IR Erotica Scoville Scale: Sinfully Satisfying

He didn't know how to take it at first. It was the greatest feeling he had ever known. Ryan never figured this would happen before. He was the first president of his stature. The day had come! The people had spoken, and it seems as if he was suitable for the position. This included the position he was in now.

It was a few days before the inauguration, and he was a bit nervous. He hadn't written anything for the special day. All he had been doing was reviewing the speeches of all of the previous leaders of the free world, with no avail. How was he supposed to provide some sort of confidence in the people when all he could do was draw a blank?

At least he decided he would go to the scene of the moment to get some inspiration. So many others were here to give their divine plan to continue the concept of freedom. It was here where it would be evident that the democracy had chosen a leader that they could put their faith into. There was quite a distraction.

"Mmmm," Gina responded to the penis that was in her mouth, as she was at the bottom of the podium. She could feel the shaft go in and out of her mouth as she proceeded to put as much saliva on it so she could easily glide it in. She put her hand on his scrotum gently so that he would remain erect, although at this point, it wasn't a problem.

It was strangely warm for this particular day in December, especially since it was below zero the day before. No one predicted this weather for this time of year, but it was easy to expect the unexpected when in this position. Even while she was underneath the podium, she could not only sense the warmth in the sunlight, but also within her mouth, as she could taste his premature ejaculation in her mouth. She didn't swallow it, yet savored it to use along with her dribble to contribute to the sensuality.

She took the phallus out of her mouth. "You like that, Daddy?"

"Of course. You're really opening my mentality right now," said Ryan.

"Do you want me to continue?"

"Only if you want."

"You know I like it when you let me do it."

She didn't even mind that she had dressed up for the event, even if it wasn't official. She had worn her stilettos, and, even though most women didn't enjoy them, she was turned on when she worn them, simply because they were the ones she wore when she first met Ryan. He couldn't get enough of those black heels when he saw her, and always asked her to wear them when they were having foreplay.

As she continued to perform fellatio, some spit had fallen from the corner of her mouth. It was so ironic since she did it at such a slow pace, just as he liked it. Most women would do it fast so that the man can come quickly, but Ryan knew better. He was more enthralled by the experience of it rather than the result. Everyone loves a happy ending, but it only happens if something exists between it and the initiation.

She proceeded to put both hands on his penis to capsulate a vacuum that would heighten his senses. You could hear the slurping if you were close, but from someone that was 20 yards away, it was no competition compared to the birds chirping, or the security guards hovering the area. It was purely a moment in conceal.

Ryan knew he had to come up with something. It was expected of him to deliver a speech that would not only show a sign of the times, but would be considered a classic in the years to come. Perhaps he could talk about his optimism in the changes that would come during his term.

Speaking of coming, Gina continued to suck on. You could hear her gag a bit as she began to deep throat his vast shaft, knowing the pleasure she was giving the president elect. She couldn't wait to do this in his new office, in order to not only alleviate the forthcoming stress, but to also solidify the pleasures of the position.

Ryan felt like he was going to ejaculate.

"Slow down," he said.

She took it out of her mouth. "What's wrong?"

"You're going to make me come. I want to endure this for a while, at least until I come up with something.

"Well, maybe you did. You just don't know it."

"I'm going to need more time. Trust me."

As she put his dick back into her mouth, and continued to search for his semen, he began to wonder if anyone would even listen on that fateful day. The fact that he was elected was enough for him to get started, even though he was forced to continue with the formalities. His imagination began to run wild as she began to use the entire width of her tongue to show her appreciation. Some women didn't mind giving head, as long as she didn't have to do it for long, and that she didn't have to swallow. Gina, on the other hand, loved to do it! It was such a nasty gesture for her, as it was not allowed in her culture to be manifested.

She loved the secrecy of when she did it, knowing the pleasure that Ryan felt as he would blow a load in her mouth. She loved that lukewarm feeling down her trachea, as it was a symbol of her performance. There were times when he didn't ejaculate, though. At first, she thought that it had something to do with her: perhaps she grabbed his scrotum hard enough. Maybe she wasn't loud and didn't talk enough. Perhaps she used her teeth.

Fortunately, she came to realize that it didn't mean that she didn't do well if he never came. As long as Ryan enjoyed it, that was all she cared about.

Meanwhile, Ryan began to blurt out ideas.

"I could talk about the economy. Perhaps we can discuss changes in banking. I can review the previous term. Inflation is a possible‐yes…."

Gina began to bite on his penis, as a possible reminder of the joy he was receiving. Ryan tended to leave the moment at hand while continue to give an image that he was still present. It was one of his qualities that gave him the position. He knew how to stand out while continuing a train of thought that would give an impression that he was in a galaxy of his own. No one knew that he was so far fetched, but when things got done, and there was an improvement in the quality of life, no one could object to the processes he had. Including this one.

Gina asked, "Are we going to do this once you are really in office?"

Ryan replied, "Of course. I don't see why not."

"What about all the things you will have to accomplish?"

"I'm accomplishing a lot right now."

He began to grab her brown hair gently and guided her back to her phallus. She giggled a bit before continuing to smother it, lubricating every inch with her tongue and jaw. Ryan never considered this position seriously. At first, he thought that he could just try to see if he would win the party nomination. He was so excited that he got that far in the race that the actual voting for the election was second nature to him. So, why has it been such a task for him to put together words when he would be sworn in?

Gina began to suck harder, and slower. It was like a Popsicle to her. She could do this all day, she thought, as she began to make popping noises as she took the penis out of her mouth and put it back in. As she rubbed the tip, she began to consider licking his anus to get more of an effect. After all, it was pretty warm outside. Ryan began to moan a bit, and one of the guards began to speak.

"10 more minutes, sir," the guard said.

"What's the rush?"

"Tourists will be arriving shortly. We do not want to create a spectacle."

This is ridiculous, he thought. "I'll be done shortly," he said. Maybe I should stop moaning, he thought.

No one even considered the fact that Gina was underneath. She had snuck down there when no one was looking when they first arrived. Ryan thought nothing of it, as he was too busy thinking about what he was going to say that day. When he had arrived at the podium, all of a sudden he had felt a soft, delicate hand with acrylic nails slowly mold his genitals. He was going to look down immediately, but, when you're with someone for so long, you become aware of the minute things, such as the feel of her hands. She began at the testicles first, as she always does. She put her hand on them, and massaged them slowly, making sure to place them in between each one of her five fingers. She then moved to the lower shaft, being sure not to stroke the entire thing, for she didn't want him to get a full erection yet.

As she moved towards the top, all at the pace of a turtle, she began to bite on the outside of his pants, tailored exclusively for him, so that she can get a rise out of him. When she got him to where she could handle him, she surely began to unzip him so he could pop out. That was when the fun began. It was also where it was about to end.

"I'm about to cum baby," Ryan whispered as he slowly stroke Gina's hair.

"Did you think of how you are going to do your speech, hun?"

"Yes. I will talk about our progress in the next few years, as we proceed to supply the people with hope and prosperity. I will give them a reason to believe and to invest in our dreams and request for fulfillment. I will continue to pursue the concepts of wealth, and – Oh, shit!"

Gina began to suck harder and faster. It wasn't short strokes either; they were long and hard, as if she just finished watching a video that gave a tutorial on giving blowjobs. Perhaps now she can create her own. Ryan was trying not to tug her hair too hard, especially since they were out in public. He knew he was going to comehard, since he hadn't come in a few days. He always thought to space it out so that she can have more to swallow. She seemed to enjoy it for some reason. He loved pleasing her, too. It meant a lot that she would always come back for more.

Ryan and Gina never had troubles sexually. They were both very spontaneous and open about theirrelationship, and knew that they were going to go very far. Even when they first met at the bookstore, it was as if it was meant to be. From the formal introduction, to this casual encounter, one observing from afar would imagine this to be a match made in heaven. Right now, one from afar couldn't see what was really happening. Ryan could feel his come coming out of his scrotum. One would think it would be a rush into the real world: a stream of warm surprises for Gina as she prepared for the full load. However, he learned how to control himself, and it wasn't through baseball. He had contracted his vas deferens so that he can stop the flow
and get some more time. This was a different occasion. He was about to become president. There was no need to hold back.

"Oh God," he said. The come rushed through his shaft, and Gina was ready. Soon she felt something in her mouth thick and liquid overtake her entire cavity. She knew she had him, and there was nothing he could do about it. I'm coming, he thought. He didn't want to so soon, since he didn't have a full idea of his speech for the upcoming day. He wasn't too worried. It tough to worry during ejaculation, when the muscle is so contracted that even a metal shovel would break into two if struck upon. As she kept moaning, and taking in his manhood, Ryan began to stumble upon his words. "I‐I‐can't‐believe‐"

She continued to moan as she swallowed his come down her throat. Finally, she thought, as she wiped her face clean. She couldn't believe how much she put down. He must have been tense, she thought, as she laughed quietly while Ryan felt the posttraumatic effects of seduction. 

"That was a nice surprise," he said.

"I do it all for you," Gina replied.

"I had no clue you could do that with your tongue."

"Believe me: a tongue ring does more than define bling.

"I guess we should be going. I don't want to cause a scene."

"Okay, but you go first, and I'll meet you in the car."

Ryan looked ahead, not looking at Gina. "You have no idea how important you are to me."

"You have no idea how far you have come," she teased.

Ryan quietly reached for his zipper, but Gina stopped him.

"Let me kiss it goodbye."

"For now," Ryan said.