Interracial Erotica

Short Reads

Short Reads are just that...short reads. Simple hot short stories. Not meant to overwhelm...just tell it like it is. Don't be surprised if you read a scene or two from some of your favorite couples here. Sometimes I have to edit scenes from stories so check back now and then. Enjoy!

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    The Sofa That Prayed

    In a non-sectarian way, of course.

    Come What May

    Jonathan and Cami found what everyone looks for: A carnal love...unchangeable, come what may.

    He's Just a Crush

    A poem inspired by all the beautiful men that flash across my computer screen practically on a daily basis. 

    One Night Stanza

    A look at the power of poetic words to gain access to a woman's tender mysteries. ;-)

    The Games Go On

    We play, we dance, we love...

    Slippery Friction

    Carneous swells where breath caresses, butterfly kisses where eyelashes stroke…

    Sail With Me

    To the sky's hot rim.

    Black Lace and Bluebelle

    An idyllic woodland moment.

    And Then There Was You

    Dating is practice for loving, and this poem follows that idea to its conclusion.

    It Was Just a Kiss

    How was I to know?


    An erotic poem of the power inherent in revealing your innermost desires.

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