Interracial Erotica

Red Snapper

RedSnapper is truly an erotic story teller. His Urban Erotica Bliss Series will captivate you, intrigue you and give you that something that only reading erotica can give you.Be Warned, Redsnapper's the sexual descriptions are scorching with lots of drama, suspense, and twists that make not only great erotica but a great story.

 Articles by this Author

Watching Miles - An Excerpt from Who's Fooling Who

Watching Miles in the shower through the reflection of the bathroom mirror was making Ursula reconsider waiting. He'd been a perfect gentleman with her - wining and dining her and treating her with the utmost respect. But Ursula was hesitant to get into a relationship with Miles. This was the first time she had ever dated a black man. Her folks seemed to be ok with it but she was unsure about her friends. She couldn't help but notice the way some Black women looked at her when Miles and her were out. Like she had gotten away with murder and was still running around on the streets. The site of Miles's....

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