Interracial Erotica

Tracy Ames

Mrs. Ames is an international bestselling author of interracial erotic fiction and a former columnist for several newsletters and magazines.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracy currently split time between CT & New York City with her husband, children and a host of pets.


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So Long 2011!!

This isn’t going to be an overly emotional end of year post for two reasons: we’ll be here tomorrow, and writing a post slipped my mind until ten minutes ago. This year definitely belonged...
    It appears FetLife has gone from a comfortable hangout of likeminded Kinksters, where everyone was accepted and respectful, to a den of clandestine shag-a-thons. I deleted my account long ago but wa...

      A Poem for my Daughter

      As my mother did for me, I gave Eva a writing journal inscribed with one of our favorite poems.Given that we were encouraged to keep journals, it’s amusing that our parents were genuinely stunne...
        I’m no fan of Martha Stewart. Her thinly veiled contempt for those around her drives me nuts. I had the particular misfortune of watching one of her over-the-top holiday shows where her homemade...

          Nine Ways To Tell If Your Love Is Real

          So how do you know if you’re in a lasting relationship? Here’s what the experts say: You feel good. A good relationship makes you feel good about yourself. You look forward to spending tim...

            Etsy Isn't My Friend

            Yesterday morning, Isaac, my nephew, ate half of my blueberry soap. Don’t worry ‘it was vegan’ as he pointed out to my neighbor, the doctor who wrenched him from the clutches of deat...
              Hiya gang,Diary of a Reformed Harlot: Part Seven is now available. I decided to divide this installment into two parts because it read better. I hope you enjoy! Thanks Lydia!**UPDATE**Daniel and I are...

                Medical Science Is Gonna Pump You Up!

                Apparently, I live under a rock? I wasn’t aware penis inflation had reached such heights (no pun intended). I imagine this guy at the moment of truth stopping to pump himself up (again, no pun i...

                  Erotic Wallpaper?

                  Dean Street Townhouse, a stylish hotel and dining room located in the affluent enclave of Soho in central London, is bleeding amazing. The residents of historic Soho are an interesting mix of all soci...

                    “Pariah” The Movie

                    I’m speechless. No seriously, I’m speechless. We were invited to an early screening of “Pariah” the acclaimed debut of writer/director Dee Rees. As I’m too lazy to write,...