“I need you once more before I go.”

I shiver at the sound of his voice whispering in my ear, as his hand travels from its place on my hip, to the still sensitive flesh between my legs. I arch into him, and sigh with contentment, as he places light kisses along the slope of my neck. Purring as he strokes me softly, I have never known such bliss except when his hands and lips are upon me.

“Open for me.”

His voice is husky with passion unspent and my body awakens at the promise of pleasure. Lifting my leg, I can feel him hard and heavy from behind. He has had me all night, and as the first rays of sunshine peek through my curtained window, I know I will give him more. I am always hungry for him and as he feeds himself into me, one delicious inch at a time, I hope that I will never be truly fed.

“Yes,” I hiss as he picks up his pace.

We are a sexual spoon pressed tightly together, skin upon skin, sweat and heat. My heart is beating like the erratic wings of a humming bird, so fast, so free. His hand cups my breast and I wonder if he can feel it, my heart, which he holds so tenuously in his hand. My heart, the usually fickle organ, has placed its faith in his ability to keep it safe.

“You feel so good.”

In the past, with others, these whispered words spoken while they were so deep inside of me were cliché and tawdry, but with him, only with him, they have meaning. I feel good, and he feels good as he dips low and lifts up, and I am…


My scream is primal in its intensity and I revel in the feel of letting go. He is still moving inside me, reaching for his own release, and I ride it as he rides me. It is in these final moments when he let goes, when his tightly controlled thrusts become unfocused, when his hands and mouth seek purchase of my body, and claim it, that is special to us. He moans, and I arch, and he thrusts, and I push, and he is…

“Coming…” He growls into my ear.

The only sounds now are our panting breaths and beating hearts. He nustles my neck as he holds me close. I look at the clock and see time is quickly slipping away, and he will have to leave, but right now I want to savor this moment and not worry about what the future will bring.

“I have to go,” he whispers, drawing little circles on my stomach.

“I know.”

Because I do, it is a truth that cannot be avoided and we are silent as the weight of it settles in. So we let the heat of our bodies warm us, as the cold of reality tries to find its way in. I am content, and drowsy, and ready to fall back asleep when…

“I need you once more before I go.”