IRE Scoville Scale: Sinfully Satisfying

Santa’s laugh was far from his known ‘ho-ho-ho’, but it did have joy in it. “If I can stay up all night delivering Christmas gifts to good little children around the world, surely I have enough time and strength to fuck the both of you.”

Santa’s voice was deep and silky sending waves of sensual vibrations down Dex’s back. He watched as Santa kicked the pants from around his ankles and then reached down to yank the glittery white cloth from underneath the tree. He walked to the fireplace wearing only his hat and jacket as the lights from the tree flickered teasingly across his tight muscular butt. Lowering himself onto the carpet, he spread out the cloth and discarded his red velvet coat.

“Have you been a good boy, Dexter?” he asked stroking his cock.

Dex nodded. “Yes, Santa, I have been very good.”

“Are you a good lay, too?”

The carnal question made Dex’s cock bob in his hand and a shiver run down his back. He looked up at Ray for confirmation and his daddy smiled. “Oh yes, I am very good,” he answered, turning his attention back to Santa.

“Then come ride Santa’s cock with that tight little ass of yours.”

Santa lay back on top of the tree skirt in front of the roaring fire. The light of the dancing flames made his dark skin glow like polished copper. Hundreds of Christmas cards with Santa laid out by a fire, funny cards and sexy cards flashed through Dex’s mind, but none of them could hold a candle to how good this particular dark, delicious Santa looked. Dex didn’t hesitate to answer his call. He wanted more than anything to ride Santa’s cock with his tight ass and so did his daddy. He straddled Santa’s lap pressing his hands to his broad shoulders for leverage. Leaning forward he let Santa position his cock in place, and then he pressed down until it disappeared inside of him.
His eyes closed as he planted his knees on the carpet and rocked slowly back and forth over the bulging head. Dex pressed his lips together to muffle a moan. His face was twisted in obvious pleasure. Still gripping Santa’s shoulders, Dex bounced his ass over the thick cock, arching his back with rhythmic thrusts of his hips, bringing both of them optimal pleasure. Santa grasped his hips and slammed his small frame onto his cock easily.

“Shit! He works you like this every night?” Santa asked Ray.

Ray let out a lusty laugh and came closer to them. “As often as I let him.”

It took Santa a few minutes to ask his next question as he was caught in Dex’s sexual web. “No offense, but aren’t you a little old for this sweet young thang to be fucking you like this?”

Ray laughed again as he ran his fingers lovingly through Dex’s hair as he continued to work Santa into a frenzy. “Probably, but what better way to go, eh?”

Ray kneeled down beside his young lover and kissed his ear. “You’re making your Daddy very proud, Dex. Look over on the wall. Can you see how sexy you look fucking Santa? The muscles in your back are tight and rippling, they shine with the colors of the tree from your exertion. Mmm,” he said as he ran his hand across Dex’s back and then he smacked his ass with a loud slap. “Bounce that ass baby, make him come.”

The words vibrated through Dex’s body and he pounded on Santa’s cock even more.
“Oh shit! Damn, you are a good boy, Dex!”

Ray’s voice was still in Dex’s ear. “Yes, my sweet little Dex is so sexy. I like to watch you fuck other people baby. I like it when everyone knows that you’re a good lay because you’re all mine. You're my good lay and you like making your daddy happy, don’t you baby?” Ray asked putting a kiss on Dex’s ear.

“Yes, Daddy,” Dex answered on a groan.

“That’s good, baby. Santa’s going to come soon. Lean back so I can suck your cock and you can come with him.”