“Happy Halloween,” I smiled, shaking Mr. Matthews’s hand. “Thank you for the invitation.” Being invited to Mr. Samuel Matthews’s annual Happy Halloween party was nothing short of a miracle for a low ranking paper pusher like me. It also afforded me the rare pleasure of being seen with his wife in less official capacity.

“Glad to have you,” Mr. Matthews ushered me on to greet his wife. If he only knew.

Cami smiled brightly at me. “Happy Halloween,” I said, reaching for her.

“Happy Halloween, Jonathannnnnn,” she sang, pulling me close.

I was instantly intoxicated by her perfume and embrace. I regarded Cami as one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met. Closer to fifty than twenty; her body is not that of a fresh plucked young hottie, and her smooth butterscotch face now betrayed tiny laugh lines. Yet I lust mightily for her vine ripened beauty, her biting worldly intelligence and wit, and that playfully sexiness that comes only with age—and those laugh lines, I put those there. For five years, the tension between us grew untouched until last year when she discovered her husband’s indiscretion. Since then we’ve been together. I’m playing with fire, I know. I feel its burn every time I let her go. But, married or not, being without her isn’t an option.

Cami turned her face and brushed my lips with hers when I went to kiss her cheek—this was nothing compared to the casual brush she gave my crotch. Dangerous considering her husband was less than four feet away.

“Careful.” I warned softly. “Thank you for the invitation.” I said louder for propriety sake.

“I’m glad you made it.” Cami bubbled blithely, her bright eyes twinkles as she slipped past and whispered, “I’ve prepared a guestroom for you. Everything you need is in the bathroom. I’d like you to stay the night.”

Before I could reply, her hostess duties pulled her away. The evening wore on and Cami twirled through the crowd of worshipers with ease. Briefly, we connect only when she thought I was spending too much time engaged with unsuitable young women. Jealousy? No, jealousy has no place. Our chemistry is carnal, unchangeable. This was about advancement—chatting up the wrong person wasn’t going to fill my bank account. Cami acted as my navigation beacon.

The night went on and I stepped outside for a breather, Cami followed. Within minutes, we were kissing like teenagers on spring break.

“I need you to fuck me,” she said, her words slightly off kilter. She grabbed my face and shoved her tongue into my mouth. The obscenity, coming from her, was sexy as hell!

“I guess you liked it?” I laughed when we finally paused to catch our breath. I looked around, worrying that we’d been missed or seen.

“Liked it? I loved it!” she said, smiled coyly. “Sorry, I’ve missed you.”

“Don’t apologize. I’ve missed you,” I replied, kissing her concern away. “Will I get the chance to see you later?”

“All night,” she pressed her lips to my chest. “He’s leaving on a ‘business trip’ right after the party. I’ve told him you and a few other guests are staying the night.” She grinned wickedly. “I can’t have you driving all the way home, can I?”

I took her hands and kissed them. “Is he okay with it?”

Cami laughed. “He agrees to anything as long as I don’t ask him too many questions.”

“He not even trying to hide his infidelity, is he?”

“No, why should he? I don’t mind. I have you.” The back of her fingers brushed up and down my zipper.

“How do you want it, Cami?” I asked confident that I knew the answer. However, her whispered fantasy almost made me cum on the spot. I stood, slack-jawed, until she grabbed my face and kissed me hard.

“Think about it and let me know if it’s possible.” she walked towards the door.

“I will,” I said to her back. She turned, smiled, then went inside leaving me thunderstruck.

Inside, we exchanged anxious glances while waiting for the party to taper and Mr. Matthews to leave. I checked my watch and shrugged across the room to Cami. She arched her eyebrows, warning me not to leave. It was close to midnight; surely it would be over soon.

An hour later, I decided to make my move. I was about to take Cami by the hand, put her into the car, find somewhere abandoned and fuck her till she screamed for me to stop. I went to the bar, the last place I saw her. Instead, I found only empty liquor bottles and slightly pissed bartender. I looked around the house, searching for her without luck. I returned to the bar, and pensively staring blankly when I realized Mr. Matthews was also missing. I grabbed drink; the thought of his milky hands touching her sickens me. The party began petering out in his absence, and dispersed altogether upon him announcing his flight departure. Finally, he was gone, the house was clear, and the other overnight guests (none of which I knew. I assumed they were Mr. Matthews friends) and I took to our rooms. It wasn’t long before Cami entered and joined me in the bathroom where I stood towel-clad after a shower.

“Hi,” Cami wrapped her arms around me from behind while I finished brushing my teeth. Slowly, her hands reacquainted themselves with my abs and, eventually, my cock, sending it from a small campfire to a blistering earth-scorching inferno in seconds. We stood watching her stroke droplets of pre-cum from my head, then paint its tip. Repeatedly, she milked…repeatedly, I gave. “I want to you to fill me. Can you do that for me?” Her fingertip glided over my slick head. Her other hand, flat on my torso, pressed me back against her as she continued to stroke.

“Shit,” I moaned. Damn, she knew me well. I love watching her jerk me off while gutter-whispering in my ear. “Cami…”

“Don’t cum,” There was the faintest hint of a tongue on the back of my neck. “Did you miss me?” She stroked.

“Yes,” I watched her bronze hand milk my pale cock.

“Do you love me?”

“Of course,” I caught her eyes in the mirror and stopped her hand. “Why would you ask?”

She smiled but didn’t answer. “Show me. Give me what I want…if you can.”

“Will you think less of me if I do it?” I asked, arching my eyebrows.

“No. You’ll be as you are now: the sexiest, most trustworthy man I’ve ever known, although you are sleeping with a married woman.” We smiled at the irony of her statement but instinctively knew the truth; we were devoted, body and soul to one another and she’d never cared half as much for her husband.

“Come here,” I said, leading her to the bed. What I thought was a twinge of guilt (I was about to fuck my CEO’s wife in his home) wasn’t guilt. It was resolve—which only deepened as I undressed her, and leaned her back on the bed. I kissed and caressed her supple flesh, and took my position between her thighs. There was no beating around the bush. My lady had needs so, obligingly, I went to work. I cupped the undersides of her breasts and licked and sucked each nipple in time—circling with my thumb as I sucked—and circled as I sucked. Cami moaned softly and then again slightly louder as I brought my mouth down to her left nipple. I flicked slowly then faster and faster until she ran her hands through my hair and came. I licked her nipple with the flat wet tip on my tongue until she regained her senses. She lay pleased enough, but she hated cumming without some part of me inside of her. “Tongue?” I asked up at her.

Cami muttered “Oh God” or something fairly akin, and then flopped her head back on the pillow. I’ve spoiled her in that way. I tongued and teasingly licked her cum from her pussy lips, and pressed her stiffening clit secure in its hiding place. Cami was more aroused than usual…one or two more licks and she’d cum again. I reached around her legs and pulled her closer to me.

“Oh God, yessss,” she panted as I split her lips with my tongue and probed deeply, “Eat me. Suck me.” She gasped and ran her fingers through my hair as I licked. “No suck.” She urged. I lapped wetly at her clit. “Oh yeah!” She ground hard at my face.

Pulled away and said smugly, “I thought you wanted me to suck?” I pulled the hood of her clit back and sucked her incoherent. Nothing compares to the feel a woman going limp under your tongue. “Can I fuck you?” I asked, my words coming out as a disarming plea. Rather deceitful considering I was about to fuck the hell out of her.

“Oh God yeah,” she but screamed. I came to my knees and aligned myself over her. She quickly pulled my face to hers and licked her cum from my tongue and lips.

I slid inside of her more harshly than either of us expected. We both gasped at the pleasure but were keenly aware the effects would resonate in the morning. It was a price worth paying; it had been a month since we make love. Cami reached between us and rubbed circles on her clit, pressing it against my cock. Her eyes begged me for more—I gave her more, deeper, harder. The sound of her pussy squirting while I fucked sent her spiraling into another screaming orgasm. I thrust and thrust; harder, wetter, and faster but couldn’t get deep enough inside her to touch that one place we carefully avoid….but now, it was time.

I gripped her ass; she pulled me close and cooed in my ear, “Cum, baby. Cum inside of me.”

I came so hard, the sheer force made my balls ache. Over and over, I shook and sprayed. Oh shit, when would t stop!? Finally, wearily and quite empty, I collapsed and pulled Cami into my arms. I’d never felt so close to her as I did at that exact moment. “I love you.” I said after a while.

Cami turned over on her stomach and tapped her fingertips against my lips. “I love you.”

I looked into her eyes and asked the dreaded question which in due course signaled the end of every adulterous affair. “Now what?” Cami’s eyes went dark and serious. I steadied myself for the blow.

“Tomorrow, when Sam boards his plane, my lawyer will be waiting with divorce papers in hand. By the time he returns, the other guests, tradesmen I’ve hired, will have changed the locks.”

I scanned her face. She was serious, and I was struck mute.

“Sorry, I couldn’t tell before. I didn’t want you thinking you were the cause.” Cami shook her head. “This was about me and my needs. You’re an unexpected bonus.”

“Oh…wow,” Still, my words escaped me. She was finally mine…all of her, was finally mine. No more sneaking around. No more hushed conversations. No more anything. I hadn’t anticipated it yet here it was…and I was at a loss. I gently brought her lips to mine, kissed her then stopped. “Halloween?” I looked at her and almost burst out laughing. “Halloween? That’s going to be our anniversary? You couldn’t have waited until Christmas or Valentine’s Day?”

“No, I’m special like that.” Those tiny laugh lines appeared at the corners of her eyes. “Happy Halloween.” She kissed me.