My second menage book, Of Wolf's Blood Book one of the Vampire Domination Series will leave you panting for more; and of course there is more to cum....

Author: Charisma Knight
Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Paranormal/Menage/IR Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 8th


In an effort to escape her sister's sadistic lust for power and her clan's dark family curse, Simone retreats into the world of the vampire for survival purposes. While dwelling within the coven, she meets her vampire mates Sax and Lucius. Eventually, coven law requires them to turn her vampire.

There's just one little problem. Her mates are unaware of Simone's true nature. How will Simone survive the vampires discovering her identity--especially when others of her kind have been enemies of Steeleheart Coven for centuries? Furthermore, can she escape her sister's clutches and avoid embracing the dark destiny of her clan?


Simone ducked just in time to dodge her sister’s blow to the jaw. Seeing an opening, she delivered a powerful punch to Selena’s midsection, which knocked the woman against a large tree, almost splitting it in half.

“You cannot escape your destiny, Simone. I won’t allow it!” Selena rose and huffed in a fit of anger, and her breath formed billowy puffs in the crisp night air. “How can you deny us? You’re nothing more than a traitor!”

“I’m not like you—or the others,” Simone bit out. She watched as her twin sister’s chest heaved uncontrollably. Selena’s body shook in pure anger, and the evil vibrations emanating from her were almost too much for Simone’s psyche to endure. She pitied her sister. The black aura surrounding her was proof of her allegiance with darkness. She could barely stand to be in the midst of her clan because of their greed and insatiable lust for power; therefore, she always knew when a clan member was near. The tingling sensation up and down her spine was a warning.

Every member had to face the inevitable—forced to choose between good and evil in their twenty-first year. Those with pure hearts who were strong enough to withstand the temptation were killed by clan members who willingly turned their lives over to the dark side. This last feat was to prove worthy of darkness, by taking a pure life. Along with this choice also came the horrific physical transformation.

“Let me go, Selena! This isn’t what I want! Why can’t you see that, or are you too far gone? By the gods, I’m your sister!”

Selena pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes. “Yes, we are sisters. We are like Fire and Water!” She glowered at Simone momentarily. “I want you to rule by my side and conquer those who are weak, even those who are strong, but I will need all resources. That’s where you come in, Sis! I cannot do this without you!”

Simone shook her head. “I wish to coexist outside the clan. I want a normal life, not one such as this!”

A horrific smile curved Selena’s lips. “Think about it! Paranormal creatures no longer have to live among the humans! We are free to show our true nature! The vampires dominate the humans; why can’t we?” Selena’s eyes darkened. “Together, we can wipe out the top covens, and I’ll show you power you’ve never known!”

She paused before speaking. “You have my answer. I will speak no more of this madness.” Simone chose her fighting stance. “We’ll fight to the death.” She felt the wind shift as loneliness and anger permeated the atmosphere. Selena threw her head back and screamed in the night, in a fit of rage.

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