It’s no secret, I’m a huge Misfits fan. I’ve actually joined Misfits discussion groups as a way of funneling more Misfits into my diet.

Participating in these groups is a lot of fun because you pickup on interesting bits you missed such as the famous ‘thes’ misspelling on Simon’s computer and you also dive into the plots, subplots, and conspiracy theories.

Everyone is trying to untangle last season especially since Nathan (Robert Sheehan) isn’t returning to the show.

In walks Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) as the new member of the gang. No one knows what his power will be—in fact, no one knows what new powers anyone will have since they sold them wholesale during the Christmas episode.

Rudy (Joseph Gilgun)

Conspiracy theorists wager Nathan, who was once immortal, is killed while trying to save Rudy which is why he’s welcomed into the notoriously private flock*. However, another twist is Rudy being a plant sent by Future Simon (FS) to continue protecting the group after his death.

My reason for believing this theory is based on two things: First, the guy on the bike who rescued Nathan from the moral police wasn’t FS. Second, he wasn’t the guy who flipped the power switch which made it possible for FS to rescue Curtis on the episode with the shape-shifter. I think Rudy was FS’s helper.

The guy on the bike

Superpower speculation:
Their superpowers were given to them for a reason—it was meant to teach them something or make them better people.

Simon (Iwan Rheon): Invisibility because he often felt invisible. The more he was able to control his power, the less he needed it and the more confident he became.

Alisha (Antonia Thomas): Sent anyone who touched her skin into a sexual frenzy. She was given this power because she believed her looks gave her a free pass to treat others like garbage. Her inability to be touched forced her to develop more meaningful relationships.

Kelly (Lauren Socha): Telepathy and empathy because much of her tough girl personality stemmed from her belief people were judging her. Being able to hear their thoughts softened her shell and she learned others loved her just the way she was.

Nathan (Robert Sheehan): Immortality and the ability to interact with the recently deceased because he was a self-centered twat and took others for granted even though underneath he had a heart of gold. His power made him see what was important.

Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett): Could undo his mistakes and/or save others from demise by rewinding time when he experienced genuine regret and remorse. This came from his dashed dreams of going to the Olympics because a drug deal gone bad which landed his then girlfriend Sam in the clink.

Since these powers are effectively gone, everyone is speculating what their new powers will be. Even though Alisha told Simon that FS told her that they were supposed to sell their powers, Simon didn’t look terribly convinced and we didn’t actually see him sell them which leads me to believe that, although Simon went to see the guy buying everyone’s powers, he didn't sells his.

Besides, the disappointment on his face when Alisha told him the truth was palpable. This lie will cause problems in their relationship and he won’t blindly trust her going forward.

As for the others, it’s a toss up. I’m clueless. I wouldn’t know where to begin since their old powers were sold to others and, since they’ve grown as people, are surplus to requirements and have served their purpose.

Future Simon (FS) is so hot!

Going forward:
Curtis and Simon, who demonstrated their trustworthiness in the last seasons, will lead the pack. Kelly will continue to be the muscle of the group. Save when she shouted, “He’s not allowed to die!” when Nathan died at the end of season one, she’s such a good actress.

Since Alisha broke the “You can’t tell Simon who I am” promise she made to FS, things will be strained between them as Simon insecurities about not measuring up to FS will come to the surface. It broke my heart when Simon said, “You’ll always love him more than you love me.” Alisha better not hurt him!!!

I think someone will die because FS looked mighty distressed when Alisha asked if something bad happened to them in the future. He only answered, “I'm not going to let that happen.” when she asked if she died. Whether his look of distress was due to his knowledge of Nathan’s death is hotly debated.

Another theory surrounding Nathan’s death goes back Nikki (Curtis’s girlfriend who was killed in the Christmas episode) and Marnie (Nathan’s girlfriend). Many think he gave his life for one of them but I doubt it. It doesn’t make sense.


Useless knowledge:
Filming FS was tricky since Iwan Rheon was required to keep his weight down while filming as regular Simon. As a result, they filmed most of season two out of sequence and/or used slimming clothing. After that Iwan’s weight restriction was lifted and he returned to his natural weight—FS’s size.

Lauren Socha is the younger sister of actor Michael Socha, known for his roles in This Is England '86 and Being Human. In May 2011 she won a Best Supporting Actress BAFTA for her role in Misfits.

Robert Sheehan is the only cast member who isn’t a formally trained actor however he has earned the most award nominations.

Iwan Rheon is a graduate of the renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He is also the most decorated cast member; on stage and off.

Antonia Thomas is an award-winning poet.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett is a classically trained stage actor and Misfits is his first long-term work away from the stage.

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* Remember what happened to poor Ollie? They treated him like crap then he got his head blown off and no one cared. Ha!