IRE Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

Liv drove aimlessly until she could no longer her best friend’s house in her rearview mirror. That is when she parked at the side of a quiet street, behind a park. Her heart was beating too quickly for it to have been just from the heated exchange with her friend Daniel. She looked up to her mirror, catching a body in the back and then screamed.

“No noises honey. I haven’t even started yet and you’re screaming. You’re going to enflame my ego.”

There Gabriel, his estranged older brother, was staring back at her. He placed his knit hat on his unruly brown curls and gave her a cheeky smile.

“How did you get in here?” she asked fearfully. He held out his hand for her to sit beside him. She turned off the gas, removed her keys and walked to the backseats instead.

“I got round after boot camp. I know a few things,” his reply was unnerving but he explained no further. She just quietly felt as his legs bounced against hers, rough denim against her freshly shaven legs. He turned towards her in a conflictingly boyish nature. “Are we going to stay here in silence or are you going to bring me back to your place?”

“I’m not bringing you home,” she stated, thinking of the trouble they would most likely get into there. “I need a drink.”

Ten minutes later she was sitting across from him at a coffee shop instead of any of the horizontal positions that were plaguing her mind. She lifted up her green tea to her lips while he stared at her. He had refused to order anything the moment she parked the car in front of the café.

Instead of a café, he had wished that she went to a bar.

“Why are we here?” he asked shortly.

That question had been repeated for the last fifteen minutes. She had yet to figure out an appropriate answer herself.

“Because you want me for my body,” Liv said finally. She placed her tea down. “But I’m not about to fuck someone who only knows me from Polaroid’s and hopefully not too candid stories from his brother.” He broke out into a grin that made her want to take back her statement. He leaned his face towards hers.

“And you want to do what? Play twenty one questions in the middle of a crowded place?” His mouth quirked at one side in amusement, he slipped his hand under the table and brushed against her knee with his hand. “Don’t be juvenile.”

"Liv tried to gulp but she could hardly swallow. She was out in public with a man who wanted to fuck her senseless and the only thing standing in between them was fourteen years of unrequited love. No matter how she reasoned, being with him would be a bad idea—an incredibly bad idea. She had lusted after his young brother for years, her love complicated by the fact that he was now married. If she started anything with Gabriel it would make her into a Maury show guest.

She reached down to bring her green tea up to her lips at the same time Gabriel sent an unexpected sock covered foot brushing her clit. Tea split down the front of her shirt, making her hotter than she thought possible. Gabriel came to her rescue with a tissue to mop up the liquid. She bit her bottom lip to hold in a cry of pleasure when he slid two fingers between the buttons of her blouse with one hand while he cleaned with another. To outsiders it looked like a seriously helpful boyfriend helping his clumsy girlfriend out but Liv could see the hard edge his face had taken on. She bit her bottom lip harder. His fingertips squeezed her dark nipples as he pretended to wipe, forcing her to become wetter than the liquid that fell onto her. She wanted to throw her hands back and let his fingers message her, to take in his hard cock as he stretched her out.

“Let’s go get you changed.”

He had stood up with his hand outstretched waiting for her…giving her a choice to make. She could leave and try to forget about him, going back to the pastime of porn, beer, and drunken dialing. Or she could have sex with a man who was different. One who wanted her as much as she wanted him and then some.

She grabbed his hand a little too tightly, letting him help her up.

He drove back both of them back to her house while she ignored his rushing which included lots of yellow light disregarding and slightly wild turns. Both of them walked too calmly towards her house in the broad daylight as their sweaty palms and racing pulses gave clues to how restless they were truly feeling. Liv could feel herself warming up, smiling. Her hands trembled as she crossed her arms over her chest after opening the door then locking it behind them. Gabriel made the first move, to sit on the couches instead of staying beside her. He wanted to give her enough distance to come to him, to close to come to him. Liv walked from where she stood, first slowly then quick enough to trip herself and fall into his waiting lap. She steadied herself by placing a hand on both his thighs before settling her knees on the ground.

“I need help changing,” she whispered out.

He didn’t hesitate. His arms had wrapped around her shoulders crushing her to him as he kissed her tenderly. He was slower than she thought he would be but just as passionate as the night before. His fingers moved into her hair, strands tangling like rope holding him in place. His tongue moved over her thick lips into her mouth as she tried not to moan. Her hands moved from his legs up to his chest. Blindly she started to feel her way down to undo the buttons. He removed his hands from her hair without breaking contact from the kiss to help her get his shirt off. He tugged the material off of his body forcefully, buttons making their way down to the floor. His hands were quicker as ripped open her shirt as well. Her mind was scattered as he placed his hands at the back of her thighs and pulled her onto his lap.

“Fuck.” She finally let out the word he waited so long to pull from her lips as he grinded her hips down into his erection. It was steel, straining against the tightness of his jeans and making him want to turn her over on the floor and fuck her from behind. But he knew that if he moved too fast then she would walk away from him. He ended to make it slow and pleasurable since he knew that if whatever was happening was going to last more than she would have to be satisfied and unable to leave him.

Liv could see in Gabriel’s face that he was thinking hard about something, getting distracted. Quickly, she placed her palms on either side of his face bring him back into another kiss while he lifted up her skirt and placed it on the ground. She shivered from the sudden breeze on her ass and pussy, nipples hardening further as she struggled to keep herself upright. Instead of grinding her back into his erection, he brought his other hand down hard and spanked her ass. She let out a sharp scream before falling against him as he rubbed the spot where he spanked. Her heart was pounding in her ears with enough force to make her a little dizzy. A part of her mind wanted to stop him before anything that she would regret happened but she couldn’t push the words out of her mouth since a much larger part of her wanted to be spanked again.

“Oh, I got myself a screamer,” Gabriel spoke with a smile as he spanked her ass again. Liv bucked into his cock, emitting a low groan from him as he tried to keep control. He moved his concentration to her chest, licking the space in between her breasts. He had his hand on her blouse in moments, watching for her expression as he unbuttoned it quickly then followed it up with her bra. He caught a nipple between his teeth lightly. He grazed at it with his tongue before taking it full in his mouth and sucking onto it.

She bent her head back, taking in the sensations of his body against hers and feeling herself slowly getting overwhelmed. She didn’t want to play drawn out games of foreplay. She wanted penetration.

Pushing away from him, she laid down on her back, feet steady on the ground. Her legs spread wide apart.

“I’ll scream as loud as you want me to scream. I’ll make animal noises. Anything! Just please—”

He bent down, forcing his mouth into her pussy before she could finish her sentence. She writhed against his strong body as he held her in place. She heard the sound of his zipper opening on the fringe of her mind while he licked slowly at her clit then started ministrations with his tongue. He pushed and sucked her, then darted inside her, soft and wet. He wanted to keep tasting her, taking his time while his moving out of his pants, sliding them over his hips.

She loved the attention he gave to her clit. Pushing his tongue against the blood filled organ and then taping it in rhythm. She looked down to watch him take her higher and higher…That’s when she noticed his underwear.

Red panties.

The lace material hardly covered his erection and shapely bottom. She wondered if she was dreaming since the moment seemed too absurd to be true. She smiled, a sudden rumble of laughter coming down onto her that she couldn’t resist. Different? Yes he was completely different. She laughed and laughed, voice increasing in volume until she met his eyes and saw the mistake she made reflected at her.

“Gabriel, please.”

She was reaching out for him but he had already turned his away. He was getting dressed without looking at her while she grabbed for his hand. Liv reached for the throw on her other couch to cover herself. Then she chased after him as he walked out of her house.

“Please don’t go. Gabriel. Gabriel! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She touched his arm but he brushed her off. “It’s such a long way to get back. Let me give you a ride home at least.” He stopped in his tracks and turned around, heading over towards the door while Liv ran back to the house for her slippers and keys.

She made sure to take the longer roads to give herself enough time to talk to him. She was confused. First they were going to have sex and now she was taking him home without her orgasm. Second he wasn’t speaking to her, not even yelling. She pulled over on the dirt on the side of the road then turned to him. Finally, he was looking at her. Glaring.

“What’s your problem?” she yelled out in sudden anger. “We were in the middle of something here.” He laughed with amusement eyes flashing at her.

“I don’t have a problem. You’re the one who wanted to laugh.” He tapped the window with a fist. Okay, she laughed at his choice of underwear. A bad point but did he really think that she was going to stop what was happening because of it?

“Do you really think I care about the lace?”

He turned around with a raised brow and leaned towards her. He was so close to her lips that if breathed outwards with a slight head tilt than she would be able to kiss him. But she didn’t.

“They’re not briefs they’re panties so of course you care. Daniel also cares. And my dad cared enough to send me to boot camp. Everyone cares.” He rubbed the palm of his hand into his eyes. “Just forget it. Drive me home or I’m getting out of the car.”

“No,” she stated. He turned back at her with a bored expression but his eyes widened at her sudden nudity.

“Are you insane? We’re on the road. Put back on the blanket!” He reached to grab the material off her lap but she kept it in her own possession while mentally thanking herself for buying a car with tinted windows and parking the car to the side so that the wind shield was facing the side scenery.

“No, because you owe me. You worked me up and now you have to finish what you started no matter what your kinks are. You owe me an orgasm.”

He rolled his eyes, opening the passenger seat door and walking out. Liv took her keys out of the engine, wrapped the blanket around herself and ran after him. He turned around and caught her at the waist as she launched herself onto him. Pushing them back onto a dip in the ground and then at the grassy part where bushes grew. She had landed on top of him breathing harshly while her breasts rose and fell with her intake of breath.

“You owe me,” she stated again, less sure this time that pushing him was going to work but too tired to get up from on top of him. “And for laughing I owe you.” She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees then grinded down onto him. The material of the lace brushed against her clit like a caress. She let out a gasp and bit her bottom lip.

“You like that?” he asked, holding her hips to help her drag herself against his underwear once more. She ran her hands over her breasts letting go to her hold on her blanket and nodded her head.


He brought her down hands holding onto her lips tightly, eyes trained on her face. The red material was delicious pressed up on her clit each time she contact was made. She bit her lip harder, worried that she would draw out blood but not caring. Her hair was falling from the bun at the nape of her neck to frame her face. Gabriel wanted to reach up and run his fingers through her the baby curls watching them snap back like her head did each time she arched him.

“Undress,” she whispered, trying to reach down with her hands. He lifted her off of him and onto the side. He pulled off the torn shirt and his pants, letting her take in the full picture of his erection straining in the red panties. The underwear was becoming more erotic by the second. She crawled towards him then grabbed his cock in her hands through the fabric. Her hand slid up and down slowly feeling the weight of him in her palm. His hand reached in the middle of her thighs, curling up to the roof of her pussy for a quick taste as he brought his fingers towards his mouth. Pushing her down onto the floor, he laid her on the blanket, legs opened and facing him. She could hear plastic snapping as he slid on the condom; she let out a little noise of protest as the lace came next to her hands lying at sides instead of on his tanned skin. She forgot it the moment his cock touched the lips of her pussy then went all the way in with a barely contained thrust. She could feel herself slipping under, eyes hardly focusing on the noise of the highway, every sensation pointed to him.

He groaned as he pulled back and then roughly thrusting, pulling back and then thrusting again. He was trying to be gentle but couldn’t define the words as he looked at the woman underneath him, completely opening herself to him. She was the one that had kept him from that maddening hellhole of boot camp. Now he had finally claimed her. If he knew how to keep her there connected to him in such as intimate way he would. The gods’ secret to a thousand years of lovemaking.

She hands moved up his chest, running her fingers up to his shoulders to bring him into a kiss. He bent over; still keeping the back arching rhythm as he licked her bottom lip then pressed his mouth on hers. He felt her moan, felt her heart bouncing in her ribcages, felt clit pulse his current position better serving her needs. Soon she was clawing his back, clutching onto him as her legs shook. He dragged his hands over her soft thighs then underneath to cup her ass bringing them even closer together. There wasn’t a word for how good it felt. Both of their bodies were sweat streaked but he kept moving with her. Enjoying the way she brought her hips up to meet his whenever he thrust.

“Faster please.”

Liv urged him with her eyes to let go wrapping a leg around his torso to help him. She couldn’t hang on any longer. She wanted him, all of him so fast and hard. It was too soon to be falling off the deep end with some stranger but he wasn’t like that to her.

“Baby, I can hear the gears turning in your head. Come back down to me.”

He rolled over so that he was lying on the blanket with her on the top. She gasped at what deep he was inside her from the new position. He winked at her.

“Concentrate,” he commanded lightly. He held her steady by the hips as she brought her hands down to his shoulders rocking her hips quickly. It only took a few sharp thrusts to get both of them to climax. Her back arched as tried to hold in a scream that didn’t quite reach the sky as she creamed over. Gabriel spanked her ass once more to keep her throbbing onto him and furthering both of their sensations.

She closed her eyes, breathing him in and the scent of their lovemaking. What’s going to happen next? she thought. She had found the different that she was looking for. But with all good things the other shoe had to drop somehow. But would she be able to catch herself once she reached the ground?