What is The Hellfire Club?
By definition, Hellfire Clubs were exclusive clubs for high society rakes…which, for the most part, is exactly what our Hellfire Club is. The bit "high society" bit is still in question. 

What’s Behind The Hellfire Door?
I created The Hellfire Club to house the racier custom story request as well as my Kinker tales and images which may shock some readers*. This area has restricted access for those very reasons.

How Do I Become A Hellfire Member?
Simple. Send an email to the address below. Be sure to type “THC REQUEST” in all caps in the subject line so your request goes into the correct folder. The password will be changed regularly to prevent it being leaked to those uninvited.

How Much Does A Membership Cost?
Zero dollars and zero cents…but feel free to pick up one or all of our books. I’m sure the authors on the site would love you for it. :)

Who Writes For Hellfire?
All of the writers on IRE are welcome to write for The Club. We will also have the occasional guest writer.

Who Are Hellfire Members?
None of your damn business! Everyone’s identity is safely tucked away. No one (unless they choose to disclose themselves) is made public….EVER! What happens in Hellfire stays in Hellfire.

How Often Will New Stories Be Added?
When the mood strikes. *Shrugs*

How Do I Make A Story Request?
Email me as you would a regular request, and specify the category as THC

*The stories containing racier images will not appear under “Featured Articles” on the launch page however they will be available on under the category itself. Again, this is done to avoid shocking the pants off some readers.

Email request to: [email protected]. You should receive the password within minutes…you’re also welcome to ping me on FB if you don't receive one in a timely fashion. My admin or I will get you sorted.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Hellfire Club!