I kiss my way down from your neck and towards your chest. Yes, I know I could simply take what I am after, but then it would spoil the journey. And besides, what is the rush? When I am with you my love there is no rushing as I attempt to savor every single moment. The look in your eyes, the sound of your breathing, the scent of love in the air, the beauty next to me; is it any wonder I am so much in love with you.

I reach your breasts and instinctively engulf as much of your left breast as I can as my fingers caress the right. I roll my tongue back and forth across your nipple, enjoying the sensations as well as the taste. My fingers pinch (ever so gently) and twist your other nipple. Your moans are almost non-stop now. I sense the feelings of desire and passion from you as my tongue does its tap dance upon your breast. Back and forth my tongue goes, every once and awhile I squeeze your nipple between my teeth, not too hard, just enough to drive you wild. My mouth moves over to your other breast and replaces my fingers around your nipples. I lick and suck your nipple repeatedly. Your moaning and calling my name spurs me on as I continue my assault on your breast.

I begin to become impatient myself and reluctantly remove my mouth from your lovely breasts and kiss my way down your body. As I kiss my way beneath your navel you anticipate my arrival and spread your legs slightly. Just as my tongue reaches the folds of your pussy lips, I stop. A smile comes across my face as I take in the aroma of your sweet, sexy scent. I inhale deeply enjoying all that is you babydoll.

I look up at you as my tongue touches your pussy for the first time this morning. Your moaning as my tongue traces a path along your lips reinforces the look of pleasure on your face. Oh yes! Now I moan loudly myself as I enjoy your taste. I truly enjoy being between your legs. It shows as I continue to lick your pussy, which is now providing me with a seemingly endless supply of your juices. I plant kiss after kiss upon your glistening pussy taking time out to tease your clit with my lips.

I let my tongue delve a little deeper inside you as I continue my licking. I change to a circular motion with my tongue. Umm, I can taste your sweet nectar on the tip of my tongue. It is a flavor that drives me wild with passion and desire. My tongue dives deeper inside you sending shockwaves through your body. Your legs squeeze my head as I work my tongue in and out of your pussy. In and out, in and out my tongue goes each time it descends a little deeper until it can’t go any further. The pace of my tongue increases, as does your breathing. You alternate between moans and calling my name. I fervently taste your loveliness while you move to a state of ecstasy. The grip of your thighs grows stronger against my head. My tongue repeatedly dives in and out of your pussy at a steady pace. You stop moaning and your body becomes rigid. I sense the onset of your orgasm as I nibble at your clit. This sends you over the edge. You grab my head with your hands and scream ‘Ohhhhh!’, ‘Ohhhhh!’, ‘Ohhhhh!’.

I almost feel as if I am having an orgasm too as my consumption of you’re cum begins. The desire in me grows as I see and feel how much pleasure that I am giving you. It is my love for you babydoll that leads the way for my actions. I know what you need right now and I am quick to provide it. I move up close to you and hold you very tightly against my body. Your orgasm continues for what seems like an eternity as I hold and oh so gently caress your soft skin.

As your orgasm begins to subside somewhat we share intimate conversation. Your eyes are closed while you lie safe in my arms. The scent of love is in the air as we whisper softly to each other and bask in our passion for one another. Your body truly is a wonderland my love.

Your eyes open and I look deep within them. Your sheer beauty abounds as I admire the charms that you hold inside you. I lean over and kiss your soft, plush lips. My lips feel as though they are landing on two soft pillows. Yet, at the same time my arousal increases. Our embrace is passion defined. No words can be accurately spoken to describe the love and desire we have for one another. I am certain you are thinking this too as our tongues explore each other’s mouth….

                              End of Part 3