Interracial Erotica

Tracy Ames

Mrs. Ames is an international bestselling author of interracial erotic fiction and a former columnist for several newsletters and magazines.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracy currently split time between CT & New York City with her husband, children and a host of pets.


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Me and My Shadow

I wasn't sure if I should share this with you guys fearing it might come off silly but here goes.For the past year and a half, an inspiring writer has shadowed me, and not in a good way.By ‘shad...
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        "The One" update! *Please Read*

        I must have been half asleep when I posted "The One" because I left out an entire page. Yep, page two was missing!I caught the mistake only minutes ago while replying to your comments. I couldn't un...

          "The One"

          Hiya Gang,I've been hella busy these last few days. Yeah, I was supposed to take some time off but my brain nor my lit group wouldn't allow that.I've written a one-off entitled "The One". Actually, I ...

            Feedback Desired

            Hiya Folks,“Sins of My Father” has moved into the unleashed category.Since the story has been read nearly 10k times but generated limited feedback (online and off), I haven’t decided...

              Readers Are Ever Vigilant!

              A group of longtime readers mentioned there was a hobbyist* who penned a one-off very similar to “Harlot” featuring only the Bishop character.I wasn’t familiar with this writer or he...
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                  Laser Obstacle Course

                  A few of you inquired of BC’s laser obstacle course. Zora found the idea while searching for useful rainy day games – useful because it hones their sensory skills (hand-eye coordination, b...

                    BC's Girlfriend

                    Yesterday, Zora hosted a French Society luncheon at the house. There were about twenty people including their children. BC sought out the only little Black girl and made her his girlfriend. In fant...