The four men all stood around Rae Sewell, the Alpha of Eastern Canada, waiting for him to speak. Or rather come up with another decision.

“I don’t know why you are all still here. What I said was final.” He took a picture out from his pocket, gave it a look of disgust then threw it onto the floor. “You’re all going to have to come up with a way to decide who will be Ms. Ewan’s mate in the end. Don’t think you’ll get another answer out of me—this is absolute.”

“But are you sure that there is no other alternative? I mean, what happens to the reminding three of us?”

Rae Sewell looked over at the youngest man with a small smile.

“You’ll find out at the end what happens to all of you—chosen or not. Now leave me before Ms. Ewan comes. I have to prepare my mind for the inconvenience.”

All of the men left the room quietly. There was no way to fight the world of an Alpha—no matter how unreasonable his verdict seemed.

“I want to fight him!”

Lexia Ewan came out of the meeting with the Alpha of Eastern Canada still fuming. She voiced her displeasure immediately after he had given her his verdict. He signalled security to drag her down from the penthouse and out into the parking lot the moment after she had closed her mouth.

She rolled her eyes and got into her car. Expecting too much from the gruff gray haired man was her mistake. Alpha Rae Sewell barely saw female visitors so Lexia couldn’t even be allowed on his front porch without a good reason.

And a good reason she had.

As a twenty-five year old woman of werewolf ancestry, she had been passed over for the werewolf gene—her younger sister had gotten it instead of her.

“I thought that was going to be the end of things. Now what I’m I going through?” she asked aloud.

She had been ready to live her live independently from the rules of the pack and her strict law abiding parents. She thought herself as almost... human. Or the closest thing to being human.

But that was because she never knew the small print.

In actuality, without turning into a werewolf, she was bound by werewolf laws to make one with whoever her Alpha commanded her to mate with.

“I ordered contact with four single werewolves instead of just one,” Rae said in his infamously bored manner. “There are four single werewolf men in your age range and you’re the only of age female in this region. Just choose amongst yourselves.”

She laughed for a good two minutes at his words but his bodyguards had moved closer to him just in case her laughter turned to anger—which it did.

“I don’t want to be anyone’s mate at all! What do you mean, ‘choose amongst yourselves?’ I have to live with one of these guys for the rest of my life! At least pretend that you put some thought into this!”

That is when she had been thrown out, her kicking and screaming lessened by the sheer force of the bodyguard’s hold on her. Now in her car, she had no one to listen to her anger but herself. She pulled out of the driveway and sped off in the direction of home.

It’s just my luck that I have to deal with an asshole.

She sighed. The Alpha had been changed a two weeks after her birthday. Mark Paul, the previous Alpha had been easier to work with and clear cut. However, he had died from old age. His replacement had a reputation of being unconventional.

This isn’t unconventional. This is insane.

She slapped the steering wheel with her hand. Somehow she knew that this wouldn’t be the last problem that she would have with the Alpha.

“What the hell!”

She turned into another lane and almost slammed into a car. Not her fault though, the car in the lane beside her was swerving from left to right.

“What is this fool, doing?”

She tried to enter another lane to get away from the crazy driver but she was followed.

“Is this moron completely crazy?!”

She slapped the steering wheel with her hand again from frustration. Finally, he stopped serving from side to side and put on a signal to enter her lane. She got a good look at the driver as he passed. He looked around her age but from his driving he was most likely younger. Also blonde and, from what she could see, slightly good looking.

She made way for him to come into lane but he stalled for a bit before driving inside. Ah, the cute ones are always insane. There were about five people behind her giving him the finger and her as well. She could hear swearing from people all around her.

“Ah, I’m already dealing with an extreme day. I can’t drive like this.”

At the most opportune moment, she drove over to the side of the road. She turned off her engine and climbed through over to the passenger’s seat and out the door. Once she had safely reached the grassy area, she sank down onto her knees.

“I don’t want a mate. I want my freedom,” she said aloud. She held herself by the arms to keep calm.

“Are you going to be okay, Ms...?”

Lexia couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked up in front of her. It was the blonde haired driver from the road.

“No, I mean yes, I’m okay. So you should just go on your way.” And not drive near me anymore. Though the blonde looked more mature than she had first pegged him for—and more attractive as well—she wanted to be left in peace.

“I don’t think so...” he continued. He bent down so that he was right beside her. “I don’t think an upset woman should ever be left alone.”

She looked over at him and let herself think quietly.

“If you don’t leave me alone in the next thirty seconds, I’m going to call the police,” she finally said.

He smiled instead of taking his leave. His smile is what gave his face an innocent glow. It made him look like he never had to suffer a day in his life. He didn’t seem like someone whom she would be able to relate to now that she was in werewolf bondage. He placed a light hand on her wrist, she shook it off.

“Can’t you leave—?”

“Okay enough games, darling. I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen in the next thirty seconds. Someone is going to come out of my car and go into yours successfully taking it away so I can take you home in my car and pleasure you until you can’t stand.”

Lexia didn’t give herself time to reply. She got up quick, turning to get into her car. She climbed quickly through the passenger’s seat and closed the door behind her. She reached around to lock the door but it was already locked—all of the doors were.

She knew that her car didn’t lock automatically though.

But his did.

The stranger had entered the car with a smile, sitting in the driver’s seat.

“You should put on your seatbelt darling.”

“You should let me out of this car!”

“Darling, don’t make this a struggle. I just have to make one call to the Alpha to get you and your family disbarred from the pack. And I really wouldn’t want to have to get such a pretty woman kicked out—especially, when we could be mates.”

Lexia started to shake from anger. She did not want to be one of those werewolf women stuck at home just taking care of babies. No matter how many threats he threw out at her, she still had the final say in the end.

“You want to be my mate? Well, you better stop with the threats now,” she said. He smiled, reaching over to put the seat belt on her and made sure to brush against her breasts. She shivered from his touch. Her reaction his first touch was the first taste of how her body would respond during others. Not that she wanted more of them to occur... However, the light material on her body didn’t help her cause.

His hungry gaze traveled over her like she was wearing nothing at all.

“Just what did the Alpha say you would be doing with me?”

The blonde looked over at her with a smile that was all-California.

“Anything that you want me to do and more...” His hand traveled from her knee up to her thighs as he switched gears. Lexia raised her brow before putting her hand over his and bringing his hand even further up her thigh in a challenge.

“And have you ever thought that you wouldn’t be ready for everything that I want to do? You might not be.”

He switched into another lane, driving fast. Lexia rolled her eyes even though her heart was slamming against her ribcages. His hand was stuck in mid move, so close to the place that was begging for a male touch.

“I’m more than ready for what you want, darling. I just want you to beg for it. I’m not the kind of guy who gives it up to a girl so easily.”

“Is cockiness a natural werewolf trait or did you pick that up from overblown compliments?”

“I don’t have to be cocky to know that I could please you. But if you don’t think that I’m man enough for you then I could show you how much of a man I am.”

With one hand he started to unbutton his shirt from the bottom. His skin was pale but lightly covered with blonde hairs. There was no trace of his baby face in the hard build of his muscular body. Lexia tried to remove her eyes from his body but she couldn’t. Instead she tried to distance herself from the wetness in panties at her potential mate through words.

“Have you met the other four men or is it going to be a blind meeting for all of us?”

“I’m not bringing you over to them. I’m going to have you for myself tonight, tomorrow and you can decide what happens after that...”

“I can decide—”

“But not when we are in the bedroom. As my mate, you should take directions from me. Just lie down and try to not lose your mind.”

Too late, I’ve already lost my mind. Lexia rolled her eyes.

“If you want to be a true mate you should have just waited for me to come to you instead of taking me on the street,” Lexia reasoned. “There might be more to this but I don’t care to listen. When it comes to my future partner, I know that I deserve a choice.”

At a red light, the blonde man looked over at her, grabbing her hand in his.

“No one said that you wouldn’t get a choice, Lexia. There are four of us after all. So all you have to do is choose me. The name is Austin Gerald by the way. No tears or pain. Well, maybe pain if you’re into that.”

Lexia took her hand from out of Austin’s grasp or rather he let her hand go. She knew now that she was completely damned. Her genes had set her on the path to werewolf breeder.

And now she would have to share her bed with someone who wasn’t even human.

She looked over at his open shirt and almost creamed her panties again.

Then again, there are four of them waiting for my touch. There are worse things in life than that. I might as well cut my losses.