As I wake from my comfortable slumber my eyes focus on the wonder next to me. She is resting peacefully, a sight to behold. Golden brown skin that glows as the morning sunlight shines upon it. Soft, luscious hair that is impossible for me not to touch. A scent, ah yes, your scent, that arouses and comforts me all at once. The softness of your body against mine stirs my soul.

           I awake from my sleep filled with dreams of fantasy and love everlasting to see the woman that is always the center of those thoughts and feelings lying next to me. She is the very essence of a woman. She is my babydoll, my Gabrielle.

           As I lie in our bed I begin to smile. Amidst my smiling is the feeling of contentment. And I know that these feelings will warm me for the rest of my days. It is my hope and desire that I can continually provide my babydoll with those same feelings. I raise my head so that I may be able to look down at you as you sleep. You look so peaceful as you rest. If I did not know any better I would say that you have a slight smile on your face. Perhaps we shared the same dream.

           I begin to softly and slowly caress your body as I admire your sheer beauty. My love for you engulfs me as my hand lightly traces a pattern against your skin. You continue to sleep as I breathe in your aroma. The Scent of Gabrielle is in the air and it is one of ultimate desire and sexiness. Yes my love you resemble all that is woman and I am unfailingly attracted to all of your charms.

           My desire begins to take root as I plant ever-so-soft kisses on your arm and shoulder. I take time to enjoy each and every kiss, savoring the tastes that your body offers. I continue this for quite some time while you sleep. I can only imagine what you are dreaming about as my lips touch your body over and over.

            I caress your lovely legs as I kiss your body. I relish in the smoothness of your skin as my hand glides effortlessly over the contours. I softly caress your thighs, then the back of your knees, and on down towards your ankles. The simple touch of your skin is an aphrodisiac in itself. I am filled with love and desire as I lay next to you my love. All I want at this moment is to be with you and I smile to myself as I realize that I am always with you.

           My hand involuntarily steers its way towards your inner thighs. I lavish kisses upon your neck as I gently caress your thigh. I move my hand slowly up your thigh and under your silk nightgown. As my fingers trace their way up your leg you instinctively spread your legs slightly allowing me access to your lovely pussy. Although you are still in a state of sweet slumber, I am amazed as my fingers brush against your pussy how moist it is. I wonder to myself, ‘Is it me who has caused such a stir in your loins?’ or are you dreaming? Perhaps it is both I think to myself as a barely audible sigh escapes your full, luscious lips.

           I receive the answer to my questions as you open your eyes slightly and moan ‘good morning’ as I rub your pussy with my fingers. I smile and insert one finger into your pussy. Your eyes close as your body pulsates with pleasure. You can sense my love with every movement of my fingers and every kiss upon your body. I take my finger from your pussy and bring it to my lips for a taste. I thoroughly enjoy your exquisite taste and cannot help but smack my lips. I re-insert my finger slowly into your now sopping wet pussy. I work my finger around in a semi-circular fashion as I take great care not to move too fast. You are truly enjoying the experience as you moan my name for the first time today knowing that it is just the beginning….