Deborah's senses tingled as she witnessed the man with sandy blond collar length hair stroll into the room. To her, he appeared to glide as he carefully weaved his way in between writhing bodies and found a dark corner to observe the happenings of the office party.

Immediately, his eyes fell upon her. A shiver caressed her body, and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

It was as though he called to her. Every move he made drew her near, piquing her curiosity, dulling her senses more than the wine she drank, and lowering her defenses. His gaze sliced through her, causing her to feel as though she were encased in an invisible tomb.

Deborah's breathing labored as the muscles within her stomach coiled. Her core clenched, and dripped with moisture. A moan escaped her lips as her nipples tingled and lengthened as they pressed hard against her lace bra.

Her head began to spin, and she braced herself against the wall. Her heart raced as electrifying currents danced over her skin.

An invisible, overbearing weight pressed against her, and she yearned to cry out for help. Fear set in as she realized no one gave her a second glance. For a few moments, she was separated from the entire crowd.

A gasp escaped her lips as she realized she’d been denied the ability to move. Soon, pleasure embraced her as invisible hands explored her breasts. Her nipples grew erect, against the lace material of her bra, and she tried to scream, but could not. As though to chastise her, unseen fingers squeezed her aching nipples, and she closed her eyes.

Whatever this force was, she knew there was no choice but to surrender, wholeheartedly. Her heart slammed against her ribcage as a hand lifted her skirt and wove its way inside her panties.

She heard her own moans as hot cream flooded her black lace thong while the other hand rested upon her throat. A finger lightly stroked her slickened clitoris, sinking deep into her drenched crevice a few times. She shuddered as the intense climax hit her like a locomotive, coursing along at one hundred miles an hour.

Although no one paid attention, the heat of embarrassment caressed her face as the last waves of her orgasm filtered through her wanton body.

Either this was some twisted wet dream, or she was drunk as a skunk. Maybe, one of the guys were playing a sick joke on her. Deborah wrestled with so many explanations, and settled on nothing.

Suddenly, the weight lifted from her body, allowing her some movement, but only for a few blessed seconds. The moment she tried to leave, the force pressed hard against her, pinning Deborah against the wall once more.

There was no one within close proximity of her at the moment, and the urge to retaliate was powerful. Whoever was doing this to her was damn lucky she was incoherent, or their nuts would have been served to them on one of those silver platters. Well, perhaps once she was freed. Perhaps she was going crazy, there just was no other reliable explanation. Then, she heard a voice within her head.

"Later in the evening, we shall be alone. You will be all mine. A man’s stern face flashed in her mind, like lightening across the heavens.

“You did not see me, I was never here. You shall remember nothing, until we meet again." Moving away from the wall, Deborah shook her head and drifted over to the corner, not too far away from the assortment of fine wines. Holding her head in her hand, she took in a few deep breaths until the dizziness subsided and her breathing returned to normal. Blinking, she looked around the room, searching for....For the life of her, she couldn't remember what had happened several moments ago. It was as though her mind were a blank.

Suddenly, appeasing thoughts of wringing her cousin's neck danced within her head. She really didn't want to be here. Two hours had passed since they arrived, and that seemed to drag. Deborah looked around the room, but Melissa was nowhere to be found. She became bored of mingling with those who were somewhat sober, like herself.

Deborah’s mind drifted to her drenched thongs. Had she gotten busy with someone after a few shots of tequila and some wine? Why the hell was she so aroused?

Impatiently, she made her way across the room where hors d ouevres and other appealing foods were located. With her mouth watering, Deborah picked up a small plate and collected a few raw veggies along with some blue cheese dressing. Raging hunger dug at her insides as she nibbled on broccoli, celery, and carrot sticks. The next table possessed thin slices of roast beef and other enticing meats that the food servers had displayed. That would be next on her list. Every time she drank, she craved meat. As she ate, she carried on interesting conversation with a few others who worked in her finance department, until she grew tired of the crowd.

Seeking refuge, the desire to be alone overwhelmed Deborah and she sought a spot where no one would bother her. She had eaten and mingled with a few folks, now sleep called to her.

To occupy herself, she began to study people. Standing in a corner, she observed how her co-workers flirted with one another, as though Monday morning would never arrive. Melissa would definitely get an earful, Deborah decided as her mind drifted to a faceless man.

She shook her head again and frowned. Sighing, she returned her thoughts back to the party. Melissa begged her to accompany her once discovering her boyfriend had broken up with her. Feeling sorry for her cousin, she decided to go, against her better judgement.

Folding her arms across the softness of her breasts, Deborah leaned against the wall, studying the crowd before her. Why had she let Melissa drag her to this damn party, with a bunch of snotty drunken ass hats? Again, something clouded her mind. A handsome stranger with eyes of ice blue came to mind. In vain, she fought hard to recall his face, but she could not.

Deborah only remembered his eyes. Beautiful blue eyes. Strange. She had not recalled the man working in their office building. He must have been some stranger who wandered in from another party. For some unknown reason, her body ached to be filled. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as she recalled those eyes.

This was the worst party she ever attended in all her years at Teknet. Boredom seared her soul as she drifted across the room to obtain another glass of wine. It was a damn good thing she wasn't drinking her usual, Jack and Coke. Oh, but of course, they did not have that at this party.

Stephen Mackanovich approached her, probably contemplating on bedding her down for the night. She shuddered at mere thought.

"Deborah, how's it going?" Stephen poured himself a glass a wine while flashing his infamous cheesy grin. Her hand tightened around the glass, imagining it was his neck. Stephen was not an unattractive guy, but his personality made him appear so.

"Awesome, couldn't be better." Deborah flashed a fake smile of her own, turned her head, and rolled her eyes. Inching her way towards the end of the table, she tried in vain to put distance between Stephen and herself. She sighed in a loud manner as Stephen closed the distance between them.

"Say, how about we leave and go to my place?" Stephen chugged the wine, almost emptying his glass. His eyes were glassy, and he lifted a brow as he waited for Deborah's answer.

"No thanks, I'm waiting for Melissa. Once I find her, we're leaving." Deborah sighed, reaching for another bottle of wine. She'd better be careful because the wine was going straight to her head. She knew Stephen was waiting for that opportunity of weakness, to take advantage of her, then spread it all over the office come Monday morning.

"Aw, come on, we can have some real fun. This party is a drag, wouldn't you agree?" Stephen squinted his eyes and struck one of his masculine poses, hoping it would turn her on. Deborah stifled a giggle as she pictured him standing before some full length mirror, practicing masculine poses to go along with his weak ass lines.

For a fleeting moment, she felt sorry for the self-proclaimed stud. She studied him for a few seconds until nausea claimed her. Deborah recalled all the stories floating around her department of his conquests with a few unsuspecting women. He had no problems sharing with his sales team until it circulated and traveled through the entire building.

Suddenly, anger burrowed itself into her soul, and she gave into it. Stephen never suffered the backlash from his exploitations, but the women sure as hell did.

"Listen, I'm in no mood for your games, I'm not going to be your plaything! Got it?" Deborah stared him deep in the eyes, making him squirm.

"Look, Deborah--

"Don't you ever approach me in this manner again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yeah, whatever you say." Stephen stepped away from her while observing the room. This would give his sales team something to buzz about. It was rare for any woman to reject Stephen. She hoped they were watching somewhere within the crowd.

"Good! Oh, and I better not hear any false rumors about me. I know how you are Stephen." The man did have a habit of speaking untruths of women who had enough common sense to reject his advances. "If you do, I'll have HR on your ass for sexual harrassment so fast, you won't know what hit you. Do I make myself clear? I'm not the one buddy, don't fuck with me!"

"Look, I don't want any problems." Stephen's eyes grew wide as saucers. God forbid if he were to ever lose his cushiony high end sales position. He was one of the heavy hitters of his sales team, and possessed several of the company's major accounts.

Deborah slammed the glass down on the table and stormed towards the crowded dance floor in search of her cousin, leaving Stephen with a shocked look upon his face. As she walked away, she turned to shoot him a venomous look. "Mother fucker!" Deborah released the words through gritted teeth.

Sabrina, the administrator on the fourth floor tried capturing her attention. "Deborah!" The woman called her name with urgency, waving her arm in the air. Frustrated, she pushed aside a few drunken bodies who didn't care if they were anyone's way.

"Sabrina, have you seen Melissa?"

"That's what I'm trying to tell you! Your cousin left with Glenn! She apologizes for leaving so soon, but she figured you could catch a ride home with someone."

"What? That trifling little she-bitch! Wait until I catch up with her ass!" Deborah clutched her purse against her body as another admin brushed against her without excusing herself. "I can't believe this! Damn you! Excuse yourself next time Marlena! Rude ass!" Deborah grunted as the woman glanced over her shoulder, giving her a half smile. "Arrgghh!" Deborah's temper inched higher and she gritted her teeth.

"Calm down Deborah, you know Marlena can be a bitch. She's not even worth it. Honey, I can give you a ride home if you'd like." Sabrina's eyes dealt her a gentle caring sympathy that would have otherwise comforted Deborah if she wasn't so pissed.

"No, you live in the opposite direction across the Bay Bridge. I can't expect you to do that, plus you've been drinking yourself. Better be careful. I need to leave now, I'm tired and frustrated. I swear, if I have to spend another moment in this place, I'll cuss someone out for sure.

"Okay, suit yourself. Really, it's no bother." Sabrina arched a brow before departing from Deborah. Shrugging her shoulders, she disappeared into the crowd.

A feeling of loneliness surrounded Deborah as she exited the party and entered the lobby of the steakhouse. Lucky for her, it was June. Perhaps a good walk would clear her mind. Pulling her BlackBerry from her purse, she dialed information for the nearest cab company.

Sitting down in the lobby, Deborah began checking her email to occupy herself. Half an hour passed, and she called the cab company again. This time she was unable to get through. Impatient, Deborah rose to her feet and strolled out the door.

A warm breeze caressed Deborah's face, and flowed through her hair as she peered at the full harvest moon lounging in the night sky. Invisible fingers seemed to skitter down her spine, and she grimaced, thinking it was just a chill. "Someone must have stepped in my grave." Deborah said out loud and laughed, remembering sayings her great grandma Kelly shared with herself and other great grandchildren. The memory of the feisty old woman who had passed years ago when Deborah was only eighteen seemed comforting to her at the moment.

Her mind cleared as something deep within screamed for her not to leave the safety of the restaurant. Stopping in her tracks, Deborah looked around to make sure no one was lurking in the shadows, then chastised herself for being such a baby. Hell, she had walked down pitch black dirt roads of Rice, Virginia as a teenager when she visited her great grandmother. Many of those old dirt roads harbored small cemeteries where families buried their dead.

She laughed as she recalled how she used to read the names on the old weather beaten headstones, dating back as far as the Eighteenth century. There was nothing for her to fear on this night, she told herself. Cursing under her breath, she wondered why she didn't drive herself to the party. Oh well, no use in crying over spilled milk now.

The small town of Ferndale appeared to her like a town out of a horror flick. It was only eleven o clock. With the exception of a few cars traveling the road, Ferndale was totally deserted. Deborah tried calling the cab company and a shred of hope ignited within her as a man answered the phone.

"Dwyer's Cab Company."

"I called for a cab over an hour ago. Did you guys forget about me?" Uneasiness crept into her being and she glanced around, not wanting to lower her defenses.

"No maam." The man's lazy voice filtered through her, igniting her temper. "We sent a cab out, but no one was waiting out front."

"That's impossible, I was there, I didn't see any cab!" Now Deborah was really pissed. She clenched her teeth and bit her lip. "Look, hurry up please. I don't feel like walking the entire way home. I'm at Fifth Avenue and Main Street. Do you think you can manage?"

"Yup, I'll send him your way."

"Ain't this some shit!" Deborah yelled at the top of her voice, releasing her frustrations. "I can't believe this!" A shadow caught her attention out the corner of her eye, causing her to quicken her pace.

Clutching her purse, she scanned the area. She tightened her grip around her keychain containing pepper spray. Whoever was lurking in the shadows would get a double dose of the stuff in their eyes, and she'd haul ass. She felt someone behind her, but discovered no one as she turned to look. Someone had been behind her.

Something flew over her head, casting a shadow onto the dimly lit street. Fog appeared out of nowhere, and a overwhelming presence stopped Deborah dead in her tracks. The fog harbored a tall shadow with glowing blue eyes, forcing her to retreat the way she had come.

Fear struck her like lightening and she swallowed hard to dislodge the knot within her throat. "No way." The words deserted her mouth without her knowledge. Fear encased her, causing her pulse to quicken. A feeling of dread and despair affected her so much that her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

The shadow continued watching, causing her to feel as though her feet were rooted to the pavement. Stubborn, Deborah was determined that what ever the thing was, it would not get to her. Her hand dipped within the black leather bag, retrieving the BlackBerry without even looking. She dialed 9-1-1 until an invisible overbearing force caused her to drop the only means of communication she had.

The shadow glided toward her. In a panic, Deborah opened her mouth to scream, but words escaped her. The fear intensified, constricting around her being like a deadly vise. She fought to free herself from the alien force beckoning her.

She recognized his presence, and the voice."You can't deny me." The voice had returned. It was almost comforting, lulling her into a false sense of security.

Even so, Deborah's mind fought hard to reject it, and relief filtered through her as she heard a vehicle approaching from behind. The phantom shadow hissed and retreated into the mist, freeing her of the overbearing weight. Deborah bent down, picked up the BlackBerry and ran towards the taxi, waving her arms. Her limbs felt heavy, causing her to feel as though she were walking through some unseen force that slowed her down. Regardless of that feeling, she fought hard to gain her freedom. The taxi pulled off onto the side of the road.

Heart racing, Deborah reached for the handle. She looked ahead to where the phantom once stood and saw nothing but the empty street bathed within dimly lit street lights. Quickly, she slid into the cab, closing the door and locking it. She closed her eyes as she fought to control the way her body trembled.

"Gee lady, you look like you just saw a ghost." The taxi driver glanced in his mirror before pulling away from the curb. "You okay?"

"No! Didn't you see that thing behind me?" Deborah gripped the door handle of the cab and squeezed as hard as she could. She had to have been losing her mind.

"What thing? Miss, you were the only one out there from what I could tell. Was someone bothering you?"

"No, there was a shadow, and it had blue glowing eyes--Diana blurted everything out, then silenced herself, realizing what she just said. The man would probably think she was crazy and kick her out onto the streets. That was the last thing she wanted.

"Um hm, smells like you’ve been drinking." The cab driver laughed. "Where to?"

Deborah folded her arms, looking out the window at the spot where she'd seen the phantom. Fear flirted with her again as a chill cut her to the quick. Up ahead, a fine mist formed, then disbursed as the cab drove through it. She thought she heard laughter, but wasn't sure.

"Miss, you mind telling me where you're going?" The cabbie glanced in the mirror again, his eyes knitting together. Deborah could tell he was becoming frustrated.

"Twelve Twenty-Five Acacia Road in Harland Run." Deborah squirmed in the seat as something compelled her to turn around. As she gazed out the back window of the cab, the dark shadow appeared to hover in the middle of the road, surrounded by mist. His eyes flashed an ethereal blue, igniting a tingling feeling deep within her. Her head ached, and she shuddered as his warning shot through her veins like ice water---

"I will have you. Next time, there will be no escaping, and you will suffer unto me."

Teeth chattering, Deborah turned around, sinking into the seat of the taxi....

                                                      * * * *

Alain DuBourg stood in the middle of the street, staring after the cab. Next time, he'd corner her at home. She was the spitting image of Josephine Lacroix, the slave woman he freed in the British colony of Jamaica. His fists clenched together remembering that painful day on August 1, 1838 when Josephine confessed her love for another. Then, he was human.

Vile curses sent him reeling into the realm of madness, and he loathed even life itself. On his soul, he promised Josephine would suffer for eternity at his hands. Without a fight, he turned his life over to darkness, creating a stone mausoleum around his frozen heart.

A black sickness seeped into his being, traveling throughout his body while poisoning his soul. The hatred and pain settled within and grew, transforming Alain into an empty shell of a man with no emotion or regret. He sought revenge, and on the flames of hell he invited it in. Nights after Josephine departed, Alain met his fate, his maker, the one who granted him everlasting life....

His cock ached with need at the thought of having his way with her. Afterwards, he'd take great pleasure in draining her life force, the way he should have done centuries ago. She would die while he survived, and he would finally reap the reward of revenge for the broken heart she caused him then. Enraged, Alain threw his head back and released an eerie tormented shriek into the deserted night.

To Be Continued....