Yesterday, Zora hosted a French Society luncheon at the house. There were about twenty people including their children.

BC sought out the only little Black girl and made her his girlfriend. In fantasy land, this is a “Awww! How cute!” gesture—but we’re in the real world. BC loves Black hair especially braids. He calls them snakes.

The love birds quickly ditched the rest of the children and snuck off to play by themselves. They pushed each other around in boxes, built an obstacle course in the hallway, played Simon under the dining table, made snow cones, and fed the animals.

For BC, this is a huge milestone. Sometimes it takes a while for him to warm to new people. Not the case with this little girl. They hit it off immediately so we weren’t surprised when he asked if she could come back tomorrow (today) to make brownies. Of course, we agreed and they left.

All evening, he kept referring to her as his girlfriend. When asked his definition of a girlfriend, he answered: a girl who doesn’t mess with stuff—she’s nice and doesn’t chew with her mouth open.

Oh yeah! My boy has high standards.