I promised my girlfriend I'd post this article earlier this week but never got around to it. Seriously, are people STILL doing this mess?

I have bad pictures from back in the day. Lawd! They're beyond horrible! Remember basket weave braids? My best friend and I had matching hair, clothes, and jewelry.

Why didn't our moms stop us?

In one of the more troubling shots, we're wearing matching biker shorts (teal/black), Bart Simpson tee-shirts, and snow white British Knights with gold socks.

Mom!?!? What the hell??!!

Anyway, enjoy the article.

10 Popular Photo Poses That Need To Be Retired
Written by Winona Dimeo-Ediger

Thanks to Facebook we’re all looking at photos of our friends and family pretty much constantly. In some ways, this has made people better at taking and posing for photos — most of us know which side is our good side and which activities we probably shouldn’t document online — but it’s also highlighted some really awkward and annoying poses that, for whatever reason, are still going strong. Here are 10 popular photo poses we totally wouldn’t miss (full disclosure: I’m totally guilty of every single one of these).

Feel free to add your own nominations in the comments!

1. The Fake Candid. Where you’re pretending not to be paying attention to the camera and posing, but you totally are. In fact, often you’re the one holding the camera.

2. The “Will You Set Down That Tray Of Sizzling Fajitas And Take Our Picture?” Picture. Having the server take your picture at a restaurant always seems like a really good idea, until you see the results and realize the lighting is weird, everyone’s bloated, and whoever was sitting closest to the camera looks like a giant.

3. The Serial Killer Stare. So many guys on dating sites post pictures of themselves not only not smiling, but doing a straight-up serial killer vacant stare. It’s not cool or deep. It’s creepy.

4. The Prune. A few years ago Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen revealed that they achieved their signature pout by saying “prune” while being photographed, and the trend caught on. Let’s stick with “cheese,” shall we?

5. The Super Close-Up. I’m never sure what the rationale is behind this one, but it’s really only useful if you want a dermatologist to examine your pores.

6. The “We’re Having A Partaaaay!” Picture. Where you are pretending to have a kick-ass time at a party or event, whether or not you actually are. Usually accompanied by a “Woo!” sound effect.

7. The Pensive Portrait. Where someone else takes a picture of you staring off in the distance at the scenery and you try really hard to look “pensive” or “contemplative” but just end up looking stoned.

8. The Thug Life Picture. Almost always involves throwing fake gang signs. Always perpetrated by people who have never been anywhere near an actual gang.

9. The Myspace Pic. The self-portraits-in-the-bathroom-mirror epidemic began sometime around 2002 and is still going strong despite Myspace’s downfall. Please make it end.

10. Duckface. This is self-explanatory, right?

What other poses would you add to the list?

My add...The classic kneeling pose. Don't pretend you haven't pulled this one out of the bag!