Interracial Erotica

Short Reads

Short Reads are just that...short reads. Simple hot short stories. Not meant to overwhelm...just tell it like it is. Don't be surprised if you read a scene or two from some of your favorite couples here. Sometimes I have to edit scenes from stories so check back now and then. Enjoy!

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    White Boy Black Lust

    A short poem of color blind lust.

    Blue Moon

    Contest Entry

    It was one of those nights that just begged for something wild to jump off.... The weather was hot and sultry, and there was a blue moon.


    I want you to take me as you wish. Whatever pleases you....Kiss it. Lick it. Mark your territory.

    Never Too Late

    When I promised to meet Chloe, an old college mate I hadn’t seen since graduation, for dinner and dancing I hadn’t expected to be pitched out in some dank back ally, clinging to the hopes my masculine aura would ward off any would-be attackers. Yet here I was. Damn it, after all these years she still had a hold on me.

    Hers For The Taking

    Surely, there's a special place in hell for Roger and Denise, but for now they're enjoying the ride!

    Executive Orders: Part Two

    Executive Orders: Part Two

    His first five months in the office was spent wooing everyone he met, as the new head of production was obliged to do. The department needed a facelift and Marcus Campbell was the perfect fit. Within seconds he captivated anyone, save Jae Alton. She wasn’t easily beguiled.

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    Right There

    My lips glide across yours, savoring you. You ache for my touch. A greedy moan escapes you as my fingers trace down between trembling thighs. Instinctively they fall open, softly surrendering to my wishes. My fingers map your delicate skin. First one, and then the other. They gliding against you. I watch you wither ever so slightly until I’m there.

    Right there…

    Through Gabriel's Eyes

    You've heard Samantha's side of the story. Now here's your chance to see things through Gabriel's eyes....

    Through Sam's Eyes

    There are two sides to every relationship. Here is your chance to see things through Sam's eyes....

    The Club

    Jon’s jaw clenched as his eyes locked on Karen. Her body immediately responded to Jon’s heated emerald eyes trailing down her body. As if he smelled her arousal, Jon started walking towards her. She purposely turned her back to him as he got closer.

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