Due to rain, BC’s birthday party is officially cancelled. I can hear your sighs of disappointment.

We planned an Avengers backyard BBQ with games and a maze from bales of hay. These kids love mazes. The bigger the better, and this year the guys outdid themselves. The maze is about 700-750 sqf. What the hell am I going to do with all this hay?

Anyway, BC was really looking forward to his party until the stupid rain ruined everything.

I thought he'd be broken up but he wasn't. He put on his costume and bounced around the house while
Zora tracked down a Chuck E. Cheese they’ll allow them to wear their outfits.

All settled, right?


BC decided he doesn’t want all twenty-five kids to tag along – only Isaac and his little girl friend. The other kids, he said, can come over another time.

This boy is an old soul.