Wow! I didn’t realize I’d been away so long. My family has kept me mind-numbingly busy. Not that you missed my ramblings or anything.

I would go into a long write-up but screw it, let’s bullet point this mofo:

~ Greg has been battling pneumonia. He’ll be home tomorrow but won’t be back in action for a few weeks. Yeah, it was THAT bad.

~ I managed to get a lot of writing, including two new short reads, completed. They’re being edited as I type. Yay!

~ As usual, Eve is walking perfection.

~ Thanks to Greg's brother, BC and Isaac are now the owners of a commercial grade snow cone machine. Howard replaced a Snoopy machine with a Snowie 3000!

~ My four year old nephew Isaac is staying with us until my brother is settled stateside. BC has a playmate!

~ I’m pretty sure BC sees dead people. Long story.

~ I made a ton of Youtube updates including the four season of Being Human. Requests are welcomed.

~ I’m writing an end of season wrap-up for Being Human. It’ll be similar to my Misfits post.


I’ll be on more often now that Greg is home. I also have a give-away kicking off Monday so check back to enter.

I love folks to death! Thanks for your support. Cheers!!!!