I'm plotting the third installment, and as many of you know, this story has the ability to go in sooo many directions. This is why I'm making this into a novel.  ; ) Of course, the characters will be different, and so will the setting. It may even take place in a different century. For me, I'm enjoying writing about the fine line between love and hate, and as I stated in the first installment, this isn't your normal erotic romance story.

It's funny how some of my free reads evolve into novellas. There is just something intriguing to me as I write this. I've been hit with so many ideas, its impossible for me not to ignore my muse.
Everything you've read in these first two installments are just the icing on the cake, short summaries of my other version of this story.

Now, part 3 calls for some input with you readers. I'm asking you, should this story end as a HEA, a HFN, or something tragic? I'm curious to know how you would like to see this story play out. Opinions matters to me, and are greatly appreciated.