Interracial Erotica

Allan Fox

I have been writing erotic short stories and one-pagers for a number of years now. I am not a professional writer and all of my works have been for personal consumption, be it mine or the recipient for whom it was intended. As in my everyday life, most of my stories and depictions have centered around interracial relations, more specifically white man/black woman. This is my primary target area. I am excited to join this site and look forward to enjoying and learning much.

 Articles by this Author

Good Morning: Part Four

The morning began when he became overwhelmed with the vision lying next to him. Passion was ignited and the journey continues...

Good Morning: Part Three

The journey continues as these interracial lovers are engulfed in morning bliss.

Good Morning: Part Two

The arousal brought on by the beauty lying next to him has begun to stir.  It is time to show what making love is all about.

Good Morning: Part One

The serenity of a day dawning with a beautiful goddess next to him is all the inspiration he needs...