Happy Labor Day weekend folks!

I started writing this story back in January of this year for an anthology that had caught my attention. The call was for stories involving people with disabilities, and this was how my characters, Diane and Ethan were born. When I read Phaze's guidelines, I noticed the deadline was a month away. Needless to say, with juggling deadlines for my current publishers, I didn't make the time to enter this anthology, so I kept it as a free read and added some paragraphs when time permitted.

Unlike Vampire's Plaything, Blind Passion will have a HEA, and is more of a sweet, sensual, erotic story.
Diane is a receptionist who meets Ethan in a cafe in Baltimore, MD during her lunch hour. Ethan introduces himself, and the attraction is instant. Actually, Ethan noticed her days before, but finally summoned the courage to approach her. 

Part 2 has been completed for well over a month, but, I've tweaked it quite a few times. I try to read and re-read my stories before submitting because sometimes, there is that teensy weensy typo you don't catch. Then, when you set down to read the story at a later date, you find that little typo, laughing, almost mocking you. Ha Ha, didn't catch me!!    LOL  : 0

Anyway, I plan to submit the second installment once I read through again, tweak some more and have written a good portion of part 3.

I hope you all will enjoy Blind Passion, have a Blessed Holiday Weekend!!