Hiya Gang,

I've been hella busy these last few days. Yeah, I was supposed to take some time off but my brain nor my lit group wouldn't allow that.

I've written a one-off entitled "The One". Actually, I wasn't going to post it at all since it was a suggested 'Ugly Duckling' exercise from one of the writers in our group.

My hero is the ugly duckling because I'm sick of reading about angst-ridden heroines. Guys go through their "less pleasant" stage also so why aren't there more stories depicting their insecurities - let's see how it changes them.

Chris Evans was my muse* because he's the epitome of an ugly duckling. He doesn't appeal to everyone and he suffers from crippling modesty. No, seriously, he's sudden celebrity triggers panic attacks.

Anyway, the story is being edited. I hope to have it up this weekend. Kisses!

Weird Dancing Chris...

*That's right, Captain America!

My sister in-law informed me that there wasn't nearly enough Captain America in this post so here you go...gratuitous Captain America. *smdh*