Troy had not bothered to put anything on after showering. He did some quick push ups on the bathroom floor, so that his tanned skin strained across the ripples of his well defined pecks. He checked himself in the mirror one last time. His blue eyes searched his body for some imperfection that might interfere with what he had planned tonight. He had even shaved so she could not complain about his stubble irritating the sensitive skin between her thighs. And, he did plan on licking in between those wonderful thighs of hers. It had been far too long. His body was more than ready to stimulate and be stimulated. Tonight was the night. “Her ass is mine to night,” he whispered confidently over and over, like a mantra. He continued to say it until he entered the bed room. Allysia was already in bed. She had her back to him and the covers pulled up to her neck. She clung to her side of the bed as if there were this imaginary line he dare not cross.

“Oh, hell no!” Troy’s voice rumbled loudly through the room. He grabbed the covers and pulled them from the bed. That’s it, he thought. I’m not taking any more of this shit.

“What?…Troy!” Allysia stared at him like he had lost his mind.

“Damn it Allysia, this has gone on far too long,” he bellowed angrily. “It’s been over a month. I‘m a man…a real man. How long do you think I’m going to continue to put up with this Allysia! My patience is really thin right now!”

Allysia continued to watch him as he ran his hand over his short blond hair in frustration. He was attempting to calm down, but she did not care. She was not in the mood for this tonight. She was too tired and just wanted to sleep. She had sacrificed her entire day to his crazy family. Who did he think he was talking to like that? She grabbed his pillow and threw it at him. When the pillow hit him in the face, she cut into him like a knife.

“You can carry your ass to the couch. You selfish fucker. I’m trying to go to sleep and you come in here naked acting like the king of the damned jungle. What are you going to do Troy! Hit me on the head with your big-ass dick and make me fuck you. No! You need to get out of my face with that. Tonight you can jack off on the couch for all I care.”

Troy stood there with his hands on his hips. He looked down at the pillow for a moment and then looked back at his wife. His eyes were cold; his face was tight and drained of all color.

“Selfish,” he said with a misleading calmness, raising one eye brow. He seethed with a rage he was barely able to control. His jaw was set, teeth tightly clenched. Every muscle in his body was on alert. This was not something brought on just by this moment but was a culmination of moments, this being the last he would stomach. “Selfish?” His repetition of the word was not from a lack of understanding but full realization. That word, like no other, brought clarity. “I’m not sleeping any-damn-where but in my own fucking bed. You can sleep on your own overpriced piece-of-shit couch if you want to.” His voice was low and threatening. “Tonight, I’m not leaving this damn room.”

“Over priced! Is that all you think about--money and sex! You ass hole! Don’t bother, I’ll go,” Allysia spit out, grabbing her pillow and marching off.

Troy had never laid his hands on Allysia in an act of anger. He knew that he was too big even to play too roughly with her. Allysia had never had any reason to think he would ever hurt her. When she felt him grab her arm and forcefully swing her back into the bed, she actually felt an instance of fear. My God, she thought. She had never seen him so…angry. The scary part was that he was not complaining or muttering to himself, which was the norm when she lost her temper or he lost his. He usually chose to exit on his own, choosing the couch over confrontation. Tonight, he had an alarming stillness about him.

However, Allysia was not one to be easily intimidated. She was a Brooklyn girl at heart. No one was going to push her around, not even Troy’s big ass.

She looked him directly in his eyes. “If you ever do that again…I’ll….I’ll…”

“You’ll what Allysia,” he growled, stepping forward closing what little space there was between them. “What will you do?”

He had thrown her off balance mentally with the way he was reacting. Allysia could not think with him so close. His heavily muscled chest was in her face blocking out every thing else. His blue eyes were cold and dangerous, foreign. For the first time in the six years that they had been married, it occurred to her that he might just hurt her. It made her heart begin to pound violently.

She began to stutter. “Troy…I…I’m…not pla…playing with you.”

His strong arm snaked around her back and jerked her up into him, lifting her off her feet. Allysia immediately started hitting his chest. When he ignored her attempts to struggle against him, she started slapping him hard across the face and frantically kicking her legs. It only made him press his powerful nakedness against her tighter. With his other hand, he grabbed her by the hair forcing her head back.

“What are you going to do to me Allysia,” he whispered gruffly into her lips before forcing her to kiss him.

Allysia tried moving her head side to side but she was only causing herself pain. He had such a tight grip on her hair. He had never pulled on her hair before. When he kissed her, forcing her lips apart, she bit his tongue.

“Damn,” Troy spit out, throwing her across the bed.

Allysia landed on her back. On her elbows she began to crawl backwards, moving away from him. Troy latched on to one of her ankles and dragged her back toward him as if she were a mere sack of potatoes. She wore an old college t-shirt of Troy’s. Troy hated it because it fit her beautiful body like an old lady’s house-dress, hiding everything. But when he dragged her across the bed, the tee was pulled up and he could see the smooth skin of her torso and the tiny cotton panties she wore. Allysia was far from petite, but nothing when compared to Troy‘s six foot six brawniness. At five eleven with four years of strength training under her belt, she was a pretty strong girl. Troy had always admired and loved her strong long legs. She was now using them to assault him, kicking and cursing. He did not have to expend much effort to get what he wanted. It was as if he could calculate her every move. He grabbed both her ankles and spread those long legs apart. Then he jerked her body closer to him and swiftly snatched her panties. Of course she attempted to get away from him once he released her ankles, which worked to his advantage. As she pulled herself away, her panties were easily slid down her legs. Angry and unable to get the upper hand, Allysia turned over and began to crawl away.

To Troy, it was the perfect move. Her round ass was now bare and up in the air. For a large man he moved quickly. With one knee on the bed, purposefully placed between her legs, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her hard against his groin. His cock was rock hard and the feel of her ass against it made even more blood rush to its already sensitive head. Allysia could feel it too. With his size and girth, it was not an easy thing to ignore. Her husband was hung like a horse. She was sweaty and her pussy was pulsating. Fighting him was exhausting, but blood was pumping through her veins like never before. She was so turned on.

“Fuck you Troy,” she yelled, angrier at herself than him.

“Let’s,” Troy said, fitting his other knee between her legs, spreading them wider.

Allysia struggled for a moment, but he was not budging. On her knees now, she still tried to pull away but his arms were held her firm. Finally she rose up so that her back was to his chests. Her breathing was loud and frantic. As always when they were close like this she was aware of his size and solidness. Every part of Troy was defined strength and warmth. She placed her hands on top of his, thinking he would slacken his grip if she showed some sign of submission. She was not prepared for the way her body betrayed her. When Troy slid his hand up her torso and palmed her breast, she emitted a small sound that could not be mistaken for anything else but arousal. His hand kneaded her breast. While tweaking her nipple’s hard pebble between thumb and forefinger, his other hand slid down to the meeting of her thighs. Her small hands rode atop his the whole time. He loved the way the soft, silky curls of her mound felt against the palm of his hand. He liked his pussy neat but not bare.

She knew this and always kept it perfect for him. But damn, he had to work so hard for it. He gave her everything she wanted, often times without even being asked for it. All he wanted was this. All he wanted was her. It was always her. She drove him crazy and he wanted her so bad. His finger found her slit and expertly began to work his magic on her hungry clit. It had grown solid just waiting for his touch. He did not even have to dip his finger into her; her pussy was so soaked her clit was already drenched. She arched her back and moaned. It had been much too long. He worked two of his fingers in her and slid them upward, slightly hooking them so that the meaty flesh at the tips of his fingers hit that spot. He touched it just enough to get the reaction he wanted. Her body reacted immediately and Troy knew that there would be no more resistance. Her pussy clamored at his hand. It always amazed him how tight she was. He had been there for TJ’s delivery but her pussy tightened around his finger like a virgin‘s.

Her moan was guttural.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he said roughly.

“Oh Troy yes,” she whimpered in surrender, turning her head so that her lips could find his. Loving the feel of his fingers working her pussy, she ground her ass into him. She raised her arms, grabbing at his hair in surrender. Troy avoided her lips, letting them fall along his jaw and neck. Now the bitch was hungry for him. She was going to have to pay for the tongue biting shit. He was just not sure how yet.

“Ask me,” he demanded. “Beg!”

“Troy please,” she said breathless, “fuck me.”

“Bend over,” he commanded and she lowered herself so that she rested on her palms. “Lower,” he told her. She moved to her elbows, forcing her ass higher.

With his legs he spread hers even wider. Placing his large hands on her ass, he spread her cheeks. He played with her slapping his big dick on her ass. The view was like heaven to him.

“Please Troy,” she begged.

With that, he jammed himself into her and pistoned in and out of her with an animalistic force, driving her face into the bed. With his size he had always tried to be so careful with her and he knew he was probably hurting her, but he did not care. For once he was being SELFISH and claiming what he felt was his due. There was no mercy in how he took her. She was so wet and felt so unbelievably good. Her pussy was so hot and desperately gripping his dick. He knew her body better than she knew herself. He could tell she was about to come. He could feel it building within her. She whimpered and called out his name. Although he loved the way his dick looked slamming into her dripping pussy, the slap of flesh slamming into flesh, he had a point to make. Damn it. It was no fair that her pussy felt better than it ever had. Or, it had been so long since he had any, he had just forgotten what it felt like. Anger overtook him once more. This was not going to be about her. This fuck was about him for a change. Selfish!

Troy pulled out. Let her come by her own damn self.

“Troy,” she cried out, turning her head to try and see what was happening.

He fisted his own penis, squeezing it as he ran his hand up and down. Growling at that familiar feeling, he shot out his creamy white liquid across her back. It shot so far up that some managed to hit the edge of the tattered t-shirt pulled up her back. Troy shook himself off, then climbed off the bed and grabbed his pillow off the floor.

“Now that I jacked myself off,” he said sarcastically, “I can go sleep my ass on the couch.” He slammed the door behind him.

Allysia could not believe this. He just left her! Not like this!

“You’re just like your fucking brother,” she screamed.

Troy stopped cold in his footsteps. It took every ounce of control in his body not to march back in that room and drag her ass out of that bed and out the front door. The anger she induced in him was mind-boggling. The difference between him and Ian was that he had bothered to marry her ass. For the very first time he was beginning to doubt the soundness of that decision. The only thing that bitch ever gave him was his son. If it was not for that…