Interracial Erotica

Tracy Ames

Mrs. Ames is an international bestselling author of interracial erotic fiction and a former columnist for several newsletters and magazines.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracy currently split time between CT & New York City with her husband, children and a host of pets.


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"Sins of My Father" is Available

Hiya!"Sins of My Father" is now available. If you enjoy, please comment/rate. Your feedback will determine if the story is continued. Cheers!
    Hiya Folks!Diary of a Reformed Harlot: Part Eight is now available. Yay!I hope you enjoy. The next installment will be available next Thursday.Look for "Sins of My Father" this weekend.You guys are th...

      Why Do I Even Bother?

      I post this on Tumblr last month as I was experiencing trouble posting on the site from the hospital. Howard, Greg’s younger brother, loss his wife to leukemia three years ago. Now he’s ba...

        Not Dead Yet!

        Wow! I didn’t realize I’d been away so long. My family has kept me mind-numbingly busy. Not that you missed my ramblings or anything. I would go into a long write-up but screw it, let&#...

          Rants & Rambles Update: Third Star

          I have made several updates to Rants & Rambles. I wanted to point out Third Star in particular. It’s the ~T.S.~ playlist. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it NOW before some idiot has it r...
            Hiya folks!I posted this on my Tumblr page months ago after coming it while researching strained relationships. I thought I would post it here as well.You can read the full article HERE. I hope you fi...

              More Relationship Stuff

              My family is in town this week so you can imagine how hellish it's been. Last night we sat around re-telling old, long forgotten stories. The ones that had tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks we...
                MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME READERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!Yesterday, we were discussing the alleged rape of gay pornstar Mason Wyler. In 2008, Wyler claims he was “held down with belts, duct tape ...

                  Opps! Sorry Folks!

                  Hey guys,Daniel and I were playing around with the site templates this morning and didn't realize we hadn't taken the system offline.So if you were navigating through the site at that time, you may ha...

                    "House Calls" is now available

                    Hey folks,"House Calls", my author challenge tale, is now available. It's a two-pager so tuck in. :)I hope you enjoy.I owe a big fat thank you to Lydia for editing the piece. Thanks Chica!