In her bathroom, Gloria washed her face and dressed for bed. Studying the fine arch of her eyebrow, she wondered if Myles felt her quake when he touched her arm, asking her to stay on the patio. If he had, what had he made of it? It was so brief, the tiniest thing, but it happened. Her affection for Myles was bleeding from fantasy to reality. It’s an impossible situation, she told her reflection and turned the light out and went to bed.

A while later, she heard Myles knock on the door, and then slowly open it. The children must’ve gone to their rooms, Gloria was alone. Myles leaned over and kissed her as his hand slid over her belly, and drifted up to her left breasts where his fingertips caressed her hardened nipple. Myles gave it a gentle squeeze and claimed her tongue.

He wanted more...his hand slid down…down between her thighs. Invitingly, Gloria opened them to him. His fingers brush past her clit, caressing, instead, her inner thigh. His lips smiled onto hers and kissed down her neck, their path well known. Her gentle pants became heated as his hand eased up her leg…more pants…he touched her mound…her heart raced…his lips touched her collar bone with small tender kisses until he reached her breasts…she trembled…his fingertips stroked her clit softly…Gloria moved in rhythm with his strokes, as his lips kissed and licked teasingly around her nipple. She arched from the bed, wanting more….more fingers…more tongue….more anything.

Myles obliged, swirling his tongue over and around her nipple, flicking across it as her wet pussy lips eagerly gave way to his fingers. “Gloria, you’re wet...”

Gloria was in a world of her own. Floating here and there, wherever he took her, she gladly went. Myles called her name repeated…then there was a knock on her door, bringing her out of her nocturnal bliss.

“Is Jackson in here?” Myles poked his head through the door. “I checked his room.”

Gloria sat up in bed, dazed. Shelby lay at the foot of her bed. No Jackson. “Wait, I’ll get him.” Gloria rose, she and Myles walked to the opposite side of her bed. “There he is.” She pointed to a tent-like sheet structure. “They were playing pirate ship. He fell asleep inside his fort.”

“Not a very good pirate, is he?” Myles kicked aside the stuffed animals guarding Jackson’s moat and lift the sheet to find his son face down in his pillow. “I didn’t know pirate ships could sail in moats.”

Gloria laughed. “These are your children. They’re special like that.” She to moved Shelby onto her pillow. “You can leave him here. He’ll be fine.”

He rushed to help Gloria move Shelby. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, why not. As you can see, there’s nothing going on in here.”

“Are you sure?” Myles smiles sheepishly. “You look like you’re up to something.”

Gloria smacked her lips and shook her head. “Trust me, nothing going on.”


It was Thursday which meant play dates. Every Thursday the nannies took Shelby and Ronny on an outing while the other children were in school. There were trips to the children’s museum, aquariums, and planetariums—but there were days when McDonald’s play area fit the bill. Shelby and Ronny certainly didn’t mind; together they were feral! Shelby wiggled from her seat and was off like a shot to the ball-pit with Ronny only to be called back a few minutes later.

Irritated by Gloria’s interruption, Shelby threw her ball knocking Ronny in the head and returned to Gloria.

“That wasn’t nice.” Gloria admonished Shelby and used her hair band to construct a semi-attractive ponytail for her. Gloria admired the end product. Shelby had a golden sunburst spouting from the top of her head. It would do for now. “Apologize to Ronny.”

Shelby hurried back to Ronny, caught his pitched ball in the face, and a chase ensued.

“Let those children play.” Josie said, leaning back in her seat. “They’re having fun. With any luck, they’ll wear themselves out.”

“Shelby doesn’t make the drive home.” Gloria crunched on a piece of ice from Shelby’s cup. “Ten minutes in the car, and she’s fast asleep.”

“Same with Ronny,” Linnea added, though not quite her jovial self.

Josie and Ursula looked at one another, suspiciously. Ronald Gray’s tyrannical style of household management was common knowledge. Shortly after Ronny’s birth, his wife Amy withdrew from public life altogether; making only necessary appearances. No one knew the exact reason she shied away, but rumors abound, and then fizzled out. Nothing, however grizzly, would’ve surprised Josie and Ursula. Both ladies looked at Gloria when she asked, “What’s happened?” Everyone waited for Linnea to laugh off the allegation that something had in fact ‘happened’ and blame her sullen mood on trivial nonsense. She didn’t. In fact, it wasn’t until then that the ladies realized Linnea hadn’t spoken nor made eye-contact with them since they arrived. Gloria cut her eyes at the other ladies, signaling them to tend to the children while she needled Linnea for information. When they left Gloria placed her feet in Josie’s chair and asked softly. “Are you alright?”

Linnea lift her head and brushed away loose strains of brown hair away from her full cheeks. “I’m fine.” Her glassy eyes betrayed her. She had to give Gloria something or she’d never drop the subject. “It’s been a long morning. I’m tired.”

“Ronny can come home with us,” Gloria watched as Linnea seemed to fold within herself. “You need the rest.”

“No,” Linnea raised her head quickly, snapping. “He’s coming with me.”

Gloria smiled and didn’t press the issue. Whatever happened to Linnea wasn’t going to be solved by causing a scene. Linnea took a deep breath and laid her head in Gloria’s lap.

“I’m so tired, Glo.”

Gloria took a sip of her milkshake and propped the cup on Linnea’s head. “Is that better?” she chuckled down at her. Even upset, Linnea couldn’t help smiling.

“Much better, thanks.”

Gloria looked across the play area, spotted Shelby coming butt first down the slide and shook her head. Ursula and Josie flashed quizzical eyes at Gloria’s direction. Gloria shrugged; she didn’t know what to make of Linnea. "If you need to talk, my door is always open."

"I know."


Linnea’s episode unnerved Gloria in a way she couldn’t explain. Whatever it was brought about a profound change in Linnea, Gloria didn’t have time to beat that path. When she arrived home with Jackson, the house was full of people, Myles was nowhere to be found, and there were children to be fed. Gloria was thankful to see Lori had ordered dinner which took at least one strain off of her evening.

It was after nine o’clock when Myles finally reared his head from work and joined Gloria in the kitchen. God, she’s beautiful, he thought watching her t-shirt hug her trim waist as she prepared Jackson’s lunchbox. Was there something morally wrong about fantasizing about Gloria while she held his son’s lunchbox? It felt wrong! Myles damned himself and offered his assistance, which she flatly refused, sending the jar of mayo crushing to the stone floor in the process. “I’ll get it. Just sit down.” Myles grabbed kitchen towels and cleaning supplies, rolled his sleeves up, and went about picking up the large pieces of glass.

Gloria took a seat on a barstool at the island, exhausted yet too tired to sleep. Myles rambled on about something. She honestly wasn’t listening; the incident with Linnea took precedence.

“Gloria?” Myles called, visibly bringing her around. “Where’s your head tonight? You seem out of sorts.”

Gloria opened her mouth to tell him what happened with Linnea but thought better of it. It was, after all, just nanny business—he, belonged to congress. It didn’t even register on his radar. “It’s nothing,” she mustered a grin. “How are things going?”

“It’s going well, I suppose.” Myles cleared the first layer of mayo and started on the second. “We could use Ronald but….” He sprayed the last of the cleanser and looked up at Gloria for help.

Gloria jumped down, grabbed a new bottle of cleanser from the cupboard and handed it to him….hoping he’d finish what he was saying. “But what?” she retook her seat.

“But, Ronald and Amy have filed for divorce so his time is being spent elsewhere.” He looked down at his finger where a splinter of glass protruded. “Shit! Can you…”

“Yeah.” Gloria went for the first-aid kit. At this rate, she’d never hear the end of this story! She turned on the overhead light and took Myles by the hand. “You were saying?”

Myles thought for a second. Gloria was pretty handy to have around. “I was saying, this is a damn fine time for him to get a divorce. Right as the election is coming. Perfect.”

“Who filed?” Gloria asked, squeezing his finger. The splinter was fairly deep, but she managed to pull it out in one piece. “Rinse your finger and I’ll put a bandage on.” She turned the water on and he rinsed.

“Believe it or not, Amy filed.” He laughed. “The woman hasn’t said two words in ten years and when she does, she divorces him. I guess she finally had enough of his shit.”

Gloria’s wars perked up. “What do you mean?”

Myles shrugged as she wrapped his finger, tightly…too tightly. “Ouch!”


“He’s busy, gone for long periods of time like I used to be.” Myles paused momentarily. “Some women aren’t meant to be with men like us.” He looked down at Gloria. She slowly looked up and met his eyes. Neither moved, or blinked, or breathed. “It’s not an easy position…” Myles stammered slightly. “…for Amy.”

“She’s too timid.” Gloria added for the sake of saying something. Not realizing she was still holding his hand. She dropped it. “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“Mmm, Myles?” Davis came into the room and waved his phone.

“Thanks,” Myles held his hand up to Gloria and pointed to his finger. “Duty calls…literally. I’ll be up later…um, to…well…you know…grab Jackson.”

Gloria giggled and finished the clean up job he started. Myles could be a strange bird at times.


Later that night....

“So have you fucked her?” Davis asked, flatly as one would the time.

“What? No!” Myles replied. “I hadn’t even thought about it.” He lied—it was all he thought about.

“Well, can I have a go?”


“Can I?” Rick throw his lot in.

“No! No one is sleeping with my nanny! Stop asking.” The pangs of jealousy began to surface.

“Why not?” Davis stood collecting his papers. “You’ve got to admit she’s hot! Hell, I’d sacrifice my left testicle for a woman like her. My left one, Myles! That’s my good one. I’m serious.”

“Glooooria,” Rick let her name roll off his tongue like molasses. “Even her name is sexy. Can you imagine coming home to her every night?”

“And she’s intelligent.” Davis added.

“Good point! Yes, and she’s intelligent.” Rick continued. “I would have sworn you two were a couple. Look at the way you act around one another, all couple-ly…Jesus man, get on with it. She wants you, I can tell.”

“Yeah, she’d love nothing more than to tame you, White Boy.” Davis joked.

“Sod off. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m going to bed.” Myles maneuvered his way out of their increasingly uncomfortable conversation.

“Whatever Myles. Kiss her goodnight for me, will ya?” Rick called after him.

“Hey, show some respect and get the hell out.” Myles yelled as he climbed the stairs. The guys broke into laughter. His feigned disinterest in Gloria wasn’t fooling them. They’d known him well. Irritating the shit out of Myles was the only way to get him to act.

No one knew the seeds of interest were firmly planted in Myles and Gloria’s minds. Separately, of course, they danced around the question neither dared to venture beyond the realm of their fantasies. No, things were best left as they were: employer/employee. But there was no denying their chemistry. In a sad bid to rid themselves of any lingering desires they told themselves it was natural for two people as close as they were to be drawn to one another. Try as they might, the feelings were still there and growing stronger as they became the other’s segregate relationship.

In truth, there was a clawing sense of guilt for encroaching on her personal time in the recesses of Myles’s conscience. It was unfair of him to assume her entire life revolved around him and the children—and that she didn’t want to be elsewhere. After a long day of nonsense, it felt good to come home to her, but it wasn’t fair. And the upcoming elections matters were only going to get worse.

Myles knocked on Gloria’s bedroom door and hoped she wouldn’t answer and he could sneak in, retrieve Jackson and leave, but seconds later the door opened. Gloria, wearing a pair of purple Mayfair pajamas, waved him in and skidded across the room to the cushioned bay window from which she read nightly. Myles forced his attention to the children. There was something about the way Gloria’s bottom moved under her clothes that drove him mad. He kissed Shelby and pulled the covers over Jackson before joining Gloria in the small alcove overlooking the front yard and vacant street below. Gloria scooted inward to make room for him; another of their nightly routines.

“What are you reading?” Myles asked, reaching for her book and read the spine. “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” he smirked and past the book back to Gloria. “Interesting choice.”

“Why? Did you take me for the rambling romance type?”

“Noooo, you’re much too sensible.”

“So you think women who prefer fanciful romance over classical literature are light?” Gloria hoped to snare Myles into one of her battle of the sex’s debates.

Without missing a beat Myles replied, “Yes, I do. Women who indulge in whimsical romance novels are the same women who’re looking for Prince Charming to rescue them in real life.”

“There’s no harm in escapism. Everyone dreams of meeting that special someone.”

“True,” Myles meets Gloria’s eyes. “But when that someone fails to measure up to Prince Charming, the fantasy ends and real life begins.” His glance fell on the book in her hands, then back to her eyes. “But sensible women give as well as they get. They don’t rely on the flattery of others to validate who they are.”

Gloria’s lips were touched by a smile. “So you don’t play into a woman’s vanity?”

“For the right women, I’ll play anything—anyway way she wants it to be played.” The tone of his voice left little to the imagination. They purposely licked Gloria’s intimate bits.

“Well, I can’t argue with that.” She said, blushingly. Jackson stirred in bed. “We’d better move him before he wakes up.”

Myles collected his son in his arms, said goodnight but turned to Gloria. “The children will be gone tomorrow night. If you don’t have plans, perhaps we can go out to dinner.” The request had the cheesy veneer Myles hadn’t intended. “We could use the night off.” He corrected.

“Sure,” Gloria smiled. “I’ll make a reservation. Someplace quiet, I suppose?”

“Yeah, and private” Myles broke himself from watching her lips move. “Well…goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Myles.” Gloria closed the door and climbed in bed beside Shelby. She replayed their brief conversation. She didn’t dare believe he fancied her beyond their preordained boundaries. Okay, she hoped….a little.