Hiya gang!

Please welcome author Janet Eckford to the IRE.net family!

You’ve probably read her work and seen her poking around the site. Well, she finally joined the dark side. *evil laugh* She’ll fit right in...she's a woot!

Her first short read “I Need You Once More Before I Go” is now available. Definitely check out her work from BTP.

For excerpts and more, stop by her new haunt The Art of Fiction. You’re in for a treat.

Lady J, welcome to the fam!

Janet’s Bio:
Like most superheroes (or super-villains, depending on who’s telling the story) I live a double life. By day I'm a mild-mannered crusader for justice (or nefarious deeds, depending on who’s telling the story) and by night an indestructible creator of prose (or pathological liar, depending on who’s telling the story). I believe love shouldn’t have a color code and strive to create stories that represent that belief.