Interracial Erotica

Short Reads

Short Reads are just that...short reads. Simple hot short stories. Not meant to overwhelm...just tell it like it is. Don't be surprised if you read a scene or two from some of your favorite couples here. Sometimes I have to edit scenes from stories so check back now and then. Enjoy!

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    Man Eater

    Public displays of affection? There were better things you could do on a Friday night. Lucky for Dylan, Flora could think of nothing she’d rather do than claim her man.


    Jay has one goal: To crack his case. All that stands between him and success is Delicious.
    Erotic Humor

    The Authentic Açaí Bowl (Rio Bowl)

    Someone requested a ‘real’ Brazilian recipe for açaí after an unpleasant experience with an online version.

    His Maîtresse-en-titre

    Discarded by her English father, abandoned by her Moorish mother, and given away to an unknown man by her half-sister....Amelia was nineteen and on her own. And she'd have to make the best of it.
    Tracy's First Published Historical

    Darkly Dangerous

    The moment when lust becomes love.


    It's all that I want from you.

    What We Leave Behind

    What We Leave Behind is a peek into Kevin and Chloe's relationship. This glimpes is an amalgamation of savagery and tenderness which epitomized their relationship. It wasn’t always pretty; at times it was brutal but it always, always true.

    Do You Feel Me?

    You touch me, deep inside, can you tell?

    The Lottery of Random Collisions

    You should be so lucky.

    Little Secrets

    We all have little secrets. Some are just hotter than others....

    Red Panties

    Liv Claris finally found what she was looking for—a man who was different than what she was usually getting. However, when he comes in the form of her best friend’s estranged brother, Gabriel, she can’t help but wonder if different is something that she isn’t ready for. Excerpt from my story Different Finds You.

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