IRE Scoville Scale: Fire and Ice

The taxi stopped in front of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, a drab stack of grayish blocks on a dimly lit deserted street. I check the address before opening the door. “Excuse me,” I said to the driver. “Are you sure this is the right place?”

“Seventeen-fifty. Get out.” He replied.

I paid up and made my way to the ‘door’ of the establishment. When I promised to meet Chloe, an old college mate I hadn’t seen since graduation, for dinner and dancing I hadn’t expected to be pitched out in some dank back ally, clinging to the hopes my masculine aura would ward off any would-be attackers. Yet here I was. I knocked, the door opened, the bouncer who answered was mammoth which raised the question, was the danger inside or outside the club? He gave me the once over and waved me forward. After a slight hesitation, I followed. Damn it, after all these years she still had a hold on me. One word and I’d come running…though this time I wasn’t such an easy conquest. There was an injured silence when I turned down her initial invitation. But then, of course, I caved and found myself being led through the bowels of hell by Lucifer himself.

“Sit.” Lucifer said, motioning to a darkened candle lit booth facing the main floor.

After giving him my best “Who the fuck are you telling to sit!?” look, I sat. Minutes later a wiry waitress reeking of stale cigarette butts and self-loathing came and took my drink order. “Beer. Whatever you have in a bottle. Unopened.” Who knew where her hands had been.

I spotted Chloe sitting across the small room in a similar booth. Her hair was pulled away from her beautiful heart shaped face. Her skin was the color of deep espresso and her body was that of a Goddess—she was more remarkable than I remembered. We played chicken, neither wanting to make the first move. I sent her a “Get your ass over here” text, and a moment later her phone chirped. She read the text, and the faintest of smiles crossed her face. She put her phone in her purse and turned her attention to her drink. She was going to make this a battle of wills—or was she? I saw her hand move slowly to her knees, and then climb higher beneath her skirt, coming to rest, I imagine, at the place my tongue used to call home. Just over its threshold, I glimpsed a tiny white thong…which under the dim lights glowed against her dark skin. She traced up and down her lips. I leaned back and enjoyed the show. She loved when I watched her masturbate. Bitch.

Stealthily, I looked around to make sure we’d gone undetected. We had. Continue, I nodded to her. She softly stroked her pussy over the thong, and then momentarily dipped her finger inside. Air hissed through my teeth as I watched her thong massage her clit, then disappear between her lips. Repeatedly she tugged the string, then fingered and stopped…until she set a rhythm: tug, tug, tug, finger, tug, tug, tug, finger. Damn the low lights, she was driving me mad. I wanted to see her finger herself.

As if she'd read my mind, she stopped, grabbed her phone, and texted, “First hallway on the right. Second door on the left. Five minutes.” When I looked up from my phone she was gone. Time ticked by. I dropped enough cash to cover my beer and a tip to buy self-loathing girl a dime bag of whatever she was smoking and left to find Chloe.

I came to a rather ambiguous hallway and turned to look over my shoulder. Before I turned back around, Chloe grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me into what appeared to be a small surprisingly clean dressing room (Yes!) and pinned me up against the wall. “Not this time.” I growled, flipped her against the wall and kissed her heavily. My erect cock lay pressed between us. She buried her fingers in a mass of my hair while I slid her skirt up to her waist and lowered her thong to her ankle. Finding myself kneeling in front of her, I lightly bit into her thigh, brought one of her legs over my shoulder and kissed her freshly shaven mound. Her head rolled back, gasping. I slapped her ass and looked up at her. “All eyes on me, understand?”

Chloe looked like a startled child, but she kept her eyes on me. Yeah, the script was officially flipped!

Screw discretion. With my tongue between her soft thighs, licking and sucking, and kissing her clit, it was next to impossible to keep her quiet. The symphony had begun. My tongue and fingers gently extracted every shudder and moan she’d kept hidden from every man since we parted ways. They were mine. She was mine. There wasn’t a man on earth who could please her the way I could—her glassy down turned eyes said as much.

My finger danced until it found that delicious ever-so-sweet-spot that made her scale the walls with one hand and pull my hair with the other. I sucked and licked. Damn she was wet. Eyes on one another, her hips rolled slightly and buried my face exactly where she wanted it. I pulled back, not giving her the satisfaction of controlling the shots. If she was to cum it would be because I deemed it essential to my happiness, not hers. Considering the last blowjob she unleashed resulted in me bending a perfectly good bed frame, I reckoned this was payback.

When we’d established who was firmly in control, I went back to work evoking a whole new list of wondrous ballads from her. Fuck, she had me close to cumming! I pulled her mound onto my face and licked and slurped until she cried out, sending trickles of wetness down my hand. I buried myself in her. Who needs air when you have a face full of pussy? I licked and sucked…I did that little licky-sucky-twirly thing that always worked like magic where she was concerned. This time was no different. Her tummy tightened, air rushed from her lungs, and her pussy seized around my fingers. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue and begged her to cum on it.

She came in a way I’d never experienced with her. Hands in my hair…her head thrown back….she took a long gasping breath….her body went limp….she released a low primal groan….and thrashed wildly on my face. I had to catch her weakened body from falling to the floor, crushing me in its wake. On the floor, I held her in my arms and kissed face gently until she returned to earth.

That night, back at my apartment, was the first time we ever made love.