Kiss after kiss we share. Our eyes are closed but we do not need them to be open in order to see. We feel everything. We share our bond in the most intimate of ways; kissing. As we share our most passionate kisses, your continued arousal is apparent to me as you caress my side and ass. Your touch of my skin is electric to me. I can feel myself get even harder and think to myself that I did not think that was possible. I am in a constant state of arousal around you my Gabrielle. As it is impossible to be any other way when I am in the company of the rarest of gems.

Your hand finds its way to my cock where you grasp it firmly yet lovingly in your hand. You begin to stroke me with the greatest of care. Your hand moves up and down the shaft paying particular attention to that most sensitive part, the head. Our kiss becomes more passionate as your magic hands send pulses of ecstasy throughout my body.

You push me onto my back and get on top of me. The warmth and softness of your skin pressed against mine feels wonderful as your lips touch mine yet again in a sweet embrace. I repeatedly kiss you taking time to savor all of the feelings that you invoke in me. You remove your mouth from mine and I attempt to protest but you flash me that sexy smile and put your finger against my lips and say ‘Shhhh’.

I lay back and let you please me. You kiss my neck from side to side. It feels so good as you suck my neck. I wonder to myself for just a moment if I will have a mark there. I can’t help but smile knowing it is a mark of love and I will cherish it. You move to my ear and run your tongue along the inside. You dart your tongue in and out of my ear. I absolutely love this and you are very aware as I moan and squirm.

I breathe in your wondrous scent as you kiss your way down towards my chest. You playfully fun your fingers through the small growth of hair on my chest. Again, I cannot help but moan. Your touch is amazing to me. I look down at your lovely face just as your tongue reaches my nipple sending currents of electricity throughout my entire body. Oh yes! Oh it feels so good when you stimulate my nipples. You know just how sensitive they are as you work your tongue all around them. I scream out loud when you suddenly bite down hard. Oh my goodness yes! Umm, it feels so good to me. You gently stroke my balls as you lick and suck my nipples. I am in a constant state of arousal. I lose track of everything for a moment as I close my eyes.

I open my eyes just in time to see you lick the head of my rock hard cock. You tease me by running your tongue all around the head. You lick the length of my swollen shaft down to my clean- balls. You comment to me how sexy my balls are in their smooth state. I gasp as your tongue works it way around my balls. You open your mouth and suck my balls. You have a firm hold of my cock, slowly pumping it as you suck my balls.

I am looking down upon you as you move up and begin to swallow my cock. You taste me as I moan repeatedly. I absolutely love the way it looks and feels to have my hard cock in your mouth. I love seeing it slide in and out of your mouth. You can sense this as your pace quickens. I grab your head and work my cock in and out of your mouth. I feel myself begin to get even harder. You know that I am about to cum but you will not let me cum just yet.

You withdraw your mouth from my cock and lick the precum off of the tip. I am too excited to even speak. But no words need be said as you move your beautiful brown body over mine. You slowly lower yourself onto my waiting cock. I love the way my cock disappears inside of you. Oh my God! It feels so wonderful to be inside of you! We both moan and gasp uncontrollably as we become one. It feels so incredibly good to me. I summon all of my will power to keep from cumming immediately inside of you my love.

End of Part 4