Sometimes I can hardly believe it!  Doc, naked in my arms and in the throes of orgasm.  Wow!  Other than the fight we almost had because I hadn’t allowed enough time for us to clean and pack up, it was an amazing trip. 

Once we were in the car and on our way, I did have to chuckle about our tiff.  Hell, two hours seemed like plenty of time to me.  My first clue that I had miscalculated was Doc standing there wrapped in a towel, glaring at me.  My second clue was naked Doc standing there glaring at me with her hair all ‘wild and crazy’ (her words, not mine).  Yep, the weekend in the mountains was great.  It was the re-entry to that brought challenges.

First I had to get closure with Heather.  She yelled a little, cried a lot.  I really felt badly when she asked me if I had just settled for her because I thought I’d never have Doc.  I told her the truth, that I thought being with Doc was just a kid fantasy that I had to get over.  I thanked her for knowing better and caring enough about me to steer me in the right direction.  She was gracious to the end, and wished us well. 

As we’d planned, I spent every weekend at Doc and Emily’s until the school year ended.  That was sexually frustrating when it wasn’t a ‘daddy’ weekend, but otherwise okay.  It gave us a chance to spend time together, get to know each other in a different way.  I heard more about Doc’s siblings and about friends from her high school and college days than I’d ever heard when I was her student. I shared some fraternity stories, but was careful not to incriminate any of her recent or current students who might need a letter of recommendation from her.

On the weekends that Emily was at home, Doc and I obviously had to wait until she was sound asleep to get busy.  Then I’d have to relocate to the couch before morning.  Sometimes Emily would be invited to spend the night with a friend, but we could never predict when that would happen.  When it did, we were all over each other.  I found out that my Doc has a wild side, particularly after she went back on the pill and wasn’t worried about getting pregnant.  There was the time that she came out of the bathroom wearing only a Christmas bow over her va-jay-jay.  When I removed the bow I saw that she had shaved her pubic hair off.  She said it was so that we could both better enjoy me eating her.  Then there was the time I got there on a Friday after Emily had already gone with her dad.  Doc had my pants unzipped and my cock in her mouth before I even put my bag down.

But there was one Sunday afternoon she was rushing me out the door and I knew she wanted me gone because Emily’s dad was bringing her back early.  Since when did she need to be alone to grade papers?  Hell, I could have graded them for her; it was a multiple choice test!  I let her know that I had her number but we didn’t fight.  The pleading look in her eyes was enough to turn me to mush so I kissed her soundly and headed home.  But I did call later than evening and made her have phone sex with me.

Eventually the ex-husband and I did cross paths.  The look on his face clearly showed that he was not pleased.  He pulled Doc out into the driveway, I assume so he could ask questions.  She was obviously rattled when she came back in.

“So is it my age or my race that he has a problem with?” I asked, before she could even think about claiming that nothing was wrong.

“I think mostly he’s pissed that any male other than him is here.  The race and age are just icing on the cake.”

“What did he say to you out there?”  “It doesn’t matter.  It was just more of the venom that reminds me of why I divorced him.”

“What did he say, Doc?” I repeated. It wouldn’t have taken much for me to want to beat on him.

She looked at me like with a raised eyebrow, like she was telling me she didn’t have to answer if she didn’t want to.

“Don’t even go there, it is my business if he says or does anything to upset you.”

She paused a minute, then gave me a small smile and melted into my arms, squeezing me tight.

“It so nice to have someone who wants to stick up for me rather than just look for opportunities to berate me.”

“Are you going to tell me what he said?”  I asked, more gently this time.

She was still hesitant, but finally answered me.  “He asked when I got so desperate that I had to start dating white boys  -- emphasis on the boy.  He let me know that he’d be happy to come scratch my itch sometime, that there was no need for me to resort to white boys.

Now I was really ready to kick his ass.

To make matters worse, he called back Saturday afternoon, apparently after he’d pondered the situation a bit and remembered me as one of Doc’s former students.  He’d turned the ridicule-meter up a notch, if Doc’s end of the conversation was anything to go by.  I could tell that she was about to lose it and I hated that the only thing I could do for her was rub her back while she listened to his bullshit.

“Why didn’t you just hang up on him?” I asked when it was finally over.

“I try to keep things amicable for Emily’s sake.  I don’t want him to be able to say that I interfered in any way with his ability to have a relationship with her.”

Two weeks later the ex finally pushed Doc too far.  He called to say he couldn’t come for Emily as planned; that something had come up at work.  Apparently she knew or at least strongly suspected that his working late was not the reason.  By the time I walked into the house Doc was already in full rant.

“Look motherfucker.  I’ve put up with a lot of shit from you…”  No doubt in my mind who she was talking to.  “…but if you are willing to disappoint your daughter to spite me, I’m through.  Do you think if you leave Emily here with me that will keep me from sleeping with Lee?  You are pathetic!”

She listened a moment.

“Sue for custody?  Try it.  I have more shit on you than you know about and I will use it.  Please give me a reason.”

I could hear his raised voice but couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“That’s right, he’s white and he’s young.  But he’s better in bed then your pencil-dick ass ever was!” Man, this woman could be lethal when she got worked up! Even I was starting to feel sorry for him. “And beyond that he is responsible and supportive, two words that were apparently removed from your dictionary.

“And that thing used to do with your tongue on my back that you thought turned me on.  I was faking.  Every.  Time.”  She slammed down the phone.  She paced around muttering.

“Where is Emily?” I asked once the steam stopped rolling off her head.

“When it looked like her dad was going to be late, she asked if she could play next door until he got here.  Eventually he called to say he wasn’t coming, and…well, you heard the rest.”

“Yeah, I did.”  I paused a moment, not entirely sure where to go from there.   “Baby, did you have to insult his manhood?” She looked at me and we both burst into laughter.  “Remind me not to piss you off.  That was brutal!”

Before long Emily came back, we ordered pizza for an impromptu dinner, played a few board games and watch movies.  I had to admit that I was growing more and more attached to Emily.  When I’d been a student she was just a cute baby that I’d never have looked at twice if I hadn’t known she was Doc’s.  Now she’s this quirky little person with ideas and opinions.  And smart as hell.  If her father was stupid enough to fade out of her life no one would have to ask me twice to step into his place.

Eventually – thank goodness – Emily went to bed.  Doc said she was practically asleep before her head hit the pillow. Music to my ears, because I had plans for Doc and I.

Doc invited me to take a bubble bath with her.  Not really my thing, but anywhere Doc is naked, I’m there.  Doc has this huge bathtub in her bathroom.  Perfect for two.  I asked her once why a newly divorced woman would buy a house with a ‘made for romance’ tub in it, especially when she hadn’t gone out of her way to date after the divorce.  She just shrugged.  “Well, it was already there, and I guess I hoped someday…”

I sat in the back of the tub and she leaned back against me.  At first we just talked, catching up on our respective weeks.  I’d arrived in the midst of the ex-husband storm and we hadn’t really had any time alone since.  My hands, seemingly beyond my control, started massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples.  Before long she let me know she was close to the brink.  She tried to move one of my hands down to stimulate her clit.

“No, baby, you do it.  I want to watch you.”

Her moan was one of frustration, and she tugged on my hand again.

“Come on, please.  I want to watch you.  I’ll be right her with you.”  I rubbed my hands up and down her thighs and the sides of her torso, to reinforce my claim.

The sloshing of the water and her ass moving against my cock let me know she was indeed trying to get herself off.  Finally in a gasped plea she said, “Squeeze my nipples.”  Never a hard request for fulfill. 

As I squeezed and fondled her breasts, I kept kissing her neck and whispering in her ear, “That’s it baby.  Come for me.  I want to see you shatter.  Do it for me.  Share yourself with me.”  Doc stiffened all over, squeezing her own hand between her legs, arching her breasts further into my hands, her head thrown back.  She felt that orgasm from her head to her toes if I am any judge. 

When her breathing started returning to normal, she covered her face with one hand.  “I can’t believe that I did that. You are such a bad influence.”  Despite her words, I knew she was not really upset with me, but maybe a bit embarrassed. 

“Well as long as you are already being bad, please turn around here and ride me.  I’m so hard I’m about to explode.”

I held her ass cheeks in my hands as she lowered herself onto my shaft.  I couldn’t help grabbing a mouth full of nipple as it floated by.  I loved hearing her moan of pleasure as she hit bottom on my cock.  Or maybe that was me moaning.  But the slightly dazed and very happy smile was definitely her.  As she rolled her hips back and forth, I felt like her pussy was about to suck my brains out through my cock.  I was really close and didn’t know if I could hold out for her to come again.  She was so slick and wet, inside and out.  It was almost too much to take in at once.

“Come for me, baby.” She said, nibbling on my neck and ears, as I had done to her earlier.  “I’m close, I’ll be right there with you.  Just let go, I want to feel you come.”

I couldn’t have held off any longer if I’d wanted to.  I held her as close as I could and shot everything I had into her.  I vaguely heard her come right after, but I can’t honestly say I have a clear memory of it.  I was too busy holding on to my few remaining brain cells.  For the next few moments all that I could manage was running my hands over her back, ass and sides, just to prolong my contact with her.

“You deserve another graduate degree, in Talented Ass Movement.”  I told her.  She gave me a sheepish grin.  “You can ride me like that any day, particularly as long as you bring these lovely breasts along.”

She covered my face with soft kisses.  “Lee, you manage to scratch me in places that I didn’t even now I itched.”  She gave me a few more tender kisses.  “Let’s go to bed, lover.”

With some reluctance, we pulled apart and exited the tub.  Drying each other off took a while.  Then there was the time devoted to rubbing lotion all over.  We couldn’t seem to get enough of simply touching each other.  She started kissing me and gradually moving backwards toward her bed.  She joked about being a spider and drawing me into her web.  I happily followed, risks be dammed.  Finally, she lay on the bed, legs splayed wide, her pussy calling to me.  As I slid into her, I knew there was no place else on Earth I could possibly be at that moment.   She held me close with her hands on my ass and her thighs around me, barely giving me enough room to stroke in and out of her.  “I want you close,” she told me.

Despite having already had Round #1 in the tub, we had hot, demanding, frantic sex.  After, we cuddled and whispered and laugh together.  That was when she started calling me Cuddles.  I protested that I needed a more manly pet name, but she rejected all of the alternatives I offered.  She said cuddling with me was too wonderful; no other name would do.

We set the alarm so that I’d have a chance to relocate to the couch before Emily got up.  Funny, the ex-husband thought he was cramping our style, but that night was some of the best sex we’d ever had together.  I drifted off with a smile on my face and Doc in my arms.

Finally, Emily’s school was out for the summer and her father came to get her without too much drama.  The next day, Doc arrived at my house with six boxes of books and papers and only one suitcase.  My baby has her priorities and her summer wardrobe is not on the list!  I’d pushed some long unpacked boxes aside to cleared space so she could have a makeshift office in my second bedroom.  I had no idea what we were going to do with all the books, but I promised to figure it out…soon.  She made some noises about being quite comfortable sleeping on the futon in that room.  I was just about to launch into a tirade about where I expected her to sleep when I realized she was teasing me.  What can I say, I’m so sprung I can’t think straight sometimes.  Needles to say we fucked ourselves crazy that first night.

Before long we settled into a pattern.  While I was off at work -- generally after wake-up sex or shower sex -- Doc worked on her research.  We cooked dinner together most days, though sometimes she already had it started by the time I got home.  Once in a while we went out with friends, but not a lot.  She was worried that the age difference would really be a problem when we socialized.  Mostly my male friends were okay.  That whole, sexually-liberated-older-woman thing had them jealous as hell.  But the twenty-something red head who kept flirting with me when we were out one night, caused a fight.  Despite my lack of encouragement, she kept coming, treating Doc like she was invisible.  Doc finally admitted she wasn’t even really mad at me, she was just mad!  I assured her she was all that I wanted.  Though I hadn’t told her before, I let her know I had gotten many a dirty look from Black guys who apparently didn’t like seeing my arm around her waist when we walked in public. We decided we’d need to work together to figure out how to cope with these situations.

One day when I got home from work she met me at the door looking as excited as a kid with a secret to share.  I asked her what was up.

“I got a chili pepper!”


“On…I got a chili pepper!”

Okay, I’ll bite.  “And that means….?”

“It means I’m hot!”  She wiggled her breasts at me and giggled like a little girl.

I was having trouble finding this amusing.

“Lee,” she chided.  “It doesn’t mean anything.  One of my students just wanted to make me feel good, that’s all.”

“Which one?”

“Lee, stop it.  You can’t possibly be jealous of an anonymous on-line rating.”  She was working up to that look I’ve see her give problem students, so I knew I was on shaky ground.

“Okay, you’re right.  Sorry.  Congratulations!  But your days of seducing students are over, got me?”  I tried to glare at her, but ended up pulling her into my arms for a tight hug.  I ran my hands over her ass, saying a silent ‘Mine!’ before letting her go.

“First of all, I did not seduce you, particularly not when you were my student.  Second, you’re cute when you’re jealous, Cuddles.”  She kissed me on the tip of my nose and switched her fine, round ass back to her computer.

Yeah, right.  I made a mental note to go to that website the next day and see what those little punks were up to.

Doc and I learned a lot about each other, living together during that summer.  For instance, I found out that Doc’s ‘touch me anytime, anywhere’ invitation did not apply when she was on her period.  I reached out to pat her ass as she passed by me one day and she nearly took my head off.  After that I learned to give her space when she needed it, period week or otherwise.  And she learned that I like sugary cereals for breakfast and it is not up for negotiation.

A few days after the chili pepper incident, I came through the bedroom door to find Doc completely naked, looking at herself in the full length mirror.  I watched for a moment as she twisted and turned, taking in different views.  I never get tired of looking at her, but I could tell she was not seeing the same beautiful woman I was seeing in the mirror.

“I love what you’re not wearing, but since I don’t intend to share you, I think you’ll need clothes if we’re going to the movie,” I said.

She let out a small sigh.  “I know.  I was just looking at myself, wondering what will happen when I’m not ‘hot’ anymore; when my breasts and my butt sag.  Will you leave me for a younger woman?”  She moved closer to me and reached her arms up around my neck.  I lowered my lips to hers and pulled her hips into mine, letting her feel my erection through my clothes.

“Doc, stop it.  Are you kidding?  You are an amazing woman, no matter what the outside package looks like.”

She smiled, but appeared unconvinced.  “Then while my outside packaging still looks pretty good, could I convince you to get naked and make love to me? Convince me that I am desirable and always will be?”

She didn’t have to ask me twice.  Movie?  What movie?

Emily spent more time with her dad than originally planned so Doc stayed with me through the beginning of August. We went back to her house periodically to look through the mail a neighbor was gathering and check on things.  But we’d head back to my place as soon as we could.  It seemed to be our safe haven.

When the time came for her to start organizing to return home I felt like my world was ending.  I wondered if she was ready for us to take things further, make more of a commitment to each other.  On our last evening together, after we’d had dinner and cleaned the kitchen, I offered her a glass of wine and asked her to sit on the deck with me.  She must have guessed what I had on my mind because she gave me a shaky smile and I noticed her eyes getting moist. 

“What are we going to do, Cuddles?”  She asked in a tearful voice.  She buried her head in my chest and cried softly. “I don’t want to go back to seeing you only when we can manage it. I feel like I’m an addict and you are my drug of choice.”

Talk about stroking my ego!  “Doc, I told you before we left the cabin back in the spring that I was willing to look for a new job, closer to you and Emily.  I am still willing to do that.”  Since I was talking to the top of her head, it was easier to get it all out at once. “But I do need an answer to one question.  Am I looking for a job and a house or do I only need to look for a job because I’ll be moving in with you?”

She raised her head to look at me.  “I want to be with you every day.  But that’s a big step.  Are we ready for that?”

“I am.  Are you?”

She didn’t exactly answer my question.  “Are we ready for what will happen the first time you go with me to some department function and my colleagues, some of whom are your former  professors, figure out we are together?  Or when some young thing sets her sights on you and assumes we can’t possibly be together.  To say nothing of the question of my sagging breasts!”

“Breathe, baby.”  I had to chuckle and noticed her give in and laugh at herself.  “We’ve already talked about your sagging breasts.

“I love you, Laura.  I was away from you for ten years but I never stopped thinking about you or wanting you.  I can’t imagine not getting hard just being near you, but I someday I will reach the age that erections will be more difficult.  Are you saying you’ll kick me to the curb when that happens?”

She pulled my face down to hers and gave me a kiss that I felt in my toes.  “I’ll never be through with you.  When you can’t get hard anymore you can satisfy me with your fingers and your tongue,” she teased.  Then she took on a more serious tone.  “Cuddles, I love you, too.  I spent way too many years telling myself it was wrong, that I was crazy for having feelings for you. 

“It is going to be rough when the other faculty members in the department find out we are together.  And, while Emily’s father seems to have settled down a bit, don’t think for a minute that battle is over.  Rest assured, there are going to be times when each of us will wonder if we’ve made the right decision.  But I am sure that for me, for right now, I need to be with you every day, for as many hours of the day as we can manage.”

We never did make it out to the deck.  We ended up taking the wine to the bedroom with us.  After we made the sweetest love ever, I thought about Doc’s phrase, ‘for right now.’  Forever is more like what I had in mind. 


TBC – Part 5:  Conclusion