Interracial Erotica

Christopher Reilley

I am a long time prepress tech and former self publisher, now a father and poet. I am a conglomeration of everything I have ever done, seen, felt, caused, experienced, observed and survived.
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 Articles by this Author

Slippery Friction

Carneous swells where breath caresses, butterfly kisses where eyelashes stroke…

7 Tips to Help You "Score" on a Date

A basic primer on several techniques to assist you in assuring that the night will end in passion.

Sail With Me

To the sky's hot rim.

Black Lace and Bluebelle

An idyllic woodland moment.

And Then There Was You

Dating is practice for loving, and this poem follows that idea to its conclusion.

It Was Just a Kiss

How was I to know?


An erotic poem of the power inherent in revealing your innermost desires.

White Boy Black Lust

A short poem of color blind lust.