Happy New Year everyone! Trust me, if you had a year like I did last year, this one can only get better. You know the saying, "When life gives you lemons..." Well apparently I'm in the lemonade business.

I want to thank Tracy and her back-end team. You know those lemons? When they were raining on me the size of ... Well, a size that fruit damn well shouldn't be. You helped. Thank you.

So, LP is up. Yeah, I'm finishing it this year (three years of writing this is pretty harsh). I keep apologizing to Tracy that this opus is certainly not a Novella. She keeps on telling me, "Who cares?" God bless her!

I just wanted you all to know that I'm really at the end. These last installments exist to tie up a few loose ends that you probably forgot about three years ago. Heck, I had to go and read over some stuff just to refresh MY memory (all I can say is I know I need a copy editor-thanks for struggling through some of that mess).

I wish I could toast you all. My LP audience helped give me something else to focus on than just...lemons. Lemonade champagne anyone? (Now that just sounds truly nasty)