Interracial Erotica

Short Reads

Short Reads are just that...short reads. Simple hot short stories. Not meant to overwhelm...just tell it like it is. Don't be surprised if you read a scene or two from some of your favorite couples here. Sometimes I have to edit scenes from stories so check back now and then. Enjoy!

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    True Confessions

    His name was Sony. He was supposed to be a one-night stand. We began ‘dating’ shortly after meeting—24 hours after meeting to be exact. He was tall and handsome and he had a funny laugh and a glimmer in his eye that beckoned you to his bed.


    Reader Submitted
    There was nothing like watching a clock and waiting. And now here she was walking through the damn door. Jack had grown exceedingly annoyed with her by the hour...but then again somthings are worth waiting for....

    No Going Back: A Short Follow-up

    **A Short Follow-up  of "No Going Back"**

    Christian and Jasmine have been on again/off again lovers for six years. Jasmine’s late night booty calls are wearing thin with Christian. She has one last chance to get it right or move on…

    Executive Orders

    His first five months in the office was spent wooing everyone he met, as the new head of production was obliged to do. The department needed a facelift and Marcus Campbell was the perfect fit. Within seconds he captivated anyone, save Jae Alton. She wasn’t easily beguiled.

    My Submission

    A mid afternoon phone call has a wife reflecting on her submission to her husband.
    Warning it's sexy!


    ***Author Challenge***

    He has no face or name. He is a mingling of the mysteriously unattainable and ambient masculinity. He is my nameless faceless fuck.

    Sofly Whispering Words of Wonder

    Release is a whispered word and one stroke away.

    Say it like you mean it.

    Actions can often speak louder than words.

    Naughty Thoughts and Naughty Deeds

    Naughty thoughts can create the most interesting naughty deeds.

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