Ray adjusted himself on Santa’s lap straddling his legs so that Santa’s cock jaunted up before him. Ray continued to stroke Santa’s delicious brown cock as he addressed Dex.

“Since when is it ‘Ray’, Dexter? Let’s not put on airs just because we have a guest. You have been calling me Daddy all night; I see no reason to change that now. Santa knows when you’ve been good or bad.”

Dexter lowered his eyes. “Yes, Daddy. I was just wondering—“

“I know what you were wondering, Dex. Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Ray said shaking his head. “What have we talked about time and time again, Dex?” Ray said, nodding towards Dexter’s cock. “When you are in my presence you are to be hard and ready at all times. What if I wanted you to fuck me while Santa watched us? In your present state that would not be possible, would it?” Although Ray’s voice had a chastising edge to it, Dex’s cock jumped in his hand and a shiver of anticipation shot through him.

“No, Daddy, it wouldn’t.”

“I suppose I will have to do something about that if we are going to make use of Santa’s arrival,” Ray said. “And you will be punished for that, too,” he added as he released Santa’s cock and stood.

Ray dropped his pajama pants to his ankles, positioned his ass over Santa’s cock, and eased the rock hard member in. He and Santa moaned loudly, drowning out the softly playing Dance of the Sugar Plum Faeries coming from an ornament on the tree. Once he was lowered and rocking seductively in Santa’s lap, he spoke to Dex again.

“Come here, baby,” he called to Dex on a moan. Dexter came immediately. “You been a good boy, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I know you have. Let Daddy suck that cock of yours. I know you been wanting that all night. Haven’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Dex barely got the words out before Ray engulfed his straining member with his hot wet mouth. “Oh!”
Ray rocked back and forth on Santa’s rock hard cock and sucked hungrily on his young lover. Santa, Dex and Ray’s moans intertwined together blending as one. Ray’s moans sent erotic shivers through Dex’s body, each one bringing him closer and closer to erupting.

“Daddy, damn, that feel’s good. You give the best blow jobs,” Dex said panting trying to grip Ray’s salt and pepper crew cut. Ray moaned loudly in response. He lifted his face from Dex’s cock and stroked it with his hand instead. With his other hand, he gripped Santa’s heavily muscled thigh.

“Shit! Dex, baby, you have to feel this cock. It is incredible.” Ray let out a low animalistic growl as he grinded his ass onto Santa’s lap.\
“Oh yes, but I want to suck your cock first.” Ray gave him a knowing grin. “Yes, that’s because you are a good boy and you know exactly what to say.” Ray released Dex’s cock and grabbed hold of Santa’s other thigh for balance. “Come on, baby, come suck on Big Daddy’s cock while I ride Santa’s big dick.”

Dexter fell to his knees instantly and took Ray’s cock into his mouth with a groan. Santa held on to Ray’s waist moving him where he wanted, moaning loudly to the ceiling.“I know you’ve been waiting, but see the reward of your patience, Dex?” Dex made a positive noise on his cock. “You are doing well, baby. I am proud of you. Yes,” Ray hissed as he bounced and rocked in Santa’s lap. “Shit! Suck it faster, Dex. I’m about to give you your first gift of the night.”

Dex did as he was told sucking on the bright ruby tip of Ray’s cock playing with his nuts as he did so. Ray’s moans turned him on so much. It made him feel so good to know he could please his man. He wanted to come so bad, but he knew Ray wanted to see Santa fuck him so he couldn’t. It wasn’t his turn. Ray’s grip on Dex’s short, sandy brown hair tightened and Dex gripped Ray’s cock to swirl his tongue around the tight skin of his swollen head. It was Ray’s undoing.

Ray let out a long drawn out moan as he shot his load to the back of his lover’s throat and pressed
down hard, pushing as much of Santa’s cock into his ass as he could. Dex sat back on his knees stroking his cock as he licked his lips. Ray waited until his breathing was back to normal before he stood andturned toward Santa.
“So Santa, do you have enough time to hang around for a minute and
play with my sweet little Dexter?”