For the past two weeks, the children have been battling the chicken pox; or as Shelby more colorfully calls them, ‘the chicken pops’. Myles agreed to have Ronny (who’s also infected) and Linnea to stay with us lest Amy, ever the hypochondriac, be incommoded by their presence. She calls daily to check on Ronny, though I suspect this has more to do with Ronald’s whereabouts than a genuine concern for Ronny. I was half tempted to tell her the truth; yes Ronald’s here every night until Ronny falls asleep and yes, he’s a better father than I gave him credit for.

Shelby’s breakouts were the worst of the lot—at its peak, her tongue blistered and she was inconsolable with fever. It broke my heart to see my little golden haired wild child beaten by the chicken pops. Jackson, the cause of the outbreak, is mobile and helping us with the other children; more or less keeping them entertained from their bed with silly games and hastily built sheet castles...anything to make them laugh. Jackson’s a good boy, very protective of his little sister. I’m seeing more and more of Myles in him. They’re growing up so fast. The first time I met them, Jackson was such a sweet little gentlemen; he shook my hand then hugged me while Shelby, my little tangled haired savage, peeked around Myles’s legs. I love her spirit—it would be a shame to tame her—though Jackson, compelled by the atavistic part of his brain, is doing his best.

My mother has decided to visit. Rather inconvenient considering Myles and I are just getting off the ground and preparations for the elections are picking up steam. We swore we’d remain sensible but it’s been tough. Before the kids fell ill, they were with June on the weekends and we had the house to ourselves. Since then, we sneak around grabbing kisses like teenagers and resort to locking ourselves in Myles’s room for a few hours of uninterrupted cuddle time once everyone’s asleep. Two days ago, however, we overslept and I had to creep out of the room after Jackson went downstairs to fetch Shelby a juice box. Though Myles saw it as an innocent mistake, I saw it as stupid and irresponsible. The children must come first. Thankfully, June invited them over for the weekend—they’ve been dying to get out of the house.

Myles isn’t concerned with Davis and Rick finding out—they wouldn’t say a word if only to protect their own political careers. As it is, they’re all linked to one another. If one goes, they all go. I wish I had more faith in Ronald’s ability to keep his mouth shut but I don’t trust him as far as I can see him and Myles’s misplaced confidence in him will be the death of us all. Why does Myles trust him with such damning information? For all practical purposes, they hate each other so why now?

Ronald should watch his step. Myles may not be a mud slinger, but I’ll throw his ass under the bus so fast it’ll make his head spin. I love Linnea, I sympathize with her plight but if it’s a choice between our friendship and Myles, I choose Myles. I don’t want to hurt Linnea but she’s an adult, she made her decisions and she’ll have to live with the consequences. I won’t sacrifice Myles for her screw ups.

We had a very frank discussion this morning, and have decided to keep our relationship private until after the elections. If the fundamentalist catch wind of him sleeping with his genetically ambiguous nanny with two impressionable children in the house, they’d crucify him and “Caught in a sex scandal with a sitting U.S Congressman” glaring up from my resume would finish me off quite nicely.

I’ve always known how important Myles is to his party as well as the constituents. But recently it’s become increasingly evident that he’s being groomed for a greater office. Davis, two years Myles’s political senior, has stood down and Rick, though intelligent, has taken the wingman approach. And the public adores him. They know he’s a single father, they know where he lives, and they know his likes and dislikes. Realistically speaking, none of them really knows him. They don’t know his sense of humor, they don’t know what makes him tick, what he thinks about when he lies in bed at night, because Myles, being the politician he is, has perfected the art of putting on a ‘face’.

Only those close to him see the real Myles. The real Myles is an Escher puzzle: a geometric form comprised of infinite and often contradicting variations. In all, he’s decent and for now, we’re happy. “Happy” is such a plain word yet it encompasses and describes our lives at this point.


“Happy?” Myles read over Gloria’s shoulder as he past, toweling off his freshly showered body. “I hope you’re talking about me.”

“Yes, nosy,” Gloria closed her journal and went to her side of Myles’s bed and crawled in beside him. “As a matter of fact I was talking about you.

“Oh yeah.” He answered, taking her face in his hands and kissing her deeply. “I’ve wanted to kiss you all night. I couldn’t wait for them to leave.” He released her for air, resting his head on against hers.

“That’s better.” Gloria exhaled.

“I’ve only begun. We have the house to ourselves and I plan on making the most of our time together. Lay back and enjoy.” He moved over her.

“Myles, I’m sore from this morning.”

“I’ll stop.” He went to move but Gloria caught him.

Gloria gave a mischievous grin. “I didn’t say stop. I want you to kiss it for me. You hurt it. Now kiss it and make it feel better.”

Myles moved onto his back, carefully moving Gloria up on her knees until she straddled his face. Gripping her ass slightly, he steadily moved her pussy over his lips, lightly kissed and licked her pussy lips; establishing a rhythm that left her breathless. She exhaled watching his mouth and tongue suck and brush her aroused clit. The way he controlled her movement left her with little to do other then enjoy the sight of his face nestled between her thighs. Every nerve in her body came alive as Myles brought her to orgasm. Gently caressing his head with one hand and balancing herself with the other, Gloria came as she had never done before. She barely made a sound but her breathing said it all….he’d just fucked her up.

Myles patiently waited for her to relax. Whatever she was experiencing wasn’t worth interrupting. Seeing her flush with afterglow was enough. Collecting what was left of her sanity; she dismounted and curled beside him.

“Do you feel better?” he asked. Gloria didn’t answer. Without breaking eye contact, she eased on top of him and slowly rocked back against her erect cock, sliding it into her restless pussy using no hands. Myles, completely taken off guard, arched off the bed. Placing a hand on his chest, she moved up and down his shaft until their bodies became in sync; his giving and hers receiving.

“Oh God Gloria.” He moaned taking her by the waist as he thrust upward into her causing her to fall forward onto his chest.

“I’m sorry. Did that hurt?”

“No, not at all. That was…oh…oh God right there. Harder. I need it harder.” She begged. He drove deeper and harder until her pussy ached. The things her body was doing to him were unspeakable. He’d never been with a woman who was as comfortable in her own skin as Gloria. She knew what she liked and wasn’t ashamed to ask for it. He sat up, taking her tits into his mouth, tonguing her nipples until she cried to him repeatedly. The sensation of his thick cock having its way with her pussy and soft careful attention he was paying to her tits were driving her insane. Myles took her face in his powerful hands and kissed and sucked at her mouth while driving into her. “Baby, I’m cumming.” She whimpered against his kiss. “Oh shit.” She cried her lips trembled against his.

“Damn Gloria. I’m about to cum.” He said unable to fend off his orgasm any longer.

She moved her hips in smooth even motions, working him until it was unbearable. “You’re about cum?”

“Oh fuck yeah.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth.” she whispered seductively in his ear. Moving up and down until the last possible moment, she climbed off and took his cock into her mouth; sucking and slurping him into oblivion. Myles released everything he had into her mouth and she stroked him for more.

“Oh shit!” he screamed, not caring if anyone else within earshot heard. Gloria had giving him something no other woman ever had and most importantly....she swallowed.


June took Jackson to his standing appointment with his tutor and returned Shelby to Gloria earlier than expected. It wasn’t easy juggling laundry and household chores around Myles’s staff. She’d gotten little accomplished before Shelby came tearing through the front door looking for Ronny. She found him in the den with Linnea and gave him a hug that sent them both crashing to the floor. They were inseparable; a blessing and a curse as Gloria was made to suffer his father’s presence.

Linnea stayed on and helped Gloria catch up on her chores. And there were a lot of them. Linnea soon realized Gloria was doing the job of four people: cook, nanny, maid, nurse. If she were sleeping with Myles, she more than deserved the title of wife. It was seven o’clock when Linnea collapsed on the sofa while Gloria went upstairs to straighten her bedroom. In truth, Gloria went to catch a nap. She was coasting towards deep sleep when a knock came at her door.

“Gloria?” Brushing her waist length hair away from her speckled face, Shelby poked her head through the door. “Um, we’re hungry.”

Gloria looked at the clock beside her bed and sighed. Damn, there weren’t enough hours in the day, she thought pulling herself up. She took Shelby’s hand and was led downstairs. “What’ll it be? Cheerios for dinner again?”

“Fried rice. No peas” Shelby dropped Gloria’s hand on the last step and ran shrieking towards Ronny. “I found her! I said no peas.”

Gloria went to the kitchen and was disappointed to find Linnea shamelessly curled up beside Ronald in the adjoining sitting room. Not bothering to conceal her distain, she got on with sifting through the menu drawer. His presence made her tongue itch! But what could she do about it? Above all, he was an important cog in the wheel of party politics and his keen strategic eye rendered him invaluable. “Where’s Jackson?”

“He’s in the office with Myles.” Linnea replied as the doorbell rang.

“That’ll be Rick and Davis. They weaseled their way into dinner, Myles said it was okay.” Ronald shifted from under her weight and went to answer the door. Linnea glimpsed the exchange of icy stares between Gloria and Ronald as he past. Before Linnea could offer an apology, Gloria retreated into Myles’s office. Jackson hurried out.

“I want him out!” Gloria hissed at Myles.

“Who? Jackson? No, wait. Let me guess,” Myles said without looking up from his work. “The election will be over before you know it and he won’t be over as often.” He looked at Gloria standing with her arms folded over her chest. “Come here.” He pushed back from the desk and Gloria sat in his lap. “Having everyone in the house is working your nerves. If it’ll make things easier, we’ll rent….”

Gloria stopped his lips with hers, and the cares of the day melted away. Finally, she had him alone. “I’ve missed you.”

“Rough day?” He needn’t ask, it was written on her face. “We can hire someone to help with the housework. I know you’re….”

“No,” Gloria laid her head on his shoulder. “Like you said, the election will be over soon and, while that doesn’t mean thing will slow done, there won’t be so many people in the house. And by ‘people’ I mean Ronald.”

Myles gazed at Gloria, quizzically. Her mistrust of Ronald was no secret however, in his arms, he felt her body stiffen at the mention of his name. “I’ll make it up to you.” He kissed her. “I promise.” He kissed her again. “After the el…”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Gloria tried to stand but Myles held her in place and turned her face to his. “After the election, you’ll make it up to me. I don’t understand why you’re working so hard. Your seat isn’t in jeopardy, is it?”

“No. Not at all. Politics isn’t a singular endeavor. We support the party and the party supports us.”

“Even Ronald.” Gloria frowned.

Myles nodded. “Even Ronald. Even though he’s my closest rival. Even though he knows our secret. Even though that secret could be my undoing. I support him.”

Gloria looked at Myles like he was a damn fool. “Let’s hope you don’t live to regret your decision.”

“I won’t. Trust me.”