IRE Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

It’s well after dark and the humidity clings to my cheeks like a pair of hands. I swipe at them with the back of my hand as I cross Pennsylvania Avenue and shake my head. Only four short months ago, I was buried in snow. But that’s DC weather for you. I sigh heavily, wishing that I could’ve worn my normal uniform of a t-shirt and shorts instead of this black suit but the client I’m on my way to meet wouldn’t have approved of such an outfit.

About ten more steps and I’ll be at the front door of Brighton, Hughes and Associates. I don’t know why they called me to help them with this big case that they were trying to win, but I can’t complain. My mortgage is due and the twenty g’s they had offered me is more than enough to cover me until the next job. As an out of work paralegal, I had no choice but to take these temporary jobs. While, I question the night time hour of this meeting, I already know who is behind it and am skeptical. Especially since that’s not the kind of services he’s looking for me to perform.

The building was a typical high-rise office building that was three blocks from the White House. For some reason, the non-descript building sent a chill down my spine. The world would be shocked to learn that the New World Order of Vampires ruled from a chamber beneath the Nation’s Capital. I take a deep breath as I watch people spin around the revolving doors to an unknown destination. I headed inside. An ice cold breeze greets me as I step through the doors into the lobby.

A gray reception desk loomed before me with a single security guard seated behind it. Three elevators stood on either side of the desk. Without looking up from his newspaper, the burly guard pointed to the center elevator to his left, my right. The heels of my pumps click against the white marble floor as I make my way to it and pressed the call button. I didn’t have time to exhale before the car arrives. I step into the metal cage and the car descends.

I check my appearance in the reflective panel that surrounds the buttons. My brown skin is a little pasty from the humidity but I look good, otherwise. My dark brown curly hair was piled into a high bun. My brown eyes didn’t look like I’d only gotten four hours of sleep due to my neighbor’s stereo. I set my briefcase on the floor to straighten the labels of my jacket, then, lean against the handrails. I hope this meeting is short and sweet but a shiver of warning returns. I don’t know what my intuition is warning my about but, when the door opened, I knew that I would soon find out.

In front of me is a long glass table surrounded by ten red velvet chairs plus two on either end of the table. Two large wrought iron candelabras stood at either end of the table. A fountain of blood gushes in the middle as if it were chocolate. Torches lined both walls on either side of the small, narrow room. I set my briefcase on the table but keep my guard up. Vamps were sneaky creatures. Could appear out of a rip in the air at the snap of a finger.

“Hello,” I call.

I take off my jacket and drape it over the back of the chair. My nipples puckered against my lemon yellow blouse. I smooth down the sides of my black skirt and sit in one of the end chairs. Suddenly, a surge of electricity flows through me. My back arches. I knew that he was behind it and tried to fight the force. I run a hand down the side of my neck, tracing the path of my jugular. In my mind, I sigh his name. Tariq. I catch myself unbuttoning my blouse and quickly stand. I hate when he does that crap.

“Jackass,” I mutter.

A low chuckle surrounds me like an embrace. I felt his breath on the back of my neck and shivered. I cross my arms over my chest. I knew that if I turn around, he’ll disappear. He liked messing with my head, but what vamp didn’t. He was standing directly behind me. The heat from his body bore into my back and flowed through my blood stream. He didn’t touch me, but I felt that he wanted to.

“Why did you call me?”

Instead of turning around to ask my question, I move away from him to stand on the other side of the table where it’s safe. Yet, no place was really safe from Tariq. I glance at him and am immediately sorry. He leans against the table, his black shirt open at the neck to expose a strip of bare, fair skin beneath. The silk material hugs his muscular torso and is tucked into the pants of his gray pin striped suit.

“You’re the only one that can help me with my problem,” he says running his hands through his blond hair.

“What problem does a vampire need a witch to solve?”

He moved aside and held out the chairs. Despite my better judgment, I sit down. When he sat next to me, I resist the temptation to lean into him. As head of the NWOV, for him to ask me for help was unusual. I cross my legs. I feel his gaze shift from my cleavage to my bare, ebony skin. I remember how he would spend hours nibbling on my calf. I suck in a deep, trembling breath, refusing to allow my thoughts to take my there any farther.

“It’s rather complicated,” he said seductively as if he is asking me to go to bed with him, and he might as well have been. “That’s why I had asked to meet with you instead of doing this on the phone.”

I remained silent so that he could continue. I could keep my eyes off of his ruby lips as he talked. The way they wrapped around each word. I remembered how they felt wrapped around my nipple and shuttered. He picked up on my thought and smiled.

“I still can.” His gaze dips to view my cleavage. “For old time’s sake….”

“No,” I say flatly as I reach behind me for my jacket and put it on.

He cocks his head to the side as he studies me. “He’s not satisfying you, is he? Remember how we used to…”

I shake my head to dismiss the images he places in my mind. The desire in his dark eyes was enough to make my climb onto the table and strip off my clothes. It was bad enough that my magic was fueled by sex. I raise my eyebrow at him. The thoughts dissolve.

“Anyway,” he says. “There is a human I need you to remove.”

I frown. “I’m not a hitman.”

“I don’t need one for this.”

From the air, he pulls out a manila file folder and places it in front of me. I open it. Ray’s picture stares back at me. I blink to hide my surprise. The collar of his yellow polo shirt framed his cocoa skin. He was a handsome man. Bald. Tall. Normal. He didn’t have fangs. Didn’t believe in vampires. Even after a year, he didn’t know that I was a witch. This was taken a month ago The lit up Lincoln Memorial was in the background. We had circled the reflecting pond for an hour before he had gotten up the courage to ask me to marry him. I had just said no.

I slam the folder shut. “Don’t fuck with me.”

“I haven’t …yet.”

I stand. “Why were you following me?”

“Because I still love you.”

I swallow to get my heart out of my throat. “How long have you been following me?”

“Since you left.”

I cross my arms over my chest and wander away from the table. I should be pissed off that he followed me and took this picture. I should cuss his fine, five thousand year old ass out but I can’t. I’m flattered that he still has feelings for me. We were together a long time. Ten years. I was eighteen when we met and was just starting to come into my power. Last year, at twenty-seven, I realized that even though I loved Tariq with every fiber of my soul, he was never going to die and I was. I got scared and I bolted.

I close my eyes. “Tariq…”

“I want you back,” he said.

I shake my head. “It’s not that simple.”

“It is that simple,” he says, rising from the table. “I should have fought harder for you.”

“I’m human. You’re not.”

“A technicality.”

“I…can’t…You offered me money to break up with him?”

Shrugging, he smiles sheepishly.

“Twenty thousand dollars? Is that all his life is worth?”

“No. It’s worth less.”

I am in Tariq’s arms before I have a chance to react. He kisses my hard. His fang nicks my upper lip. I can’t breathe and I don’t want to. I need to move but can’t. My heartbeat stops to match his. I am gelatin in his arms. If he asks me again to off Rob, I wouldn’t blink. I know just the spell. As our tongues dance, sanity begins to win over. I peel my lips away from his. Break the enclosure of his arms. I step away from him. His eyes blaze with desire. I look away before I get scorched.

My name sounds like a prayer coming from his lips. I don’t answer him. I can’t trust the words that might come out of my mouth. I move around him to gather my things. The phantom feeling of his tongue sliding against mine still lingers as I pick up my briefcase. The sensation makes my knees weak.

“He doesn’t deserve you,” Tariq says. “He’s not capable of loving you the way I do.”


He blocks my path to the elevator. I halt just inches from his chest. I look up at him. His eyes are rimmed in crimson. I loved how his irises looked in the dark room, sometimes the only illumination in the room. So sexy. I bite my lip, run the tip of my tongue over the small cut and taste blood. Bending down slowly, he pulls it from my mouth and suckles on it.

Damn it. I want him. I thread my fingers through his blond hair. The silky strands tickle my skin. My body screams for him to fuck me. I scoop me up in one of those vamp things that he does and take me somewhere. Hawaii. Puerto Rico. Mars. It doesn’t matter. Then, my head grabs my heart and pulls me back. I remember the times I wished that he could’ve been with me but couldn’t because he was a vampire. The day trips to the beach. My brother’s wedding. Just simply sitting on a bench in the park and holding hands.

We can do all those things. Just at night.

His rich baritone voice slides into my thoughts. I place my hand in the center of his chest to push him away, but he clasps it in his. I close my open mouth. I had thought of conjuring a spell but hadn’t been able to find one in my research. Plus, it was a violation of protocol. My heart feels heavy. If there was just someway…He brought my hand to his mouth and kissed my fingertips.

“I need you, Avery.”

He lets my hand fall and vanishes.

I don’t remember the subway ride home. The only thing I remember is blinking and I was standing in front of my Waterfront condo near the Navy yard. I numbly make my way through the lobby, up the elevator to my front door. The clock on my phone says that it’s close to eleven. I don’t remember being with Tariq that long. I touch my lips. They quiver from the kiss. I wish that there was a way I could help him. I would love nothing more than to be in his arms right now.
Somehow, I open my front door. I kick my pumps off my feet as soon as the door closes. The sole of my foot hit something cool. I look down. In the darkness, I make out the shape of an envelope. I pick it up and tear open the flap as I make my way to the sofa. I sit, click on the lamp and read the contents. It was from Ray. He is breaking up with me. I crumple the note into a ball and toss it across the room.

I’m not a crying person. So I sit and sulk. It’s just as well. I was going to end it anyway. I couldn’t keep stringing him along like that. My heart belongs to Tariq. I knew it as soon as he appeared in the room. I’d made a mistake. Now, tears build in my eyes.

“I need you, too,” I whisper into the empty room.

A knock against my sliding glass door startles me. I don’t have to look to see who it is. Only one man could leap high enough to land on my balcony fifteen floors in the air. I stand and fling the doors open. He’s changed into a white t-shirt, jeans, slip-on canvas shoes. His long blond hair is pulled back into a ponytail. There was no need for talk. No need for me to be a gracious host. The only thing I had to offer him was inside of me and he could take as much as he wanted. I took his hand and lead him into the bedroom. I touch his biceps then pull his t-shirt over his head. His skin glows in the darkness. I touch his solid pecs, run my hands over the smooth skin until my fingertips find his nipples.

“Did you do that,” I ask Tariq. “Did you make him break up with me?”

“No. But I may have made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

I kiss the supple skin of his chest. Inhale his masculine scent. “You’re bad.”

Let me show you how bad I can be…

With a snap of his fingers, my clothing has disappeared. I shiver as he gathers me in his arms and deposits me on the bed. With hands on his hips, he stares down at me. His crimson eyes drink in every inch of my skin. My nipples pucker under his focused gaze and I suddenly feel vulnerable. I can see his mind working, turning some thought over in it. My breath catches in my throat and I sit up. My pussy throbs with need. I tremble, knowing that he’s capable of anything.

“What,” I ask, breathless.

You left me. You promised me that you wouldn’t.

My heart sinks at his telepathic confession. “I got scared.”I say aloud.

I loved you.

I know. I’m sorry.

I crawl toward him, kiss the smooth skin above the waist. The muscles of his abs contract beneath my lips. I unbutton his fly, free his rigid cock from his jeans. His masculine scent engulfs me as I push his jeans past his hips. He stops me before I slide my lips over the head of his cock and disappears into the air. I gasp, search for his eyes in the darkness. Where did he go? I sniff back my tears. I didn’t think he’d take the break up so hard. I thought he didn’t care or would simply move on. I didn’t know how he truly felt about me. I wish I did. I wouldn’t have left.

“Tariq,” I whisper. “I love you.”

Silence. I move to the center of the bed. Lie on my back. I sit up, pull my bun hairstyle loose so that my dark curls flow around my shoulders, then, lie down again. I sigh. The air is still. I wait five minutes. Then thirty. An hour has gone by and no Tariq. This isn’t like him. Did I really hurt him or is he fucking with me again. I suddenly get angry. My fingertips tingle with the need to hit something with a spell. If he’s going to be like this, then, fine. I click on the lamp beside the bed and gasp.

I’m no longer in my bedroom…

Or my condo…

Or in DC…

Truth was, I didn’t know where I was. I curve my arm over my breasts as I realize I’m not in a room but outdoors on a cliff. Ocean waves beat against the rock formations below. I look up at the cloudless starry sky. A light breeze washes over my skin. Salt scented air tickles my nose. Crickets and other night creatures provide the backdrop for this sensual location.

“Where are we,” I ask using a pillow to cover my nakedness.

Somewhere between heaven and hell…Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean…

I close my eyes as his voice enters my mind and coats it in ribbons of ecstasy. Why?

We have a lot of time to make up for and I don’t want to be disturbed…

I gulp. I look down. The pillow is gone. Suddenly, on a breeze, his body blankets me. He kisses my throat, pulls the skin above my collar bone between his lips and suckles on it. His ponytail becomes loose in my hands. His fangs brush against the tight skin but don’t break it. The skin sizzles where his lips touch it. My jugular pulses in rhythm to his suckles.

Bite me!


He gently pushes my thighs apart to stroke my clit. The bud hardens beneath his fingertip. I squirm beneath him, trying not to cum so soon. I pant. Dig my nails into his shoulder. I try to think of something other than his finger undulating my flesh. I can’t. The release ripples up my spine. His name leaves my lips in a rush of air. I don’t see stars but fireworks. Explosions of light dance on my eyelids.

And he hasn’t entered me, yet.

I see you’ve missed me.

My cheeks flush with embarrassment. Yes, I have missed him. Not only my body, but my heart, my soul. Why did I think I could live without him? He shifts to lay on top of me. He claims my lips in a kiss that instantly arouses me again. I caress the smooth skin of his waist. He moans as I wrap my hand around his cock and guide him inside me.

Let me show you how much…

I cup his ass and draw him deeper into me. He shifts to hook my legs around his elbows, opens my legs wider. The wall of my pussy contract around his shaft. The tip of his cock settles into my g-spot, plays it like an drum. I grip his shoulders. His name bubbles out of my mouth with each stroke against the ridge. His pace is slow and steady, a lazy jazz tone, but I want him to speed up. Punish me for leaving. Punish me for doubting his love for me. I try to lift my hips but his strength pins me to the mattress.

He slows his thrusts down to a crawl, his cock barely grazing my walls. Incensed, I look up at him. His fangs peek from him upper lip. His crimson eyes are filled with pure passion. My breath hitches as he suddenly picks up his pace. The tip of his cock slams against me. I roll my head to the side. He shakes his head. Instead, he bites my ankle. I flinch from the pain. Warm blood trickles down my leg as he siphons from the wound.

My pussy quakes, erupts. My essence rushes out of me. I grip his shoulders. Babble incoherently about how much I love him. He chuckles as he laps at the wound. He drops my leg to kiss me. His mouth tastes metallic and sweet. He grasps a fistful of my curls and hauls me to my knees as he enters me from behind. He grips my hips to move me in rapid down strokes before he stops completely, then, starts the cadence over again. I claw at the soft linen. Trying to find something to hold on to and losing.

You really want me to punish you?


Don’t say that to a vampire.

He yanks me back against him by my hair, then, pinches my left nipple. I gasp as he rolls the bud between his thumb and index finger. He pulls it into a stiff peak as he pulls my head back further, exposing my throat. His blond hair flows around my shoulder. The silky strands tickle me but I grimace as his cock drives deeper into my core. He curls his fingers around the firm orb of my breast and squeezes. His nails dig into the soft flesh. He lets go of my breast and lift my arm to his mouth. I wince as his fangs pierce me. I cum instantly as he licks the blood that drips down my forearm.

Still want me to punish you?


Am I out of my mind? Who is it that’s saying this shit? Placing his palm on the back of my head, he pushes me back down on all fours. He cups my buttocks and pushes the halves apart. I arch my back as his tongue swipes my valley between them. He rests the tip of his cock at my anal opening. The skin beneath quivers in anticipation. I lick my lips and brace myself.

Are you sure?

I nod. He grips my hips and crosses the threshold. I arch my back as he pushes into me an inch at a time until he is all the way in. I wiggle my hips against the base of his shaft. He holds on to me, telepathically coaxing me to slow down so that he doesn’t hurt me, but I can’t stop. He feels so good. He has claimed every inch of me and he can have it.

My limbs tremble as the release builds. I can tell that he is there, too. His breath become more erratic, more staccato, like his thrusts. Like my breath. Like my heartbeat. He reaches between my legs and fingers my clit. I gasp and let go off all that I held inside of me. At the same time, his fangs pierce my neck. The forced knocks me on my stomach but he doesn’t stop moving until he cums. I exhale as he nuzzles my neck, our tremors subsiding.

Wrapping his arms around me, he rolls on to his left side and pulls my back to his chest. I shiver as the cool air caresses my moist skin. The color of the sky is beginning to change to a light gray with streaks of orange. I worry about the sun catching us off guard, but with the wave of his hand, the sky changes back to black. I close my eyes and nestle against him.

I hope you don’t think I’m done.

I open my eyes. “What?”

Don’t move.

He unwrap his arms to trace the sides of my torso with his fingertips. He captures my breasts, pushes them together and releases them. I blink and suddenly I am alone. I lay back on my elbows. Even if I wanted to, I can’t move. My body aches, but I’m ready for whatever he has up his sleeve.

Come back.

He ignores my call. I wait. Five minutes go by. Sighing, I turn onto my stomach and he ‘s there beneath me. He kisses me tenderly.

There’s still the matter of my proposal.

But, that’s already taken care of…

He shakes his head. Not that proposal…

Something on my left ring finger catches my eye. The diamond solitaire sparkles in the moonlight. It is flanked by rubies on four sides. Through blurry eyes, I look at the ring and back at him. I am speechless. My heart pounds in my chest. He brushes my hair from my face and cups my cheeks.

“Marry me, Avery. Be my wife.”