat door and placed her inside gently.

“Are you going to ask where were going?” Emmanuel asked.

“Do I have any say in where we are going?” Lexia said with a sharp look at him. “If not then I won’t bother to ask.”

Emmanuel let his hand rest on hers and brought it up to his mouth to kiss it.

“I won’t give you a reason to panic. We’re going to my home,” he said. After half an hour they made it to his house, a sizeable loft on the outskirts of town. He got out of his car after parking in front of the building. He went on the passenger side to open her door. Instead of letting her walk to the house, he picked her up, cradling her into his arms like a new groom.

“I’m not so tired that you have to carry me,” she said. He tightened his grip on her as went through past the front door and into the kitchen.

“Sometimes us wolves do things not for your benefit but for our own and seeing as I have to compete with three other wolves for your attention, I need you to understand everything before we start,” he said. He placed her in an empty chair and pushed her in over the sturdy kitchen table. He walked out of the room.

“You should have at least put clothing on her before presenting her to me,” Rae Sewell, Alpha of Eastern Canada, walking into the kitchen after Emmanuel with a look of distaste on his face.

He walked over to the fridge and looked inside. His brow rose a little before he went to sit in front of a Lexia.

“Not even a bow or something in greeting towards me? And after everything I’ve done for you. Not many she-wolves get this much variety...” Rae said.

“I’m not dressed enough to give you any kind of greeting.” Lexia glared at him.

“Anyway, the rules have changed,” Rae began. “There aren’t enough females to go around in this territory and there are so many headaches when it comes to negotiation for she-wolves so I’m doing to make this easy for you. The males who you reject you will never have to see again.”

“What?” Lexia said.

“Did you have the hearing fucked out of you honey? I am shipping the rejects overseas,” Rae stood. “Now finish off so you can come to me with a final decision.”

Two big men dressed in jeans and t-shirts came over to escort the Alpha out. Lexia got up to follow him but she was blocked by Emmanuel who placed himself in the entrance of the kitchen until he could hear the Alpha’s car drive away.

“That was a very mate-like move of you, but I’m not impressed. I don’t only have to be forced into an archaic mating tradition but I also have to be responsible for ruining three lives,” Lexia said as she stood in front of him shaking.

“I don’t know about the other men but I understand that on joining under an Alpha we sign on to be protected or screwed over like in any government,” Emmanuel said. “Thanks for worrying about us but that isn’t the reason why I brought you here. I want to convince you I want this chance to be your mate even if I face exile.”

“How are you going to convince me...?” Lexia asked voice unsteady.

To be continued...